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5 Hot Home Design Trends That Are Here To Stay!

One of the hardest things to do in the world of interior design and decorating is to keep up with the constantly changing trends. Every few months the popular patterns seem to disappear, giving way to the new, and each season has its own hot and happening color. Finding that right balance between the timeless and the trendy is indeed a hard task and something that eludes most homeowners. While there are simply no ‘permanent trends’ in the world of decor and fashion, there are some style statements that last much longer than others.

Exposed brick walls bring a touch of historic charm to the living room

Some of the hottest trends of recent years have varied from bold metallic accents to a revival of Midcentury modern. While some are expected to last, others will vanish as quickly as they have arrived. But if you are a betting man, your money should be on the five fabulous trends that we are showcasing today!

Wallpaper Magic!

Remember the time when decorating with wallpaper was so 90s? Yes, that trend seemed to have lasted not too long, and modern designers are once again rediscovering the many benefits of wallpaper. There is no doubt that the economic meltdown in the late 2000s has been one of the reasons for its revival. But other factors like the widespread use of neutral backdrops and gray’s sudden burst in popularity have meant more homeowners are now looking for easy ways to add bold pattern to their interior.

Woodsy wallpaper gives the cozy bedroom an entirely new look

by Leclair Decor

Elegant feather wallpaper for the chic girls' bedroom

Wallpapers with nature-inspired prints, daring geometric patterns and a distinct Midcentury modern style are here to stay. David Hicks’ hexagonal wallpaper is currently so popular that we cannot seem to go a day without stumbling across it as we flip through the many interior design inspirations across the globe!

Majestic bedroom in purple and gray with walls draped in David Hicks hexagonal wallaper

by Greg Natale

Wallpaper with a bold pattern in the modern bedroom

by Think Contemporary

Bright wallpaper enlivens the beautiful living room with Midcentury Modern flair

by Fotograf Lisbet Spörndly

Bold wallpaper from Marimekko adds stunning appeal to the black and white bathroom

by Becki Peckham Photographers

Beautiful Brick Walls

Another popular trend that is set to last the test of time is the exposed brick wall. Sure there was a time in the late 80s and 90s when everything was squeaky clean and no one seemed to enjoy the sight of a brick wall. But designers have realized that leaving the old brick wall exposed adds a lot more value to the living room or bedroom than covering it up with boring white. Bringing both visual and textural contrast to a setting instantly, exposed brick walls also add a touch of history and heritage to the home.

Beautiful use of the brick accent wall in modern bedroom

by S&K Interiors

Living room of chic London apartment with exposed brick walls

Check out this chic apartment

Steely gray offers wonderful visual contrast to the red brick in the living room

by Jason Arnold Interiors

Amazing brick backdrop gives a heritage appeal to the ATTIC Bar

A Closer look at the amazing ATTIC Bar in Minsk

If you do not have a brick wall to showcase in your house, then you can even use an aged brick wall wallpaper like the one seen below to get the look with ease.

Aged brick wall wallpaper in the kitchen combines two hot design trends!

More stunning custom wall murals

Lost in Time!

Obviously some of our readers will question us on our choices and a few might even disagree about these trends being timeless. But if you look beneath the surface, there is real good logic behind the direction in which interior design is currently headed. It seems as a community we are craving to escape the reality around us and hence bringing back and holding onto those nostalgic moments of the past. This ‘escapist’ approach is what is defining many of the modern trends and revivals of past styles. Recent years have seen Midcentury modern, vintage, retro and even bohemian interiors make a comeback.

Giving a vintage touch to the eclectic living room

by Kailey J. Flynn Photography

Midcentury modern living room with a hint of retro

by Sarah Greenman

Most of these are safe bets in the years to follow as well, and while Midcentury modern seems to currently top this list, watch out for the classic baroque style to become more evident in the coming years. If you want to think forward with interior decorating, look back into the past!

Lavish bedroom in blue with a French baroque style

Modern baroque bathroom with a touch of gold!

Amazing Paris apartment transforms into a whole different world!

Giving a New Lease of Life

Ironically, here is another trend that attempts to bring back the old! But in the case of repurposed and upcycled decor, it is much more than nostalgia. This is one trend that we are sure will only become bigger in the coming decade or two as the world opens up more and more to the idea of sustainable living. The eco-friendly attitude of consumers is ensuring that old wooden crates and pallets are being converted into coffee tables and wall shelves rather than being relegated to the dump.

A trolley found at the local flea market doubles as the coffee table in the living room

Visual Tour of the 200-year old factory turned into a trendy home!

Salvaged flea market find can double as a wonderful coffee table

by Kate Jackson Design

Take a local flea market find and use your DIY skills to craft repurposed decor yourself. It is fun, easy and often takes just a hint of creativity. For those who have a garage full of waste, it is definitely the right time to clean up by upcycling!

Repurposed window panes used as a smart divider between the livinga nd the dining rooms

Gorgeous repurposed wood wall in the modern home office makes for a sustainable addition

by Meritage Homes

Industrial living room filled with repurposed decor

Repurposed coffee tables instantly garner attention in any living room

by Geremia Design

Indomitable Moroccan Poufs

Here is a fun prediction that is far less cerebral and far more instinctive! Moroccan poufs seem to be finding their way into most homes, and they blend in with almost any design style that you have going. An increasingly popular addition to the kids’ room and the nursery, they are versatile, take up little space and are uber-comfy. You can move them around with ease and use them to accentuate accent colors or add pops of metallic hues. Do not be surprised if you find these in every home or decor creations are inspired by them by the turn of the decade!

A classy way to use the Ottomans in the lounge

by Lucy Interior Design

Silver Moroccan pouf neatly slots into the small corner

by Michele Safra

Trendy use of the Moroccan Poufs along with the Martini side table in the living room

by Laura Wilmerding Interiors

Moroccan poufs are popular both because of their simplicity and versatility

Space-saving poufs seem to be exceptionally popular in kids' rooms and nurseries

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