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Girls Bedding: 30 Princess and Fairytale Inspired Sheets to Invite Magic Into Your Kids Bedroom

While planning for rest of the home is one thing, when it comes to designing the bedroom, you have a lot more freedom and the interiors can be far more personal in nature. When it comes creating a perfect bedroom for young girls, it is not as tricky as you think and you will be often amazed at the array of choices that are on offer.

While there are plenty of themes that you can opt for, when it comes to little girls, the ‘Princess and Fairytale’ theme is something that is always a hit. No matter who it is, every girl would have dreamed of being a princess at some point in her life (no matter how much some of them deny it, later on) and creating a bedroom with this theme would be a perfect way to fulfill a part of it

Blue Disney princesses complete bedding set for your kid

Here are a few bedding set and bed sheets ideas inspired by the many princesses from various fairytales and then redone and revamped by the magic of Disney Studios. Some are a tribute to the timeless classics, while others are creations of improvised modern imagination. But they all come with a touch of royalty.

Gorgeous purple Barbie bed sheet for the contemporary home

Dazzling Disney Princesses in Pink

There seems to be an eternal link between everything designed for girls, royalty and the color pink. We do not know if that is simply a typecast or the truth, but it seems to work out great more often than not. We start off the bedding and sheets collection with the array of Disney princesses clad in pink, red and an odd golden hue here and there.

All pink princess bedding lights up the room
Beautiful princess bedding set in lovely light pink
Bejeweled princess bed sheets with collection of Disney princesses
Dazzling gold and red princess bed sheet adds color to your kids’ room
Royal Disney Princesses for your little girl
Disney Princesses Your Royal Grace Comforter for girls bedroom
Wonderful ‘Dreams ride with you’ Bedding Set from Disney

Beautiful Barbie dazzles with charm

Sure, Barbie might not be a princess in the traditional sense of the word, but in the minds and hearts of little girls across the world, she sure is better than royalty. If modern world had its version of a princess who is keeping up with times, then most definitely it is Barbie that signifies that image. And that puts the collection of Barbie bed sheets and quilt covers in the same league as any of the classic fairytale princesses!

Bright Pink Barbie Bedding for Girls
Lovely light pink Barbie bed sheets for a beautiful kids bedroom
Chic and fashionable Barbie set for the modern home
Blue and Pink Barbie Bedding set with a floral touch
Refreshing and lively Barbie bed sheets win you over

Snow White to keep you warm under the sheets

A tale that has been told and retold a million times and in several different ways, the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs seems to never get too old. From innocent charm to fun and frolic, the Snow White bedding collection seems to exude a certain purity and childishness that is the quintessential quality of the fairy-tale itself.

Cute Snow White sheets with a touch of class
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs exclusive bedding set

Dream about prince charming with Princess and the Frog Bedding

The romantic and magical tale of a princess who finds her true love in the most unusual circumstances; the story of Princess and the Frog is dear not just to kids but everyone who is wandering through the world looking for that ‘perfect love story’. The elegant white and exquisite purple sheets here showcase that not only is the fairytale perfect for adults too, but so is the bedding!

Blue and Green Princess and the frog bedding set fills your kids room with freshness
Elegant Princess and the Frog Bedding for sweet dreams!
Exquisite purple Princess and the frog bed sheet

Delve into an ocean of fun with gorgeous mermaids!

It is pretty much impossible to not fall in love with ‘Ariel’ and the world of the Little Mermaid. The many adventures under the ocean, the wide array of characters and the sense of independence and freedom the character represent make it appealing to one and all. Which kid would not love to invite a little bit of ‘bubbly fun’ into their bedroom!

Adorable Little Mermaid Bedding Set for tiny tots
Bubbly Little Mermaid bedding set for girls bedroom
Colorful Ariel bed sheet brings the ocean into your bedroom

Get tangled in some Rapunzel magic and the rest

The story of Rapunzel took a whole new twist with the arrival of the Walt Disney flick ‘Tangled’. If your kid simply cannot get enough of the movie, then you can turn her bedroom into a world admiring Rapunzel and her magical long, golden hair with a few of these sheets and bedding sets.

Disney Tangled Rapunzel bed sheets
Rapunzel Sparkle Magic bed sheet for girls
Tangled twin comforter bedding set perfect for girls princess bedroom theme

And along with Rapunzel a few more Disney princess in colors other than just pink

Cinderella Disney princess bed set in bright shades
Fairy Princess Garden Bedding in Quilt
Thumbelina single bed sheet set for the tiny ones!!
Twin bedding set for girls with Disney princesses
Vivacious princess bed set with loads of color

If you like this and you have a big fellow at home, here you can find some Boys Bedding: 28 Superheroes Inspired Sheets.

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