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Colors of Nature: Modern Interiors with a Splash of Turquoise And Aqua Exoticness

Turquoise is much more than another color from the gemstone lineup. Its many shades, hues and tones combine to paint a world of joyousness and glee. Just like the gemstone, the color is deeply ingrained in human history as one that brings peace, harmony and lasting happiness. Native Indians believed that this fallen sky stone had an ability to ward off evil and offer health. Similarly the color has been embraced by cultures across the world as one that energizes interiors while providing pleasure and serenity.

Stunning contemporary living room with exquisite use of turquoise accents

by Possibilities for Design

It is this unique balance of turquoise that a makes it a standout in the color spectrum. Often dubbed as the summer shade, turquoise is perfect for every season when used right. From aquamarine to teal, there are plenty of colors that broadly fall under its wing. While you can argue endlessly about the technicalities of which green-blue combination is called what, there is no dispute about the captivating aura of turquoise.

Minimalist living room in black and white with turquoise cushion accents

by Rockridge Fine Homes

Beautiful modern interiors in white with vibrant turquoise accents
Black and white print combined elegantly with striking turquoise accents

by Abbe Fenimore of Studio Ten 25

Stylish rug plays a major role in bringing color to neutral interiors

by Lulu Designs

Hollywood Regency styled interiors in shades of turquoise and white

by DKOR Interiors

Green cushions and couch along with glossy turquoise vases offer accent color
Stylish bedroom in white and chocolate brown with turquoise accent seat

by Georgette Westerman Interiors

Wall art can help highlight the obvious turquoise accents further

by Positive Space Staging and Design

Neutral backdrops in white present the perfect canvas to splurge turquoise around

by FAVA Design Group

Bring Home Wind, Waves and the Open Sky!

The obvious allure of turquoise lays in that romantic image of white sandy beaches and blue turquoise waters on an unforgettable holiday. Painting a part of your home or bringing in turquoise accents is often an attempt to recreate this idyllic image. Yet, it takes a bit of skill and planning to pull this fabulous look off. Turquoise, aquamarine, teal and the many other variants work well with pretty much any style and scheme. Though most home owners feel that turquoise is relegated to a vintage or cottage-styled look, it is a perfect fit for the sleek contemporary homes as well.

Bright Turquoise table legs steal the show here

by Lisa Teague Studios

Contemporary kitchen draped in Aquamarine – A lighter side of turquoise

by Niki Papadopoulos

Ocean blue pillows provide cool seaside charm in a neutral living room with earthen tones

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Using a bright and bold color with elegance is all about balance. Try and repeat turquoise in several places so as to achieve a sense of balance. This is especially true when using it as an accent color. Accent fabrics, pillows, vases and glassware all help add pops of turquoise without too much of an effort.

Glossy turquoise glass back-splash for the contemporary kitchen

by Increation

Hint of turquoise is sufficient to alter the look of your bedroom

by David Churchill

Lovely turquoise accents are woven elegantly throughout the home

by Cornerstone Architects

Opt for darker shades of turquoise like teal for a sophisticated look

by Andrew Ross Photography

Subtle pops of turquoise are not hard to introduce

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

A dash of turquoise can bring in brightness to your interiors with ease

by Stephanie Wiley Photography

Bring in a summer-vacation home style with colors of surf and sand

by Habitat Studio & Workshop

Multitude of Joyful Shades

The tone of turquoise that you use need not be always bright. Popular misconception is that a color needs to be really bright for it to pop in a space and create lasting visual impact. Key though is to first take a look at the background you have in place. Designing a room and executing a color scheme is like paining on an empty canvas. The more pristine and neutral the background, the more stark will be the effect of the color used. Light aqua can offer equally compelling contrast as dark turquoise when used right.

Eames molded plastic stacking side chairs in turquoise steal the spotlight here

by Birdhouse Interior Design

Elegant white and gray interiors with subtle turquoise accents

by Marie Burgos Design

Glass-topped table and an accent wall in the dining area bring in aqua-tinted turquoise

by Adrienne Chinn

There is a certain magic and charm in deep, jewel-colored rooms. The warm and mysterious shades of such interiors are both enchanting and unique. Turquoise is a color that combines this glitter of a jewel tone with the freshness of nature and the relaxation of an exotic getaway far from home. In essence, it brings cheerful exclusiveness.

Eclectic family room employs turquoise sporadically

by Susan Brunstrum of Sweet Peas Design

Warm yellow and cool turquoise make a chic combination

by Matt Harrer Photography

Vases and glassware are a popular way of adding turquoise to contemporary interiors

by LLI Design

Turquoise brings in a beachy vibe along with some retro charm here

by Giampiero Panepinto

Moroccan pouf and turquoise accents shine in a gray living room

by Noon Interior Design

Pink Upholstery and turquoise accessories brighten the white backdrop

by Emily Ruddo

Kids’ bedroom uses a light turquoise and white backdrop for accents of yellow and lime green

by Marie Burgos Design

Pair it up with Radiant Hues

Combine turquoise with earthen tones and light browns to get a vintage look. Blend it with cool white and you have a beach right at home! But there is a whole lot more that mixes just fine with turquoise. Orange is one of those colors that simply dazzles when put alongside turquoise and aqua in a pristine white room. Lime greens are also a great addition as they bring the warmth of yellow and the sparkle of green. Golden yellows and black and white patterns accompany turquoise to create a chic and Hollywood regency-styled home. A simple combination of various hues of the color can result in an engaging Mediterranean residence.

Aqua, turquoise and coral come together with surprising and elegant ease!

by Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Orange and turquoise accents bring in a bold and bright contrast

by Decorum Home + Design

Turquoise, lime green and Fuchsia come together to create a vibrant dining space

by John David Edison Interior Design

Turquoise is a lovely variation that allows you to go beyond the usual colors like green and blue while still getting the best of both worlds. In case you are apprehensive about using it, then try simple accent pillows and vases before opting for a paint job. You will surely love the exuberant makeover!

Kitchen floor, counters and glassware collection complement each other beautifully

by Cre8tive Interior Designs

Pair of turquoise accent armchairs for a cozy conversation
Chocolate and turquoise come together to create a fabulous home theater

by Pampa Tiles

Gorgeous kitchen cabinets combine white and turquoise

by Mal Corboy Design and Cabinets

Light and warm turquoise shade in the bedrooms creates a relaxed atmosphere

by Nicole Benveniste Interior Design

Touch of glassy aquamarine in the bathroom

by Glass Tile Warehouse

Any shade of turquoise next to the pool is a match made in heaven!

by Bonick Landscaping

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