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Best Kids’ Bedrooms Trends for Spring Combine Color with Practicality

With changing seasons, there are always new trends around that help you in reinventing your home and giving each room a fresh, cheerful look. The small makeovers always tend to start with the kitchen and living room and slowly move on to other spaces in the house. We have already shared with our readers many spring décor trends and colors inspiration that are currently topping trends charts in various rooms of the home. Today, we take this fun spring makeover further and delve into the kids’ room where each season offers an opportunity to usher in new pattern and hues.

Modern teen bedroom with a touch of industrial charm and minimal appeal [From: gradiz]

In the kids’ bedroom, making changes is both easy and incredibly difficult at the same time. It is easy because you can add pretty much anything to the kids’ room without giving the space an awkward or ungainly appeal. Difficult because there would be budget constraints coupled with what you like and what the little ones approve. Combining what you want with what your kids’ approve, these colorful and practical spring decorating trends offer something different –

Floral Prints are a Hit

It is barely a surprise that floral prints and nature-centric patterns are a hit this time of the year. Last year, it was botanicals that took over homes across the world in spring. They sure feel classy and contemporary and we have been filling up our home with leafy prints and framed botanicals ever since. This year though, the trend is to go down a more colorful route as floral prints are once again popular. Go bold with both color and pattern that you choose as almost nothing would feel garish in the modern kids’ bedroom. Wallpaper, bedding, rugs and cushions can all bring in pattern without costing a fortune.

Bedding brings floral pattern to the cozy kids’ bedroom in yellow [From: Masterpiece Design Group]
Bedroom with floral prints and pink walls for your little princess [From: Avedon Designs]
Rug, wall art piece and cushions bring bright floral pattern to this kids’ room [From: Christian Dean Architecture]
Beautiful floral wallpaper in pink steals the show in this small kids’ bedroom [From: Design Loves Detail / Jessie Alexis Photography]

Pastel Leave you Relaxed

Another color scheme that always seems to be popular as spring rolls in is one draped in pastel hues. Pastel colors perfectly epitomize the charm of spring and they look good in summer as well. Both pastel blue and pink are popular colors in the kids’ room and in the gender-neutral space, you can even try out pastel greens while combining it with brighter colors. Once you have a backdrop clad in pastel colors, you can use bright shades of the same color to make things far more interesting. Once again, for those who do not want to use paint to bring in pastel colors, drapes, rugs and décor provide the perfect option.

Pastel blue combined with pops of pink in the gorgeous modern kids’ room [From: Urban Chalet]
Pastel violet and pink combined elegantly in the small white kids’ bedroom [From: Nina Styling]
Captivating pastel violet backdrop coupled with pastel green in the spacious kids’ room [From: Design Intervention]
Contemporary kids’ bedroom in pastel green with bunk beds and workstation underneath [From: Anouska Tamony Designs– Architecture & Interiors]

Turning Towards Concrete

One kids’ bedroom trend that seem to defy general spring rules and is currently making big waves is the use of concrete. Both concrete walls and floors give an interior a raw, edgy vibe and there are times when you can use them to combine industrial beauty of modern minimalism. Adding texture to the modern bedroom in white, the concrete floor is durable addition that will last the test of time. You can soften this surface and make it safer for kids using rugs and carpets; also adding color to the setting.

Farmhouse style kids’ room with space-conscious bunk beds and concrete floor [From: Mutuus Studio]
Space-savvy industrial style bedroom with brick walls, concrete floor and a loft level [From: Ambit]
Concrete floors combined with colorful accents and metal beds in the lovely bedroom
Concrete floors look good in the contemporary kids’ room as well [From: Form Collective]

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