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5 Trendy and Timeless Living Room Colors You Cannot Go Wrong With

In most homes, it is the living room that makes the biggest impression on your guests, friends and family. It is the room that showcases your home’s decorating style and sets the tone for different the other rooms as well. This becomes even more significant in the modern open plan living where the kitchen and the dining area are a natural extension of the living room. Traditional walls now give way to a large, partition-free zone where other accents and features are used to delineate space visually. It is in here that choosing the right color for the living room becomes that much more essential.

Brilliant splashes of blue combined with red accents in the contemporary living room

Living room colors often seem stereotypical with homeowners and designers religiously staying away from using bold and brighter backdrops. This is largely attributed to the fact that these colors evoke mixed responses and in a space where you regularly host guests, it is best to stick to the more pleasing neutrals. Today, we take a look at 5 most popular living room colors and color schemes that cut across styles and even trends. Some have become more popular in the last two decades while others seem to be perennial trend toppers. Here are 5 hues you just cannot go wrong with –

Blue – An Adaptable Darling!

It is hard to miss blue and its influence all around us. Nature seems to have inevitably programmed us to fall into love with the color by surrounding us with it. And there is absolutely no doubt that blue is the go-to color for most of us when in doubt. It comes in a wide range of shades and hues and you can just tweak the amount of blue in the room, pair it with other coolers and choose complementary décor to alter the room’s vibe. In 2021, you might want to go with a blue that combines a hint of gray as well for a trendier living space.

Lighter shades of blue can be used in a more extensive fashion in the modern living room
Stunning contemporary living room with dark bluish gray walls, blue carpet and dark blue sofa is an absolute visual treat [From: Turek Design]
Urbane contemporary living room in white and bright blue
Light bluish tint of the walls adds to the charm of this Modern Mediterranean living room [From: The Blue Pearl]

White with Woodsy Charm

For those who might have missed the trend in the last couple of years, now is a great time to start embracing the white and wood color palette in the living room. White in the living room is a choice that is about as basic as it gets. But combine it with warm accents of wood, delightful décor pieces crafted in wood and a kitchen with wood shelves and you have a living space that is soothing, versatile and can switch between styles at the drop of a hat.

Woodsy floor chevron pattern adds character to the living room in white
Smart midcentury modern living room with blue couch and accent pillow in yellow
Stylish modern living room in white and wood with ample natural light

Green – Adding Serenity to your Home

Green has not always been a popular color in the living room because it is a touch tricky to handle. Too much of green seems ungainly and turns the living area into a gaudy setting. Too little and it gets lost in the crowd. The key to a beautiful living room clad in green is to know just how much of it you can use and the shade that is right for the space. A cheerful and well-lit living room is a must for this color and you might also want to consider more classic and traditional styles before thinking contemporary while you use green.

Colorful living room with dark green walls and eclectic decor
Grasscloth wallcovering in green for the spacious living room with white trims [From: Rosen Kelly Conway Architecture & Design]
Trendy modern living room of Moscow home with pastel green walls

Beige is Anything but Boring

When you think of ‘safe’ colors to use in the living room, then beige comes to the fore almost instantly. Decorating with beige is definitely not boring and you can use different approaches like smart accents, tone-on-tone finishes and creative lighting turns those boring beige walls into a more exciting setting. Much like white and gray, beige is a color that is incredibly adaptable when it comes to changing between styles and themes.

Cozy and elegant modern Mediterranean living room in beige [From: Sira Barcelona]
It is the natural coffee table that steals the spotlight in this fabulous contemporary apartment living room in beige
Textured and unique walls explore different shades of beige in this small living room [From: Zulufish]
Beach style living room in beige is not one that you come across everyday [From: LuLu Maison Interiors]
Beige in the living room is both a modern and versatile choice

Gray – A Modern Favorite

Finally, we meet the hue that has consistently been the hottest neutral of the year for over a decade now – gray. It is a color that has quickly replaced white in living rooms across the world in the last few years. The many shades of gray allow you to switch between hot and cool looks in the living room with ease and you can couple it with white for a more captivating interior. If you love sophistication with a restrained and trendy vibe, then gray is your color.

Monochromatic modern living room in gray
Delightful balance of white and gray in the modern living room [From: Sasha Berlin Design]
Eclectic modern living room with gray walls and a wooden ceiling

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