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Clarkson Residence: Cheerful Modern Beach House in Santa Barbara

There is nothing like a relaxing beach house to escape the rush of mundane city life and enjoy a rejuvenating weekend with friends and family. Overlooking an idyllic stretch of beach and the vast Pacific in the distance, Clarkson Residence is all about a tranquil lifestyle wrapped in modern comfort. Designed by Neumann Mendro Andrulaitis Architects, the beautiful home has a refreshing gray exterior that complements the natural redwood deck outdoors perfectly. The deck and front porch become an integral part of the narrative of the house and extend the living space outdoors in a seamless fashion.

Bright yellow rug adds color and elegance to the clean living room

Large glass doors with metal frames connect the living area, kitchen and dining space with the lavish deck outside while providing unabated views of the distant landscape. The interior combines modern décor with a serene beach style, offering the best of both worlds. While the color scheme of the backdrop is largely white, additions such as the black accent wall in the family room, plush rugs, colorful couches and décor breathe life into the setting. The focus here is on loads of natural light and a breezy ambiance that seems like an extension of the world outside.

Plastered wall with sleek, contemporary fireplace for the beach style living room

Kitchen coupled with family area to create a smart and relaxing family zone

Relaxing kitchen with a spacious island and a cheerful ambiance

Clean and crisp kitchen design with stone worktop

Dining room with Saarinen Tulip table and office nook next to it

Dramatic black picture wall for the gorgeous family room

Home office with smart wooden shelves and a refreshing view

The living area and the kitchen make up the central social zone of the beach house, with the family room, dining area, home office and the master suite also being positioned to make the most of the view on offer. The focus inside this California home is firmly on taking in the panoramic scenery that surrounds it without compromising on comfort or aesthetics.

Beach style bedroom of the Santa Barbara home

Creative bathroom design with bech style and smart use of tile

Beach style patio with a captivating view

Relaxing recliners and outdoor dining space for the deck

Black and yellow used to shape the spacious deck

Mexican feather grass shapes the gorgeous landscape around the beach style retreat

Small deck idea for the lovely beach style home

Sherry Nothingam
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