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23 Gorgeous Christmas Staircase Decorating Ideas

Over the past few days we have showcased various ideas that celebrate the joy of Christmas in often neglected spaces such as the kitchen and the dining room. Today we take a look at another area of the house that might not be on top of your ‘places to decorate’ list this Christmas, but can make a huge visual impact when properly decked out. While most of us think of the staircase as only a functional addition, it obviously plays a big role in determining the aesthetics of the entry, the living room, or any other area it shares space with. And this Christmas, make sure you give it a grand makeover with gorgeous ornaments, tinsel, lights and a whole lot more!

Bold Holiday Script in red steals the show on this staircase [Design: AMR Design]

The unique design of the stairs means that you have a chance to shape a grand and gorgeous interior filled with Christmas cheer by turning the staircase into the focal point. From garlands and wreaths to mistletoe and stockings, you can decorate the staircase with pretty much anything you fancy. With Christmas just a week away, we have 23 amazing inspirations that will help you get started with decorating the staircase for the big day –

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Styling It Right!

One of the first things to do is to consider the style of your home and how the staircase decorations will work with the overall Christmas theme that you have going. There is no point in going for a traditional ‘green and red’ look with lavish Christmas garlands and wreaths when you have a minimal home and the colors around the staircase are predominantly yellow or blue! The idea is to bring the goodness of the holiday season while extending the existing color palette and theme. Less ornate and more innovative staircase garlands look lovely in modern and contemporary homes.

Fabulous Christmas staircase decorating idea [Design: Tobi Fairley Interior Design]
Simple and stylish way to decorate your home this Christmas
Fun-filled Christmas decorations for the staircase [From: The Suburban Mom]

For a rustic look, turn to natural materials, branches and burlap. If you have a lovely, Scandinavian-style, all-white backdrop, then think about a few hand-blown glass ornaments and shiny baubles that will add color while maintaining the clean, uncluttered look. And if your focus is to keep the kids in the house happy, go with large figurines, suspended angels, bright stars and giant stockings. Do not limit yourself to the simple green and red classic decorating style come this holiday!

Bold snowflakes in red on the wall add to the staircase decorations [From: Lowe’s creative ideas]
Rustic Christmas decorations for the staircase [From: Julie Ranee Photography]
Innovative staircase garland with colors of fall [Photography: Rikki Snyder]
Think of colors beyond red and green for the Christmas staircase garland [Design: Lori Pedersen Home Staging+Styling]

Time for Tradition

If you’re still going to stick to the tried and tested look with green garlands and sparkling red ornaments for the staircase, then do so with plenty of pomp! Metallic accents are a big hit this holiday season, and you can incorporate them into your staircase decorations as well with pops of brilliant gold and silver. In fact, you can take the traditional decorating approach and switch over completely to a golden color scheme to give the staircase a majestic and captivating appeal. Elegant DIY wreaths and decorations that complement your festive Christmas tree next to the stairs give the entire interior a more coherent and charming vibe.

Family stockings and Christmas ornaments turn the staircase into a focal point [Design: Lowe’s Home Improvement]
Gorgeous Christmas staircase decorations in gold [Photography: Julie Soefer]
Add a touch of red and green to the stairs [Design: Regina Gust Designs]

Decorating the staircase does not mean you only deck out the railing with ornaments, garland and wreaths. Think of the staircase landings and the little nooks underneath the stairs and fill them with creative holiday decor to complete the look. A table or console with Santa figurines next to the stairs, a sparkling Christmas tree or beautifully wrapped and stacked gifts for the family are all great choices.

Deck the nook under the staircase with Christmas joy! [Design: Spagnolo Design]
Hint of Christmas joy for the stiarcase
Decorate even the small staircase areas beautifully this Christmas [Design: Timothy De Clue Design]
Staircase decorations add to overall ambiance of the home [Design: Design By Julie]
Traditional holiday decorations for the staircase [From: Rae Turi]

Adding a Twinkle

As with every other aspect of interior design, do not forget lighting when decorating the staircase for the holidays. String lights are the obvious choice, and it barely takes any effort to put them up along with a beautiful garland and some unique felt Christmas ornaments. Make sure that the ambient lighting is just right and not too overwhelming, as this might drown out the sparkle of the carefully placed string lights. Using both silver and gold ornaments will further enhance the appeal of these flickering lights and give the interior a surreal, dreamy vibe.

Shiny Christmas ornaments and strings lights used to decorate the staircase [Design: Timothy De Clue Design]
Custom holiday decorations for the staircase in gold and red [Design: Regina Gust Designs]
Sparkling Christmas decorations for the spiral staircase [Design: Linly Designs]

Whether it is the staircase leading to the basement or the grand spiral stairs in the entrance, decorate them delightfully this Christmas and you will instantly notice the big difference that they make. It’s a sculptural eye-catching feature that will steal the show every single time!

Staircase decorations add to overall ambiance of the home
Elegant Victorian house dressed up for the holidays [From: Jay Greene Photography]
Hand-crafted Christmas garland for the staircase [Design: Linly Designs]
Simple staircase Christmas garland for the farmhouse style home [Design: the gudhouse company]

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