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Iconic Wallpapers That Bring in Style and Pattern

It was not too long ago when one remembers the world turning away from wallpaper. Using it was considered ungainly and old fashioned, and people were busy trying to remove it from their walls. Of course, as with everything else, the decorating tide has turned once again and decorating with wallpaper is once again a hot trend! While part of this change is defined by our quest to recapture the past and celebrate budget-friendly design options, a major chunk of the credit must go to some cool wallpaper designs that have revitalized the trend with their unique flair and pattern. Today we take a look at two of the very best around.

Gorgeous wallpaper inspired by David Hicks patterns [Design: Malcolm Duffin Design]

While one of the two comes from a legendary British designer who has worked with renowned Hollywood celebrities and the royal family, the other draws its inspiration from nature and its unadulterated charm. Yet both of them transcend styles and themes and have found their way into households across the globe. It is the magic of Woods Wallpaper and the bold prints of David Hicks!

Modern entryway design idea with wallpaper [From: Brenda Liu Photography]
Perfect way to add geometric pattern to your opulent bedroom [Design: Greg Natale]
Wallpaper ushers in cozy cabin vibe into the contemporary dining space [Design: Benco Construction]
Woods wallpaper is subtle and understated in the living room [Design: Giulietti Schouten Architects]
Contemporary home office with the Woods Wallpaper [Design: Gosto Design & Lifestyle]
Beautiful wallpaper breathes life into the small bedroom [Design: Andrea Rodman Interiors]

Stylish and Soothing Woods

If you are a design aficionado, you have likely come across this gorgeous, woodsy wallpaper already. The Woods Wallpaper by Cole & Sons is quickly attaining an iconic status of its own, and both designers and homeowners seem very comfortable working with it. The elegant wallpaper brings the soothing ambiance of the woods indoors, and it does so without actually disturbing the existing color scheme of the room. This is probably the single biggest reason why the wallpaper is so widely loved. Its neutral color scheme means that it adds a wonderful pattern to the room while letting your accent additions shine through. Understated and effective at the same time!

Bring some rustic charm to the modern dining space with Woods Wallpaper [Design: Elizabeth Gordon]
Wallpaper gives the airy bedroom an instant focal point [Design: Skyring Architects]
An interesting backdrop for the eclectic home office [Design: Matilda Rose Interiors]

The imagery of trees that the Woods wallpaper adds seems to fit in with varying styles that range from the minimal to the retro. Even though the wallpaper does come in some snazzy colors, most homeowners seem to prefer the natural, neutral shades that vary between black, white and gray. Using the wallpaper to cleverly demarcate space in an open floor plan is another great way of adding the Woods to your home.

Beautiful wallpaper adorns the wall separating the dining room from the kitchen [Design: Fifth Element Homes]
Accent wall behind the headboard draped in Woods Wallpaper [Design: MJ Lanphier]
Innovative use of the Woods Wallpaper for the staircase [Design: Vanillawood]
Smart use of multiple wallpapers and colors in the Bohemian apartment [Design: Incorporated]
A touch of wallpaper for the contemporary bathroom! [Design: Avenue B Development]

Geometric Brilliance of David Hicks

In the world of interior design, David Hicks was both a genius and a visionary whose style was way ahead of his times. The bold geometric prints, patterns and colors that are so hip and popular today were introduced several decades ago by this British designer. Mixing the old with the new and creating an unexpected fusion of styles was something Hicks excelled at. And the many wallpapers that embrace the renowned hexagonal pattern shaped by him still hold sway today! While the hexagonal patterned wallpaper is the most famous of them all, there are other Hicks patterns that are equally exciting and engaging.

Using the iconic wallpaper with elegance in the blue modern nursery [Design: Lucy McLintic]
David Hicks Hexagon Wallpaper in the midcentury modern dining room [Design: D2 Interieurs]
Gorgeous use of wallpaper for the home office niche [Design: CONTENT Architecture]

Hicks also used the La Fiorentina and Boomerang patterns extensively, and the former is currently being used widely when it comes to creating unique accent pillows, drapes and rugs. In fact, for those who are not too fond of using wallpaper, a striking Hicks hexagonal patterned rug is the next best option indeed. Making a bold visual impact in pretty much any room that it adorns, the timeless genius of the man lives on in these audacious designs.

Cole & Son’s Hicks’ Hexagon wallpaper in Kids’ bedroom [From: Schroeder Carpet & Flooring]
David Hicks wallpaper for the spa styled bathroom [Design: D2 Interieurs]
Contemporary entry with David Hicks inspired wallpaper [From: Woodson & Rummerfield’s House of Design]
Bedroom design that pays homage to David Hicks! [Design: Jeffers Design Group]
Bring in the David Hicks Hexagon pattern with a snazzy rug [Design: Turner Pocock]

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