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Sensational Sheer Curtains Balance Privacy With Contemporary Panache

There are many design trends that are finding their feet once again, thanks to popularity of open floor plans and breezy modern interiors that look to combine form and function. Sheer curtains are one such trend that has once again found a new lease on life in the last few years. The reasons for the renewed fame of these classics obviously go beyond the mere visual elegance that they offer. Combining adequate privacy and unabated views, they are quickly becoming the most preferred choices in master bedrooms with the most spectacular ocean and forest views.

by Domæn

Exquisite and contemporary at times and traditional in their appearance on other occasions, modern sheer drapes come in a wide variety of colors and prints. While the lighter hues still remain firm favorites, you can switch between the materials of the curtains to usher in different textures with ease. Stylish, convenient and even economical, here are some amazing inspirations that showcase the many benefits of sheer curtains –

by Chloe Warner / photography by Matthew Millman

by JKRC- Jason Klinge Residential Contracting

by Tom Stringer Design Partners

by Bagnato Architects

by Elad Gonen

Drapes without the Frills!

The most popular style or hue of sheer curtains is the white and off-white versions that lend a dreamy, beach-style look to the room. Just combine this with pops of turquoise or aqua, and you can easily switch from a contemporary theme to coastal style in an instant! This is one of the many advantages of the sheer curtains in white. They offer the perfect canvas that allows you to turn your living room or bedroom from a minimalist hub to an industrial-style setting in absolutely no time. For those who love to revamp their interiors by keeping an eye out for the hottest trends, these sheers indeed bring nothing but sheer joy!

by Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

by Laura Dante Photography

by Sylvia Martin

You can use sheer curtains in different rooms for various tasks. At times they might make up that flimsy and removable line between various areas in the open floor plan, and on other occasions they might offer you protection from harsh UV rays while filtering in the right amount of natural light. Sheer curtains vary in terms of thickness and thread count, and picking the one that suits your particular needs is the key to getting the most out of these translucent additions.

by Annette English

by Tommy Ang


by Joel Snayd

by Tom Stringer Design Partners / Photography by Werner Straube

Solid Colors and Geometric Prints

While the various versions of white seem to be the trendy way to go with sheer curtains, do not limit yourself to just one shade. Sheer curtains are often far cheaper than regular curtains that demand lining. This is the perfect opportunity to buy sheer drapes in more than just one color. If white is all about flexible style and tranquility, then black sheer curtains can create instant focal points and bold visual impact. Obviously, you can opt for other solid colors that range from gentle greens and lovely pinks to beautiful blues and warm yellows; depending on the color scheme that you already have going.

by Bagnato Architects

by Jason Snyder

Fabric with stark geometric prints is one of the ‘in’ things when it comes to home design in 2014. Why not pick sheer curtains with a pattern that matches the one you have on your accent pillows in the living room? Be it simple straight lines or complex prints, the idea here is to keep things both graceful and interesting. Too much pattern can create visual confusion, while too little can make a room seem sterile and boring. As a general rule, the smaller the room, the better it is to stick to simpler patterns and fewer colors, even in the case of the drapes.

by Elad Gonen

by Sacha Jacq Interiors

by Causa Design Group

by Key Residential

by Rusk Renovations

It’s all about Layered Privacy

Even though sheer curtains offer plenty of advantages, they do suffer from a few setbacks on certain occasions. For starters, they are obviously very poor thermal insulators, and if you live in a region that has anything but moderate weather throughout the year, they are not an ideal choice. This is precisely why we suggest using twin layers of drapes. Apart from making a sophisticated style statement, this also is the best combination of ergonomics and aesthetics that you could opt for. While sheer curtains form the inner layer, regular drapes assume the outer one and can be used to cut back on heat loss. This sheer curtain layer also helps protect your more expensive drapes from UV damage in the long run.

by Greg Natale

by BAR Architects

Sheers, semi-sheers and top sheers–there are plenty of choices when it comes to the world of semi-transparent drapes! With growing emphasis being placed on the views outside and blurring the lines between the indoors and the outdoors, sheers offer a perfect opportunity to find that elusive poise that your home needs. So pair them with your velvet drapes or mix and match with other styles to reinvent your interior this spring!

by Studio William Hefner

by Home Staging

by Sroka Design

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