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20 Kids’ Bedrooms That Usher in a Fun Tropical Twist!

Any parent will tell you that one of the hardest things in the world to do is to shop for your kids. And decorating a child’s bedroom takes this insanity to an entirely new level. As taxing as the whole experience can be, at the end of the day an expression of joy on their faces is all it takes for us to feel that the entire topsy-turvy ride was worth it all! With that in mind, we have another lovely collection of kids’ bedrooms today, and this time we delve into a style that allows you to use vivacious color, diverse textures and loads of playfulness. It’s time to go tropical!

Gorgeous kids’ bedroom brings home the tropical style in a delightful fashion [Design: DeZignsByD]

Tropical kids’ bedrooms are pretty easy to craft when compared to other contemporary themes that demand more sophistication and less color. It is a theme that allows your kids to express their personalities and turns their private sanctuaries into fun, energetic and imaginative settings. With summer knocking on the door, this is an exquisite style that seems like a perfect fit.

Stylish Shared Spaces

Need some inspiration for a shared kids’ bedroom? The lovely tropical-style rooms below not only provide ample inspiration, but also seem to stylishly bring together aesthetics and ergonomics. With tropical style, you can turn to natural materials such wood and bamboo to create a unique space that reminds your little ones of their recent vacation to that exotic tropical getaway. From hanging beds to hammocks, you have plenty of room to improvise here, and one can either pick a darker nature-centric look or a breezier ambiance inspired by the surf and the sand.

Shared kids’ bedroom with a relaxing tropical style [Design: De Jesus Architecture & Design]
Kids’ bedroom with hanging beds and retro wall posters [Design: A Coastal Home]
Fabulous bunk bed steals the show in this posh kids’ bedroom [From: Jeri Koegel Photography]
Natural ventilation adds to the breezy tropical style in the bedroom [Design: Glenn Layton Homes]
Trendy use of blue in the tropical bedroom [Design: Wissmach Architects]

Turn to the Walls

Colorful wallpaper, custom wall murals and fun wall decals; make sure you pull you every trick in the book to turn that mundane bedroom into a chic, tropical-style hub. In fact, by adding wall murals and decals you can quickly transform the ambiance of the kids’ room and add color to the setting while working with a limited budget. Swinging palm trees or a lovely mural of life on the beach coupled with the right decor and accessories can easily get the job done. Bedside tables in heavy wood or a whimsical canopy bed enhance this appeal and complete a truly remarkable tropical bedroom.

Large wall mural ushers in the tropical vibe in this colorful bedroom [Design: Tracy Murdock Allied ASID]
Mural brings underwater scenery to the bedroom [Design: Lendry Homes]
Fun motifs enliven the small kids’ bedroom [Design: Mercedes Premier Homes]
Girl’s bedroom inspired by relaxed island life [Design: Robin Bond Interiors]
Closet design plays into the theme of the room [From: Rob Downey Photography]

Inspired by the Waves

Styles such as coastal, nautical and tropical are pretty close to one another, and each one of them easily borrows from the other. Blue is a great color for all three of those themes, and wall murals and decals inspired by ‘island life’ can further take the bedroom down the coastal route. Balance this by using decor that shouts out tropical and introduces textures that are as nature-centric as possible. If you want a bedroom that combines both the tropical and coastal styles, then throw in a few ship wheels and starfish along with a bamboo bed frame and pops of corals and greens to get the best of both worlds!

Decorating the tropical kids’ bedroom with color and creativity [Design: Liquid Amber Designs]
Combine the tropical theme with a touch of nautical charm [From: V.I.Photography & Design]
Beach umbrella used as canopy in the little girls’ bedroom [Design: Anita Roll Murals]
Style of the ceiling and the accessories accentuate the cool, tropical theme [Design: Weber Design Group]
Tropical bedroom draped in delightful, bright blue [Design: Genoveve Serge Interior Design]

Color It Right!

While green and blue are traditionally the two colors that work best in tropical bedrooms, vibrant shades of orange and pink also blend in beautifully with this rich decorating style. Since we are talking about kids’ bedrooms, make sure you turn up the color spectrum to create a truly spectacular hangout for your little one. A backdrop in white, sandy beige or mellow yellow seems to work every single time, and irrespective of the color palette, make sure that there is plenty of natural light to really usher in that delightful tropical vibe.

Sculptural lighting and color scheme add to the elegance of the small kids’ bedroom [Design: V.I.Photography & Design]
Beautiful kids’ bedroom with plenty of color [Design: McReynolds Designs]
Touch of green and blue in the tropical bedroom [Design: Causa Design Group]
Use of tropical style allows you to use vibrant colors in the kids’ room [Design: Style On a Shoestring]

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