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Graffiti Brings Spirited Street Style Indoors With Creative, Colorful Flair

Looking to add color, style and an unexpected dose of excitement to your home? Then maybe it is time to give your walls the graffiti they deserve! Graffiti has come a long way from its street origins in the last few decades, and today homeowners and designers are more than happy to borrow from this unique and vivacious art form in order to infuse some life into modern interiors. Whether you like simple stencil-style creations or more elaborate and bright hip hop-inspired motifs, graffiti make a style statement that is both exclusive and catchy!

Fabulous and colorful graffiti wall for the eclectic living room [From The Design Sheppard]

Graffiti gives your home an edgy, street-savvy feel while doubling as beautiful artwork. And creative artists are finding ways to integrate graffiti into traditional homes as well without actually disturbing the existing vibe of the residence. Creative, captivating and always popular, graffiti has the power to add innovative appeal to your home. Here are some stylish interiors that have opened their doors to graffiti –

Brick and Steel Indoors!

One of the charms of graffiti on the street is the backdrop that brings the colors and the style alive. The old brick walls, the steel meshes and back alleys make up much of the background that played center stage to some of the greatest graffiti works. Modern industrial lofts offer a similar setting that allows you to experiment with a variety of styles and motifs. From the simple black and white graffiti that seems so effective and elegant to creative, colorful versions that steal the show, pretty much everything works well here. While it does give your home a more informal and even edgy appeal, it sure looks stunning when done right!

Industrial-style bedroom with brick wall and trendy graffiti art [Design: CityLoft]
Keith Haring-style wall graffiti inside Baltazar Hotel, Budapest [Explore Hotel Baltazar]
Vivid dining room brings the street indoors! [Design: Serving Up Style]
Vivacious custom graffiti enlivens the snazzy home theater [Design: KDS Interiors]
Contemporary bathroom with a graffiti wall mural [Design: Black General Contracting]
Brick walls offer the perfect backdrop for indoor graffiti [Design: CityLoft]

Hip, Trendy Bedrooms

While there are a few among us who dare to use great graffiti patterns in the living room and the kitchen, most of us tend to prefer graffiti additions in the bedroom. The choice is understandable, as we tend to express ourselves in the most unabated fashion when we are surrounded by a relaxing, personal haven! Modern bedroom walls truly come alive with graffiti, and obviously kids’ bedrooms look even more hip, thanks to this inspired addition. Everything from simple spray paint to elaborate hand-painted murals can help usher in the graffiti touch. Remember, though, that graffiti is all about self-expression, and original graffiti work always makes the most impact!

Bedroom offers a cool and eclectic look thanks to the graffiti wall [Photography: Shouldice Media]
Graffiti wall covering for the modern teen girl’s bedroom [Design: Studio Vyhodec]
Bohemian-style bedroom combines the classic and contemporary [Erika Bierman Photography / Design: Form LA]
Hand painted graffiti-style wall mural for the bedroom [Kimberly Fox Designs / Painted by Ben Callahan]
Keeping the graffiti in the kids’ bedroom simple [Andrew Snow Photography]

Colorful Modern Reinterpretations

Graffiti is a dynamic art form that has evolved over centuries. Yes, you heard it right! Graffiti has been around since the days of Ancient Egypt and Roman empires, and if someone told you that it started in New York or Philly, then they obviously are just talking about the modern hip hop style. Long before subway tunnels, railway carts and giant buildings, artists have found a way to leave their mark by scratching into a structure, and the current generation of interior designers is taking this forward by bringing a new twist to graffiti. Additions like the Banksy tile now let you add iconic graffiti patterns to your kitchen and bathroom as well!

Banksy Tile brings graffiti to the contemporary bathroom [Design: NZ Builders]
Bright and colorful graffiti in the chic contemporary basement [Design: Riach Architects]
Modern powder room with bold and brilliant graffiti on the walls [By Gary Hutton Design]
Add a splash of color to the kitchen with the graffiti wall [Design: Groundswell Design Group]
Turn your basement into a fun bowling alley [By Tamara Bickley Design]
Modern, minimalist take on graffiti! [By Amy Lau Design]

Switch Between Styles and Hues

If there is one thing that we have noticed with most of our readers, it is the reluctance to turn towards a new trend in an unabashed fashion. And there is a pretty good reason for this circumspect approach. Most often a new color, design trend or popular pattern might look great in isolation, but could seem awkward and out of place in your own home. In case you have a similar fear about graffiti, why not embrace decor additions and wall art pieces that bring in graffiti patterns in a less permanent way?

Graffiti-inspired art with a touch of sophistication [Design: SchappacherWhite Architecture]
Gorgeous decor addition that brings in a graffiti motif [Design: Artistic Designs for Living]

This is just like trying out a new accent color before committing to it fully, and with wall art pieces, you can always move them around depending on your redecorating plans and seasonal trends! Unlike traditional wall art, graffiti sure packs a punch and adds distinct personality to your home. When it comes to graffiti, it is time to unleash the rebel within!

Framed art pieces bring in the graffiti charm [Josh Partee Photography]
An easy way to bring a touch of graffiti indoors [Design: Process Design Build]
A fun and stylish graffiti piece for the posh, modern dining room [Jeff Jones Snap It Photography]
Graffiti-painted canvases add color to the contemporary entry [From: Dana Nichols]
Highlight the entrance of the room with graffiti additions [Design: Tutmarc Architects]

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