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Bright and Trendy: 15 Fabulous Gray and Blue Bedroom Ideas

It is easy to fall in love with a color scheme compromised of the world’s favorite color and the trendiest new neutral that has been topping charts for several years now. Blue has always headed the list of the most popular colors for decorating an interior. Be it a smart nursery, the kids’ room, bedroom, living room or kitchen – blue works with a variety of styles and themes. Combining it with the trendy panache of gray only takes its cool factor a notch higher! Smart, chic and soothing, gray and blue is the perfect color combination for the elegant modern bedroom.

Wooden bedroom decor and the bed frame bring gray to this Scandinavian style bedroom in blue
Wooden bedroom decor and the bed frame bring gray to this Scandinavian style bedroom in blue [From: Adagio Luxury Homes]

One of the many reasons for the popularity of each of these colors individually is the versatile range of hues and shades that they have to offer. Gray can act both as a soothing neutral and a dominant, accent hue in a room while blue can play the role of a protagonist and also supporting cast with equal ease. This offers an endless array of possibilities to work with. Bright, refined and always in trend, here are 15 gorgeous gray and blue bedrooms to swoon over –

Inspired by the Sea!

It is white and blue that traditionally ushers in the magic of sun, sand and surf into your bedroom. But go down a different route this summer and replace the white in that equation with far more exciting shades of gray. Apart from giving your nautical or coastal style bedroom a fresh, new look, replacing white with gray gives you greater decorating freedom and a chance to try out newer shades of blue. In fact, you can fill the backdrop with light gray and maybe even a hint of white and use pops of teal, turquoise or periwinkle for greater visual impact. From bedding and drapes to a complete bedroom furniture set in blue, a gray background lets you switch between hues with ease.

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Breezy beach style bedroom with a light gray backdrop and stylish blue accents [From: Thomas & Lord]
Contemporary coastal style bedroom in gray and blue [From: Smith & Sons Gold Coast North]
Small beach style bedroom with gray walls and beautiful blue drapes [From: Natalie Fuglestveit Interior Design]
Bluish gray offers the perfect backdrop for a cheerful beach style bedroom [From: Berneche2 Architecture]

Contemporary Chic

Not sure about which shade of blue or gray you want to use in your contemporary bedroom? How about bluish-gray! Yep, bringing together the two hot hits, this is a color that has been making giant waves in the decorating world for a while now. It can be used to create a cool and inviting backdrop that also feels inherently urbane. Couple it with décor and accessories in darker tones of gray or brighter hues of blue and you have a stylish bedroom that is also incredibly adaptable. This is a color scheme that works especially well in modern Scandinavian bedrooms, thanks to its cheerful, appeal.

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Different shades of blue and gray blend elegantly inside this chic bedroom
Light gray replaces white in this masculine bedroom with hints of blue
Refreshing mint blue coupled with gray and geo accents in this fashionable bedroom
A touch of trendy shabby chic for the small bedroom in blue and gray

Experiment with Color and Style

Do not be afraid to combine a third color with gray and blue in the bedroom. This need not necessarily be white as both blue and gray can create a neutral and inviting setting which allows other bold hues to shine through. A touch of red or orange looks great in the coastal or nautical bedroom while a pop of fuchsia or pink can bring dazzle to the girls’ bedroom. Yellow is a great choice in bedrooms with light shades of gray and blue as it ushers in sun-kissed charm while brown can give the space a more masculine finish.

Fabulous kids’ bedroom in gray and blue
Gray and blue combined with hot pink and striking chevron pattern in the bedroom
Exquisite tropical style bedroom in vivacious blue and stoic gray [From: Chosen Photography]

Different Shades of Gray and Blue

Darker shades of gray can also be used in small bedrooms to create a dashing and more masculine space. Once you go down this route, ensure that the rest of the room remains as uncluttered and neutral as possible with sparingly used blue accents. In the bedroom, everything from the pillows and bed sheets to drapes and vases can be used to add color and with changing trends you can even move away from blue and adopt a completely different color scheme.

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Lamp shades floor and accent pillows bring gray to this blue bedroom
Small eclectic bedroom in gray and blue [Design: Sarah Montgomery Design]
Dashing contemporary bedroom in gray with bright blue accents [From: Erin Gates Design]
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