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Fun Neutrals: 25 Cool Kids’ Bedrooms That Charm with Gorgeous Gray

Color and lots of it – this is the path that most parents gravitate towards when they start to plan for a lovely kids’ room. And on most occasions, even the diktat from your little ones will be to fill the room with exciting colors, bold patterns and if possible, an exotic theme as well. But for most parents this is neither a practical nor affordable option. Considering the rate at which the choices and tastes of a child change, it is almost impossible to stick to this template unless you are willing to splurge on a consistent basis. This is where gray – the hottest neutral in town, comes in!

Gray in the kids’ bedroom might seem like a drag for some, but once you start taking into account the bigger picture, you will realize that it is a great choice. There are different ways in which you can use the many delightful shades of gray in a child’s room, and today, we not only tell you how to get this done, but also showcase 25 of the very best kids’ bedrooms that celebrate the hue.

Add Some Color!

The single biggest advantage of gray in the kids’ bedrooms is the neutral backdrop that it offers, allowing you to add pops of color, accent hues, bright patterns and striking artwork with ease. This means you can easily switch between themes and color trends without having to repaint the entire room. Saving time and money, this strategy also gives you an opportunity to take a layered approach to designing and decorating the bedroom, and once you have the colorful bedding, table lamps, wall decal and accessories in place, the room will look anything but dull!

Perfect bedroom for a kid who loves the cosmos [Design: Maracay Homes Design Studio]
Reclaimed lockers serve as shelves in the kids’ room painted in Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray [Design: Francesca Owings Interior Design]
Transitional kids’ bedroom in gray and blue with a dash of rustic beauty [Design: Ashley Campbell Interior Design]
Lego themed contemporary kids’ room [Design: Design Source Interiors]
Ultra-light shade of gray replaces white in this room [Design: Taylor Design Studio]

Adaptable Boys’ Bedrooms

Gray works great in a gender-neutral kids’ room, but that does not mean it cannot be customized to rev up the style quotient in a boys’ bedroom as well. The approach here is similar to the one we discussed above, but you would want to add specific colors such as blue, bright red or a hint of yellow to give the room a dash of edginess. It is the theme that will define the style of the bedroom here, with superhero and sports themed kids’ rooms being the most popular among little dudes!

Custom mural on the wall and sports bedding from Pottery Barn for the boys’ bedroom [Design: Kimberly Fox Designs]
Stripes in Dove Gray and white for the kids’ bedroom [Design: turnstyle / giggle-room]
Vintage industrial gear turned into striking wall decor in the boy’s bedroom [Design: Chango & Co.]
Polished kids’ room in black, white and gray with hints of red and yellow [Design: Touch Interiors]
Woods Wallpaper and rug bring gray into this bedroom [Design: FLO Design Studio]

Gray for Girls’ Bedrooms

Gray for the bedroom of your little princess does seem like a long shot, but once again, it all depends on how you use the color rather than the color itself! Think of gray as a replacement to white in the girls’ bedroom, and stick to lighter and cooler shades of gray to give the room a more cheerful and inviting vibe. Combine it with plenty of pink and a dash of violet, and add plush textures, cozy bedding and accessories with a delicate, feminine vibe for the best possible result. A sparkling chandelier or plush accent pillows with custom prints would be the icing on the cake!

Combine a hint of pink with gray to shape a stylish girls’ bedroom [Design: Great Neighborhood Homes]
Gray plays second fiddle to pink in this exquisite girls’ bedroom [Design: Gormans]
Refined design of the bedroom will serve your little girl well for years to come! [Design: d2 interieurs]
Bold chevron pattern accent wall for the chic girls’ bedroom [Design: Judith Balis Interiors]
Beach style kids’ room with bluish-gray walls [Design: Martha O’Hara Interiors]

Décor and Bedding

Not too keen on painting the walls gray? Maybe your child’s bedroom already sports walls that you are happy with and you wish to introduce gray to actually temper down the flood of color! Not to fret, as décor and bedding in gray is easily available, and they tend to fit in with almost any style that you chose for the room. A gorgeous bed in gray spruced up by princess-inspired sheets in the girls’ room will serve your kids well for years to come. Its neutral frame allows the bed to ‘grow up’ with your kids as they transition into their teens. Cabinets, drapes or even a work desk in gray can complete this cleverly curated look.

Custom bed and shelves for the boys’ bedroom in cool gray [Design: Laura U]
Beach style kids’ room looks lovely despite minimal use of bright colors [Design: Studio Munroe]
It is the cozy bed that brings gray to this white kids’ room [Design: Hide & Sleep Interior Design]
Framed posters steal the show despite the bold presence of red [Design: Tahar Décor]
Contemporary shared boys’ bedroom with dark gray on the walls [Design: Holly Bender Interiors]

A Versatile Range of Styles

Whether you love the simplicity of Scandinavian style and want to translate it into the context of a kids’ bedroom or you adore the cozy comfort of rustic style, gray is a color that cuts across the style spectrum with ease despite being relegated mostly to contemporary spaces. But its versatility extends beyond that, as it easily combines with both bright and muted colors and can act both as a complementary hue or the primary shade in the room depending on how it is used. Showing absolutely no signs of climbing down the trends chart, gray is the perfect choice to try out now in the kids’ room.

Themed boy’s bedroom benefits from a neutral gray backdrop that highlights the quirky additions [Design: Dive Interior Concepts]
Space-themed contemporary toddler bedroom
Scandinavian style kids’ room with an unassuming gray backdrop [Design: Moodhouse Interiör]
Gray backdrop in the kids’ room allows you to easily switch its theme [Design: Signature Homes]
Pops of blue and orange enliven the refined boy’s bedroom in gray [Design: Baiyina Hughley Interior Design]

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