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Bright and Trendy: 43 Fabulous Gray and Blue Bedroom Ideas

It is easy to fall in love with a color scheme compromised of the world’s favorite color, and the trendiest neutral that has been topping charts for several years now. Blue has always headed the list of the most popular colors for decorating an interior.

Be it an intelligent nursery, the kids’ room, bedroom, living room, or kitchen – blue works with a variety of styles and themes. Combining it with the trendy panache of gray only takes its cool factor a notch higher! Smart, chic, and soothing, gray and blue are the perfect color combination for the elegant modern bedroom.

Wooden bedroom decor and the bed frame bring gray to this Scandinavian-style bedroom in blue [From: Adagio Luxury Homes]

According to psychological tests, the color that most of us adore is blue, and we can’t deny that the best color to combine with blue is gray! A bedroom in the mixture of these colors looks so relaxing and inviting that you’ll want to spend all your time there. Such a combination is especially calm with vintage furniture, but some modern pieces would also be an excellent choice. Let’s take a look at some design inspiration!

One of the many reasons for the popularity of these colors is the versatile range of hues and shades they offer. Gray can act as a soothing neutral and dominant accent hue in a room, while blue can play the role of a protagonist and supporting cast with equal ease. This offers an endless array of possibilities to work with. Bright, refined, and always in trend, here are 15 gorgeous gray and blue bedrooms to swoon over.

Inspired by the Sea!

It is white and blue that traditionally ushers in the magic of the sun, sand, and surf into your bedroom. But go down a different route this summer and replace the white in that equation with far more exciting shades of gray. Apart from giving your nautical or coastal style bedroom a fresh, new look, replacing white with gray gives you greater decorating freedom and a chance to try out more unique shades of blue.

In fact, you can fill the backdrop with light gray and even a hint of white, with pops of teal, turquoise, or periwinkle for a more significant visual impact. From bedding and drapes to a complete bedroom furniture set in blue, a gray background lets you easily switch between hues.

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Breezy beach style bedroom with a light gray backdrop and stylish blue accents [From: Thomas & Lord]
Contemporary coastal style bedroom in gray and blue [From: Smith & Sons Gold Coast North]
Small beach style bedroom with gray walls and beautiful blue drapes [From: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design]
Bluish gray offers the perfect backdrop for a cheerful beach style bedroom [From: Berneche2 Architecture]
Blue and white boy's bedroom features a white Parsons bed with a navy blue border duvet and navy blue border shams on blue world map wallpaper, blue double gourd lamps on white nightstands, illuminated by a nickel and white Hicks Pendant.
Photo Credit: Cecilia Walker
framed nautical flags hanging over bed white and blue bedding cottage style bedroom
Photo Credit: Liz Carroll Interiors
Cottage bedroom features a charcoal gray headboard with blue and gray bedding and a round wooden bedside table lit by a recycled blue glass lamp.
Photo Credit: Kristina Crestin Design

Contemporary Chic

Not sure about which shade of blue or gray you want to use in your contemporary bedroom? How about bluish-gray! Bringing together the two hot hits, this is a color that has been making giant waves in the decorating world for a while now. It can be used to create a relaxed and inviting backdrop that also feels inherently urbane.

Couple it with décor and accessories in darker tones of gray or brighter hues of blue, and you have a stylish, incredibly adaptable bedroom. This color scheme works exceptionally well in modern Scandinavian bedrooms, thanks to its cheerful appeal.

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Different shades of blue and gray blend elegantly inside this chic bedroom

If you want some peace, add white or silver to the color scheme using furniture, cushions, vases, and other accessories. If you want some drama and exquisiteness, add black. Blue may be light or rich, but the proper way to work with blue and gray is to ensure you match the right shades. Look at some inspiring photos below and enjoy the works of designers.

Light gray replaces white in this masculine bedroom with hints of blue
Refreshing mint blue coupled with gray and geo accents in this fashionable bedroom

Gray and navy have become one of the most widespread and fierce color combos, which are widely used throughout various homes with all kinds of decor styles. Gray is rather a soothing color, and navy adds depth to it while bringing calmness, too.

A touch of trendy shabby chic for the small bedroom in blue and gray
Gold leaf mirrors over white French nightstands in a chic white and gray bedroom finished with crystal lamps. A white settee with gray bolster pillows is finished at the foot of the bed with a sophisticated touch.
Photo Credit: Kat Lawton
blue wallpaper in nook bed with velvet headboard brick accent wall white hanging pendant
Photo Credit: Studio DB

Experiment with Color and Style

Do not be afraid to combine a third color with gray and blue in the bedroom. This need not necessarily be white, as both blue and gray can create a neutral and inviting setting that allows other bold hues to shine through.

A touch of red or orange looks excellent in the coastal or nautical bedroom, while a pop of fuchsia or pink can bring sparkle to the girls’ bedroom. Yellow is an excellent choice in bedrooms with light shades of gray and blue as it ushers in sun-kissed charm, while brown can give the space a more masculine finish.

Fabulous kids’ bedroom in gray and blue
Gray and blue combined with hot pink and a striking chevron pattern in the bedroom
Exquisite tropical style bedroom in vibrant blue and stoic gray [From: Chosen Photography]

One safe bet about manly bedrooms is that designers often use gray and blue colors to generate a certain masculine aura.

industrial vintage style boys bedroom with brick accent wall and chain hanging bed
Photo Credit: Bella Vici Design

Different Shades of Gray and Blue

Darker shades of gray can also be used in small bedrooms to create a dashing and more masculine space. Once you go down this route, ensure that the rest of the room remains as uncluttered and neutral as possible with sparingly used blue accents.

In the bedroom, everything from the pillows and bed sheets to drapes and vases can be used to add color, and with changing trends, you can even move away from blue and adopt a completely different color scheme.

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Lamp shades floor and accent pillows bring gray to this blue bedroom.

We also love the lighter shades of gray mixed with navy. If you like moody spaces, you may try graphite gray and navy. Usually, designers prefer to make gray the primary color and add navy with accents: a statement wall, pillows, an upholstered bed, and nightstands. Here you will see that navy is the focal point, and the gray is just ever so slightly in the bedding. This mixup away from the standard way navy is used is a perfect fit for this space.

Small eclectic bedroom in gray and blue [Design: Sarah Montgomery Design]
Dashing contemporary bedroom in gray with bright blue accents [From: Erin Gates Design]
Gray tray nightstands topped with white and gold lamps flank a white and gray French headboard accenting a bed dressed in white and blue bedding draped in a blue herringbone throw blanket complementing blue grasscloth covered walls.
Photo Credit: Tharon Anderson
gray bedroom boasts a sitting area styled with a light gray sofa lined with blue piping and topped with a blue floral pillow.
Photo Credit: McCann Design Group
Bedroom features a gray rattan swing on a deck with sliding doors, a white linen bed with wood trim flanked by blue wooden nightstands and white and blue wallpaper.
Photo Credit: Brandon Architects

Another favored dark blue shade is midnight blue, which is more often combined with dove gray and other light shades of gray. This classic color scheme will bring an ultimate refined and elegant feel to the space. Though some of you may say it’s too contrasting and looks formal, it’s a very bold and dramatic idea.

Gray and blue bedroom features a blue 4 poster bed flanked by gray lamps on blue nightstands, gray cowhide cube ottomans on a gray rug, car art over the bed and a white ceiling fan.
Photo Credit: Mel Bean Interiors

Lighter shades of blue are perfect if you love color! Turquoise, sky blue, electric blue, and much more will make your space more pleasant and cheery. You may see the light and bold shades of blue around – from ocean-inspired bedrooms to contemporary ones; blues are great for any style.

Boy's yellow and blue bedroom features a gray velvet headboard with yellow and blue pillows, vertical blue shiplap trim and a gray modern nightstand.
Photo Credit: Change & co

You can combine blues with darker or lighter shades of gray – daring shades of blue will always make a statement, but you’ll often see light gray bedrooms with bright blue accents. If you aren’t sure about this or that shade, try bedding in such a color first, so you will understand if it fits or not.

You may add other accessories to the bedroom: pillows, lamps, artwork, and much more. You may also make your blue color the primary one in the room and calm it down with hints of gray bedding, furniture, pillows, accessories, and other items.

white plank ceiling contrasted with stained wood beams, a blue shelter back skirted sofa sits on a blue and gray rug at the foot of a light gray camelback wingback bed complemented with blue pillows and blue bedding. The bed is flanked by brown oak nightstands topped with blue lamps placed beneath mirrors hung from white plank walls.
Photo Credit: Andrew Howard Interior Design

Try a bold pattern wallpaper with blue and gray to pick up and carry the color scheme through your bedroom.

pattern wallpaper blue and gray bedroom white bedding decorative throw pillows and guitar on bed
Photo Credit: Brooke Wagner Design

A gray brushed wallpaper is perfect for a modern, trendy gray and blue bedroom.

gray and blue bedroom features a dark stained wood bench with a green diamond print cushion placed on a blue and gray carpet at the foot of a gray striped bed topped with white and blue hotel bedding accented with blue monogrammed pillows. The bed sits against a gray grasscloth wallpapered wall lined with white wainscoting. The room is finished with a navy blue double gourd lamps placed on brown nightstands and a window covered in blue curtains.
Photo Credit: Jenkins Interiors

Although they seem like deep, mature shades, grays and blues will work so beautifully in children’s rooms. Once combined with shades of pink, or some striking chevron patterns, the look will be playful, childish, and pleasant.

A canvas art piece hangs over a blue dresser accented with brass knobs and placed on blue and gray carpeting against a gray grasscloth clad wall finished with wainscoting. A bench with a green diamond print cushion is positioned at the foot of a gray striped bed accented with white and blue bedding lit by a blue double gourd lamp placed on a brown wood nightstand.
Photo Credit: McCann Design Group
Light gray and blue bedroom features a light gray French headboard accented with gray and blue stripe pillows, a blue bench at the foot of the bed and a bedroom nook white built in window seat with blue cushion.
Photo Credit: Kim Scordro

If you’re looking to create a focal point, the best tip is to focus on the bed. As this is generally the center of any sleeping area, the bed must convey the color scheme.

That being said, look for bedding with shades of gray and blue that match your color scheme and complement the other items in the room.

gray and blue bedroom charcoal gray velvet bed placed against a wall clad in gray check wallpaper and positioned between cherry French nightstands topped with blue stripe lamps. The bed, accented with blue plaid pillows and blue hotel bedding, sits on a gray rug, while windows are covered in gray roman shades layered behind gray curtains.
Photo Credit: Kara Adams Interiors
grey and blue bedroom decor large chandelier white sofa at end of bed tufted headboard
Photo Credit: Crowell Builders

Play with the different shades of gray and blue to create a chic bedroom. You don’t need too many, as these colors will work beautifully together. Have fun with your accents and lighting, too! We totally love this ombre beaded chandelier! Such a fun touch for this space.

grey and blue bedroom with wood beaded blue ombre chandelier white baby blue bedding
Photo Credit: Karen B Wolf

A healthy balance of both blue and gray throughout a bedroom creates a calm and tranquil space. The room below is completely symmetrical and everything is balanced throughout, creating a cohesive space that looks relaxing and inviting.

large primary bedroom dark blue headboard pattern wallpaper white bedding nightstands table lamps
Photo Credit: ReThink Design Studio

Mix together different shades of blue for a power punch, then create a soft offset by keeping your walls a light gray shade.

large blue master bed bedroom white chandelier throw blankets decorative pillows white scallop shell mirror
Photo Credit: Andrew J Howard

While gray is a relaxing color, the blue or navy shades offer depth to your bedroom. Moreover, this color combo will bring that calmness you need, especially in the sleeping area.

blue and grey bedroom master primary crystal chandelier curtains with valance
Photo Credit: Chandos Interiors

If you want to incorporate blue and gray in your bedroom, you don’t need to grab the paint and do a complete overhaul. If your bedroom is neutral, you can add in some gray and blue to your bedding and throw pillows — or even a new rug!

large master farmhouse bedroom with old window above bed tufted headboard decorative throw pillows
Photo Credit: down_mulberry_lane via Instagram

Don’t be frightened to play around with style and color. As an effect, consider an additional color to complement the two shades. There’s nothing like adding in a fresh yellow or burnt mustard to complement blue and gray.

yellow and teal bedroom with velvet tufted headboard striped bedding and gold nightstand
Photo Credit: Melanie Turner Interiors
blue French bed accented with blue French bed linens and placed in front of a blue textured wallpapered wall and between cream and blue French nightstands lit by cream gourd lamps. A brown wooden bench sits at the foot of the bed and is lit by a white and blue lantern. Sliding doors opening to a sunroom are covered in white and blue curtains.
Photo Credit: Andrew J Howard

Smart, stylish, and genuinely soothing, the blue and gray combination of colors works wonderfully for modern bedrooms.

gray and blue bedroom boasts white nailhead stools placed on a blue and black geometric rug at the foot of a heather gray bed complemented with black geometric pillows. Art hangs over the bed from a blue wallpapered wall finished with white moldings. Blue double gourd lamps sit atop a white waterfall nightstand located beneath windows.
Photo Credit: James Michael Howard
Under a row of windows covered with a single white and blue roman shade, a blue dresser is palced facing a bed dressed in red and blue bedding and placed on a blue rug. A gray rug sits in a corner in front of a black and gold floor lamp lighting light gray bedroom walls.
Photo Credit: Kristina Crestin Design

Consider decorating your bedroom in simple blue and gray shades. Try this subtle approach and ease the whole color scheme. There are many options in this direction, but yours can stand out.

To achieve that subtle gray and blue bedroom, you should focus on lighter navy and gray colors. Play with the shades. The shades should not be that quirky but subtle enough to make you appreciate your sleeping area.

charcoal grey navy and blue color scheme bedroom with velvet headboard checker wallpaper
Photo Credit: Kara Adam Interiors

Tips for Adding in Other Colors With Gray and Blue

Once you have your blue and gray mastered, don’t be afraid to play with more colors. Adding in a third supplementary color can make a world of difference in the bedroom and even allow you to play up your creativity and give a unique look to the space. Here are some other colors that complement well with blue and gray:

  • Yellows – such as mustards, bright yellows, or burnt boho yellows.
  • Pink – blush pinks look great with a light gray and a navy.
  • Orange – you wouldn’t naturally think of orange, but if you’re doing a bedroom for a boy, adding a touch of orange will make the room pop, especially with dark gray and navy.
  • Brown – brown tones look great with gray and blue; carry these through in your furniture.
  • Turquoise – with the right shade of blue, adding in a turquoise gives that extra bit of depth and dimension.

Frequently Asked QuestionsFAQ

Are there any colors that don't match with gray?

As a general rule, matching colors is all about picking the correct shade. If you play around with hues, you could get almost any color to match with gray as it is considered neutral. However, in most cases, green or red don't look or work well with gray.

What color contrasts with blue and gray?

If you are after a strong and striking contrast with your blue and gray bedroom, try working in some black or yellow. Don't go overboard with these colors, but rather use them in smaller accents and decor.

What colour should never be seen with blue?

Blue is quite a complementary color and can be used with tons of different hues and colors. But as a general rule of thumb, blue and green should never be seen without another color in between. So if you want to add another color to your blue and gray bedroom and go green, just ensure that the two colors are separated.

Will a gray and blue bedroom make my space feel calm?

In color psychology, gray represents neutrality and balance, and blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. Blue is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure, and orderly. Blue is often seen as a sign of stability and reliability. So the combination of these two colors together are excellent for the bedroom space.

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