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Living a Dream Next to the Ocean: Sensational Malibu Beach House

The iconic Malibu beach brings to mind images of sunshine, surf and a world of affluence that is almost unmatched. Arguably the hottest real estate on the Pacific coastline, it is home to stars and celebrities, and “the BU” is indeed the place to be once summer hits the Sunshine state! Located in the heart of this bustling hub of activity and spread across 5,700 square feet, this expansive beach house transports you into a world of opulence overlooking the majestic Pacific. Blessed with 128 feet of private beach frontage, the ocean becomes your own personal backyard here!

View from the private deck of the lavish Malibu beach house

This million dollar home is nothing like the mundane contemporary residence that is defined by simple, straight lines. Look beyond the obvious affluence and you will notice the lovely use of contrasting textures, curved walls that drive away any sense of monotony, and carefully curated decor that lets the captivating backdrop shine through. Glass, wood and stone are used eloquently to shape a luxurious, spacious and breezy interior that brings together urbane sophistication and a relaxed beachy vibe.

Lap pool and walk way along with an outdoor lounge next to the ocean

Beach style living room of the luxurious Malibu home

Plush blue couches and gorgeous pendant light in the living room

Large windows open up the living area to the ocean outside

Elegant family room with an access to private beach and understated decor

Lavish kitchen space of the Malibi beach home along with a small breakfast area

Cascading chandelier adds radiant beuaty to this expansive kitchen

Curved wooden wall brings a sesne of urbane elegance to the interior

The lower level consists of an elaborate master bedroom along with three additional bedrooms, while the top level consists of the open plan living area and other public spaces. Complete with a home gym, media room, spa, a distinct round glass guest house and an extensive and amazing series of decks and walkways, this is indeed a ‘modern mansion’ that lets you live your dream in a grand, unabashed fashion, right in the heart of Malibu! [Photos: Chris Cortazzo]

Fabulous dining area with woden table and chairs

Extensive use of windows opens up the home to the ocean outside

Smart game room and hangout with pool table

Interesting use of pattern and color to enliven the class bedroom

Etched glass doors and walls offer ample privacy even while allowing light to flow through

Making useof the corner space in your bathroom

Lavish interior of the malibu home connected with the deck space outside

Large sliding glass doors connect the interior with the deck

Take in the amazing sights and sounds of the malibu beach from thsi private balcony

Brilliant lighting adds to the splendor of the stylish beach house

Malibu home with multiple outdoor lounges with ocean view

Central courtyard of the house with ample greenery

Access to the beach from the lovely Malibu home

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