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Pretty In Pink: 35 Stylish Girls’ Bedroom Ideas In Pink For The Contemporary Home

What makes pink a distinctively ‘chic’ color is generally unknown. Maybe it is just one of the fashion trends that caught on in the second half of twentieth century. In fact, fashion advice articles dating back to early 1900s talk about how perfect ‘pink’ would be for your baby boy! Yet, pink is a color today that is clearly associated with girls and women; girls’ bedrooms in pink seem to be perpetual hits that are all the rave.

There are plenty of designs, accessories and interior styles that can help integrate pink seamlessly into the modern home.

Stylish girls’ bedroom in pink and silver!

With young girls spending much of their time within these four walls, it makes sense to make their bedrooms extra special. Personalized accessories and cool décor items can help in this regard. These fabulous and fashionable girls’ bedrooms in pink hues sure steal the show as they inspire you to incorporate similar cool shades into your home.

Cool girls’ bedroom in pink that is both sophisticated and feminine
Cute and cozy girls’ bedroom idea in pink
Contemporary girls’ bedroom design idea in white, pink and red
Elegant heart themed girls’ bedroom in shades of pink that are easy on the eyes
Wallpaper in cool shade of pink can instantly transform your little girl’s bedroom

by House Candy

Girls’ bedroom idea for those who love an overdose of pink!
Matching drapes and pillow covers add to the glam factor of the pretty pink style

by Directions In Design

A Touch of Glamor from Tinsel Town

Creating pink interiors in no way means that you need to use pink and nothing else. While Hollywood Regency style might be going a bit too far for a girls’ bedroom, a dash of this outlandish and affluent theme is just right. Black and white stripes, white backdrop, pink accessories and a mirror or two arranged beautifully will help add the glamor quotient. A theme like this is best of girls who are close to their teens as it can be modified and scaled up easily as time rolls by.

Exquisite pink teen girls’ room in pink sports a multitude of plush textures
Black, white and pink combine to create a stylish and modern girls’ bedroom
Sophisticated girls’ bedroom sports a couple of shiny surfaces to bring in the chic appeal
Tufted headboard and trundle bed style up this contemporary bedroom in white and pink
Zebra Print Bedroom Ideas Pink and Black Wall Princess Look White Chair Simple Standing Lamp
Lavish bedroom for your teenage kid which should serve them well for years to come

Celebrating the Disney Princess Style!

If there is one thing that the Disney franchise has made pretty popular then it is the ‘princess theme’ among young girls. There is probably no girl on the planet who would not love to be treated like a princess (no matter how old they are and whether they admit this in public or not) and hence the Disney Princess style is perfect fit for your little one at home. This theme is not too hard to create, uses plenty of pink along with a few other neutral tones and finding matching princess-themed bed sheets and accessories is not too difficult.

Little touches like the floor mat with crown motif can make a big impact!
A perfect retreat in pink for your little princess

by Sheila Rich Interiors

Disney princess wallpaper can turn a girls’ bedroom in pink and white into something magical
Elegant girls’ bedroom in pink with princess theme
Flowery wallpaper brings in a sense of freshness to the pink setting
Add a touch of purple to the pink to create a more unique setting
Princess themed bedroom with gorgeous furniture that goes along with the look

by LS Interiors Group

Pristine White and Posh Pink

If neither the princess look nor the Hollywood starlet style appeal to you, then maybe the white and pink blend is what you need. This is a color blend that is ideal for all those cool contemporary homes that use white as their backdrop. White and pink work very well with each other and the fact that you can find plush décor that creates a sense of lavishness in these color tones with ease, makes it all the more desirable. Here is always room for a bit of improvisation though with a few other shades making a cameo appearance!

Lovely white and pink girls’ bedroom with bunk beds for the space conscious home
Super cute teenage girls’ room in chic white and posh baby pink
White and pink girls’ bedroom
Modern girls’ bedroom with white cabinets and striped backdrop
Numerous storage units help keep the mess at bay in this cute girls’ bedroom
Contemporary girls’ bedroom in pristine white and pretty pink

by Increation

Sleek and stylish girls’ bedroom ideal for the contemporary home

A Multitude of Colors

There are plenty of other styles and color combinations that one can easily adopt using pink. For those who wish to inculcate a sense of ‘eco-friendly’ attitude and love towards nature in their children, a green and pink blend with lovely wall art depicting natural scenes is an elegant option. Red and orange are two other colors that are used frequently with pink bedrooms and they stand out as bright variants that carry ample contrast. A hint of pink with purple is the perfect way to create a sophisticated and refined setting without an overdose of the ‘chic tone’.

Add some scarlet red to the pink and white bedroom for a brighter look
Brown and chocolate hues mixed with soothing pink for your little star

by Millbrook Circle Interior Design

Bunk beds and loads of pink grace this cool modern girls’ bedroom

by Artistic Designs for Living

Little girls’ bedroom decorating ideas
Pink need not always be the dominant shade in the color scheme

by Metz Interiors

Flower mural perfectly blends pink, red, purple and green in this compact girls’ bedroom
Luxurious looking girls’ bedroom with a multitude of shades including pink

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