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Elevate The Style Quotient Of Your Outdoor Lounge With Sunken Seating

Designing the perfect interior or even outdoors is all about creating appealing focal points along with visual and geometric contrast. Too much of the same can often seem boring, and that is precisely the case with backyards and patios that are completely flat. Ever seen how your deck space acquires a whole new charm when you simply add a new level to it with a few of steps? Even a refreshing Jacuzzi with a couple of steps can make a big difference to the whole visual. But sunken seating takes this idea to a whole new level by creating an inimitable, cozy, and often private backyard lounge.

Breathtaking conversation pit surrounded by the pool with smartly hidden stepping stones

by Franco A. Pasquale Design Associates

Sunken and raised areas bring a sense of excitement to the outdoors and add a hint of playfulness. They also help define individual spaces in a large area, and sunken seating is the perfect way to make the outdoor lounge the central attraction of the landscape. Here are some stunning and wide-ranging inspirations that take it a step down to elevate the aesthetics up a notch or two!

Amazing deck takes the sunken lounge design to a whole new level!

by Trex Company Decks, Patios & Outdoor Enclosures

Contemporary patio in Sydney with a trendy sunken lounge

by Dean Herald-Rolling Stone Landscapes

Large Lagoon Pool with a lovely lounge and fire pit in the middle

Cool sunken lounge in the patio with an exotic topical theme

by Luxapatio

Cube ottomans add a touch of contemporary style to the sunken seating along with the firepit

by Keith Willig Landscape Services

Sunken seating in the patio next to the wooden deck

by Ana Williamson Architect

Poolside Summer Delights!

Summer is just a couple of weeks away, and now is the time to plan for all those outdoor dinners, parties, lazy evenings and dreamy nights in the backyard. Sunken seating around the fire pit has a magical and almost woodsy charm. But you can turn up the heat even more by surrounding it with your pool! A fireplace next to the pool inherently makes for a brilliant visual, and sunken seating enhances this appeal immensely. These snug, secluded sunken lounge areas are a perfect way to catch up with friends and family as you sip away at your favorite beverage.

Fire pit at the heart of the pool with sunken seating around it and a beautiful bridge leading the way!

by Ron Neal Lighting Design

Gorgeous pool area with a fire pit and sunken lounge at its heart

by Pool Stop

Sunken seating surrounded by the pool in the backyard

by Sonoran Landesign

The sunken lounge at the heart of the pool obviously requires an entry point, and you can either use stepping stones that are concealed by the pool, or a beautiful bridge that makes the setting even more amazing. If you love to party, then a sunken lounge that doubles as a dining area or even a Tiki bar is a great addition to the backyard. These dramatic lounges look even more breathtaking when they are part of infinity pools with ocean views!

Pool area with a sunken lounge, fire pit and a beautifully crafted entry

by Pekarek Crandell Architects

Sunken Tiki bar and sitting area next to the pool

by Land & Water Design

Step into the sunken lounge in the pool in style!

Sunken lounge in the pool after sunset

by Sinclair Associates Architects

Subtle and Understated

Sunken seating ideas need not just involve the sitting area alone. You can extend this idea by creating a subtle yet beautiful sunken lounge that is far more practical and far less dramatic. While a small change in the level might not seem as visually striking, it still has a huge impact in the overall context of your patio or yard. Often, all you need is a small change in the height of the lounge along with a couple of steps that accentuate the effect. Complete this area with a few chairs and add a fireplace to turn it into a happening hub!

Relaxed sunken area in the backyard lined with reclaimed 150 year old York Stone

by Llama Property Developments, Manchester

Sunken fire pit with a subtle change in the various levels of the outdoor space

by Harold Leidner Landscape Architects

Sunken seating space that is less dramatic and minimal

One of the advantages of using modern outdoor furniture instead of built-in seating is that it allows you to add or remove the seating options depending on your current needs. Wooden benches, a large couch or even a chaise lounge can be combined with a few chairs to create an elegant and trendy sunken lounge that serves you for years to come. Adding a pergola-style structure around it gives you the added benefit of shade, and you can even transform this into an outdoor dining space over time.

Create a dynamic interplay between different levels of the patio

by KuDa Photography

Mediterranean style patio with sunken seating and luxury pool

by South Coast Architects

String lighting adds to the beauty of the sunken lounge

Change in the various levels of the outdoor space need not always be dramatic

by Little Miracles Designs

Play with the Contours

As always, the aesthetics of your home and comfort come ahead of conventions, and sunken lounge spaces are no different. Instead of adhering to the traditional designs, it is time to add a pinch of excitement to the outdoors with innovative new interpretations of the sunken lounge. While some homeowners prefer modern and minimal versions of the private conversation pit, others love the theatrical, over-the-top designs. Plan a sunken space that acts as a link between two other levels in the backyard or create a sunken level that connects with the basement of your house. The options here are aplenty.

Concealing the outdoor seating area on a different level in style!

by Ike Kligerman Barkley

Sunken patio offers ample privacy along with the wooden slats that surround the place

by Hufft Projects

Outdoor seating next to the fire pit and the waterfall feature offers ample privacy

by Spinnaker Development

Sunken seating promises to transform a landscape and also gives you a sense of privacy, even in a large and open yard. It also ensures that you need not install tall fences and ruin the view outside just for a few moments of solitude. A legacy of the 60s and the 70s, it is a trend that is once again gaining quick popularity as modern designers breathe new life into this retro trend. And this summer, it could well be the place where you spend countless hours as you take in the sights and sounds outside!

Small, cozy and secluded space around the fire pit

Chic patio with sunken seating and amazing views of the Sydney harbor

by Simon Whitbread Photography

Create a cool conversation pit outdoors with sunken spaces

by modern girl

Stunning sunken patio offers breathtaking city skyline views

by Magni Interior Designers & Decorators

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