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Hot Summer Color Combinations Bring Home Cheerful Exuberance!

It’s that time of the year again when you are thinking about family holiday trips, long, lazy evenings, pool parties and a few days on the beach (at the very least). Summer is indeed all about the outdoors, and an amazing, secluded lounge in the backyard might well be all you ever need. But it is also the perfect time to bring some of that freshness indoors as you open your home up to the many vibrant sights and sounds outside. And we are here to help you with this cool makeover by showcasing some colorful and trendy inspirations clad in the hottest color combinations of summer 2014.

Gorgeous kitchen with green and yellow accents

by Pierce Allen

While a color palette like white and blue is a perennial favorite that seems to work across seasons and styles, this summer is the perfect time to embrace bolder and more vibrant hues. From lovely variants of blue to fresh greens and yellows, check out which color duos and trends are currently making the biggest impact –

When Opposites Steal the Show!

Imagine bright blues and tangy oranges separately and you would be a bit circumspect about ever putting them together in the same room. Yet, blue and orange seem to get along with each other in a surprisingly brilliant fashion. Few color combinations make a visual impact and dramatically revamp the space like these two shades. Most often, varying shades of blue are used along with orange as accent hues in a room with a neutral backdrop. An all-white background is the ideal canvas for decorating with a cheerful orange and blue combination.

A living room that exudes summer charm!

Super hot and trendy colorful kids' bedroom in orange and blue

by Lizette Marie Interior Design

Daring addition of orange and blue in the kitchen

Since both colors make such a profound visual impact, they must be used in a careful and calculated fashion. A blue accent wall along with bright orange decor gives the bedroom that cool summer appeal you may have always wanted. Add some stunning white sheer curtains, and you seem to have a perfect blend between the beach and the Mediterranean style! This summer, blue and orange is indeed the most happening color duo.

Lovely table lamps and throw pillows bring in the orange and blue touch

by Tamara Mack Design

Classy contemporary bedroom in orange and blue

by London Bay Homes

Fabulous loft bedroom in blue and orange

Comfy sectional filled with orange and blue throw pillows

by Savvy Surrounding Style

Thinking Beyond Summer

While some people love to redecorate with changing seasons and trends, others prefer to pick themes and color schemes that serve them beyond just the next few months. Finding this delicate balance between ‘staying relevant’ and serving you across several seasons is the joyful and refreshing combination of green and yellow. Using yellows and greens is nothing new, and we have come to accept them as an organic combination, thanks to the many inspirations found in nature. The color scheme is sophisticated yet simple, trendy and yet timeless! The amazing array of shades each hue offers makes it an even more exciting and dynamic duo.

Midcentury style kids' bath in yellow and green

by Mindi Freng Designs

Contemporary living room in yellow and green seems to be ideal for every season

by Jeff Andrews Design

Golden yellow is one of the hottest colors of 2014 thanks to its metallic glint

by High Fashion Home

Lime green and golden yellow are two of the most popular colors of 2014, and both of them add glamour and panache to the interior. While the greens and yellows look lovely throughout the summer, they seem to blend in and accentuate fall and spring colors as well. Just couple these hues with some dark wood and a fireplace, and you even have a warm, cozy winter hub. A perfect pair for every day of every season!

Use fabric accents to usher in a contrasting hue in the bedroom

Yellow and green bedroom looks awesome in spring, summer and fall!

by Amy Lau Design

Master bedroom in yellow and white

A subtle and classy combination of yellow and green

Chic Shaded Brilliance

A hot trend that is slowly but surely making a comeback in the design world this year is ‘Ombre’. Some of the world’s leading fashion designers have already used the ombre effect in their spring/summer collections, and this style statement is taking over the interior design world as well. Derived from the French word which means “to shade”, ombre accent walls make for a playful and energetic addition. They also double as instant focal points both in the living room and the bedroom, and even bathrooms can use this touch with cool blue ombre tiles! From decor to drapes, summer 2014 is the ideal time to revisit this timeless classic, even though it does not involve two different colors!

Bright and bubbly living room pink Ombre wall

Beautiful blue tiles in the bathroom bring in the Ombre effect

by Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Colorful kids' room is energetic and stylish

by d’apostrophe design

A tropical touch for the bedroom

Transitional bedroom with blue ombre walls

by Romanelli & Hughes Custom Home Builders

Bedside table with cool ombre effect

by Hide & Sleep Interior Design

Daring and Relaxing!

It is indeed hard to move away from the varying shades of blue when it comes to summer color schemes, and here is another duo that relies on this color. Turquoise and red is an unexpected combination that seems to have taken off in 2014, and you can see both homeowners and designers now gravitating towards this bold pairing. Among the two, turquoise offers a sense of serenity and tranquility, while red is audacious and striking. If you love this color duo, then we suggest that you use red as sparingly as possible to really let the turquoise take over!

Breezy white sheer curtains give the red and turquoise bedroom an accentuated summer vibe

by Product Bureau

Pendant lights from West Elm steal the show in this eclectic and colorful kitchen

by Camilla Molders

As you can see from the many inspirations here, often the walls embrace the relaxing turquoise, while it is decor accents that bring in the red. Fabric accents and simple furnishings can also be used to usher in any of these color combinations without opting for a major overhaul. So, which of these summer color trends are you tempted by the most?

Simple red additions enliven the kitchen draped in blue and white

by Tammara Stroud Design

The turquoise gives the room a playful appeal even as the red gives it a grounded focal point

by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Simple, colorful additions ensure you are ready for a trendy summer

by Lola Nova

Subtle shades of turquoise and red in the vintage kitchen

by Sarah Phipps Design

Eclectic living room with a lovely mix of turquoise and red

by Tobi Fairley Interior Design

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