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Smart Conversion Transforms Pre-War Cottage In Brisbane Into A Breezy Modern Home

Transforming an old house from the 70s or 80s into a lovely modern home is a task that is hard enough during the best of times. But when you need to convert an old, ragged and rusty pre-war cottage into a sparkling contemporary space, the challenge is even steeper. Taking this up gleefully and coming out with flying colors is Shaun Lockyer Architects, which has given an old cottage in Brisbane a bright new lease on life. The transformed and improved Aussie home is now an inviting family residence in a valued neighborhood of the city, Paddington, and combines unhindered city views with ample privacy.

Lovely outdoor seating and dining area of the Aussie home

While the street façade of the house is closed off to keep away any prying eyes, the rear of the Wilden Street House opens up toward the backyard, creating a dynamic relationship between the interior and the outdoors. Wood and glass are the two principle elements that define the exterior of the residence and give it a warm, inviting appeal, along with a modern sheen. An outdoor lounge is tucked beneath the cantilevered master bedroom on the top floor. The lower level holds the dining, kitchen and living spaces along with the laundry room and the study area.

Rear of the Aussie home opens up towards the garden and the pool

Rear of the Wilden Street House

Top level crafted in wood and glass adds to the drama of the house

Cool outdoor lounge gets ample shade thanks to the upper level of the house

Lovely rug adds some much needed color to the space

Stackable glass doors connect the interior with the outdoors

High ceiling gives the room a spacious and airy appeal

Living room and the kitchen in an open floor plan

The top floor houses a home library, a master suite, a family room and another study. The interiors exude a classy, elegant appeal with timeless decor additions like the Moooi Random lights and the Eames Molded Plastic chairs. The transformation from a pre-war cottage to a contemporary residence is so amazing that the unsuspecting would never even have a clue!

Classic Eames Molded Plastic Chairs at the far end of the room

Gorgeous Moooi Non Random Lights in the Living Room with high ceiling

Home workstation tucked under the staircase

Smart interiors of the rennovatde Aussie home in light hues

A worksation next to the window in the hallway makes clever use of space

Fabulous family area with a wooden accent wall and plush couch

Serene and simple bedroom borrows from the cottage style

Contemporary bath in black and white

Street Facade of the Wilden Street House in Australia

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