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25 Creative Bedroom Workspaces with Style and Practicality

Adding a workspace to your bedroom can be a tricky affair, and some homeowners prefer to keep any electronic distractions away from the bedroom. Others, though, will tell you that the bedroom is probably the best place in the house to create a home office that is private and free from any distractions. Unlike the living area or the dining room, you have fewer diversions in your own bedroom, and this obviously helps in increasing productivity and cutting down on work time. And turning that lonely corner in the bedroom into a compact workspace is a lot easier than you think.

Ultra modern bedroom with a minimal workspace! [Photography: Peter A. Sellar]

With many of us increasingly starting to work from home, an ergonomic home office definitely comes in handy. The bedroom workspace gives this option to those who do not have any additional room to spare for a dedicated home office design. Here are 25 fabulous inspirations that get this done without taking away from the cozy, restful ambiance of the bedroom –

Wonderful use of color and texture in the bedroom [From: Dupuis Design]
Contemporary bedroom with smart workspace [Design: Jerry Bussanmas]
Gorgeous contemporary bedroom with a beautiful workspace [From: Dupuis Design]
Stunning blend of the contemporary workspace and bedroom [Design: Estudio Gutman Lehrer]
Asian style bedroom with creative workspace design [From: Causa Design Group]

Sleek and Modern

As we alluded to above, one of the biggest reasons why many homeowners turn toward the bedroom workspace is the lack of room in any other part of the house. Often, this leaves you with a small corner to work with, and the best way to get around this problem is by replacing the trendy nightstand with a beautiful work desk. This is pretty easy to do, gives the bedroom a unique look and does not alter the existing design plan of the room. You can place the table lamp at one of the ends that is next to the bed and use the rest of the space for your laptop or as a DIY zone!

A charming idea that works equally well in adult bedrooms! [Design: Susanna Cots]
Replace the traditional bedside table with a workspace [Design: Dayka Robinson Designs]
Work desk also doubles as a smart nightstand [Design: Gates Interior Design]

Another way to overcome this problem is by creating a simple custom desk that is fixed to the wall and will serve you as a wonderful display even after you decide to move your home office elsewhere. This approach frees up the foot space and gives the bedroom a visually light and airy appeal. All you now need is an office chair and some cool floating shelves above the desk to complete the elegant workstation.

Elaborate workspace makes wonderful use of space [From: Jennifer Gustafson Interior Design]
Pops of pink add elegance to the bedroom [Design: Angus Cowan Constructions]
Floating shelves add to the appeal of the workspace [Design: Grade NYC]
Guest bedroom and home office with a Murphy bed [Design: Kerrie L. Kelly]

Creative Blend of Spaces

Still worried about combining the workspace with the bedroom? Concerned that it is too much of a distraction and that you will be up at 3 in the morning checking mail? A simple solution to this is to create a home office that is a part of the bedroom and yet is separated from it using sliding glass doors or a bedroom accent wall. This gives you two clearly demarcated spaces with boundaries of their own, and it is also a perfect way of turning that dreary little nook in the bedroom into a cheerful home office. You can even revamp a large closet to shape one of your simple workstations!

Custom barn door closes off both the home office and the bathroom [From: Design Platform]
Fabulous home office is connected with the bedroom [From: Dana Berkus Interiors]
Hide away that bed during daytime [Design: Tailored Living]
Murphy bed allows you to switch between bedroom and home office with ease [Design: Tailored Living]

Small bedroom owners can also embrace this approach but in a different fashion. Murphy bed units transform the same little room into both a comfy bedroom and a functional workspace, depending on the time of the day. By tucking away the home office setup at night and pulling out the bed, you will definitely be less tempted to get back to work until the next day!

Combine the home office and bedroom into one [Design: For Space Sake]
Unravel the bed by tucking away the home office at night [Design: For Space Sake]
Accent wall separates the workspace from the bedroom in a subtle fashion [From: Louise de Miranda]
Modern bedroom in New York with a simple home office [Design: West Chin Architects]

An Array of Styles

You are probably worried about the style and the theme of the bedroom while adding a new workspace to it. But as the wonderful collection of bedrooms below showcases, you need not compromise on aesthetics for the sake of functionality. From the eclectic and tropical to the contemporary and minimal, almost every style works beautifully with this combination. By choosing a classic, iconic desk for your bedroom workspace like the Parsons Desk or the Nelson Swag Leg Desk, you end up elevating the style quotient of the room. Maybe a gorgeous workspace next to the bay window is just what you need to complete your dream bedroom!

Sofa bed and sleek workspace bring unique style to the bedroom [Design: Urrutia Design]
Spacious bedroom with a view of the Chicago skyline [Design: Fredman Design Group]
A closer look at the workspace in the corner [Design: Fredman Design Group]
Splash of red in the bedroom [Design: Causa Design Group]
Tropical style bedroom with workspace next to the window [Design: Progressive Builders]
Eclectic bedroom with an unassuming workstation [Design: Sara Bates]
Bedroom workspace with ample storage space [Design: Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders]

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