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Oversized Lighting: Floor And Table Lamps That Leave You Overwhelmed!

The use of oversized lighting fixtures to create bold and bright focal points is one of the hottest design trends of the season. While we shed some light on giant pendants a few weeks back, today we turn our focus to oversized floor lamps and table lamps that bring a whole different dimension to the table! While we have always advocated the principle of proportionality when it comes to decor, the advent of using supersized lights has thrown that entire theory out of the window. Audacious and exciting, it is time to light up your interiors in a truly grand fashion!

Gorgeous floor lamp Diana in red

While large pendants are used to define and demarcate individual spaces in the open floor plan, extra-large floor lamps and table lamps lend visual excitement and an element of quirkiness to the room. They allow you to conform to the existing color scheme and design theme while surprising your guests with sheer size and splendor. This collection of amazing interiors with oversized lamps illuminates the path for you –

Hard to miss the floor lamp in this Victorian home!

Floor lamp enhances the serene, organic appeal of the room

Jonathan Adler Black Trousdale Lamp in the Mid-Century Modern Living Room

by Birdhouse Interior Design

Mid-Century Modern living room with oversized floor lamps

Twin Studio Adjustable Floor Lamps with large shade

Use lighting to make a bold visual statement

by Laura Hammett

Oversized floor lamp in the living room

by Imagine Living

Amazing oversized floor lamp for your reading nook!

by Fratelli Boffi

Flashy Floor Lamps

When we talk of supersized floor lamps, many design aficionados might start thinking about the classic and timeless Arco Floor Lamp. But neither is the Arco an oversized lamp in itself nor does any lamp assume this mantle at all times. We dub a lighting fixture as “oversized” when it is much larger than the decor that surrounds it and the dimension of the room it sits in. So, a really huge floor lamp in a small studio apartment might seem perfectly normal in a sweeping villa with a high roof. Size is truly relative, and there is no ‘one solution fits all’ here.

Fortuny lamp in the corner keeps an eye out for any intruders!

by Two Column Media

Rustic living room with a touch of Scandinavian charm

by Urrutia Design

A blue feature wall in the living room

Yet oversized floor lamps are easily discernible, and most often an arc-style floor lamp seems appropriate and not humongous. Some decor makers specifically have a lineup of astounding floor lamps that are so huge, you feel like the pages of Gulliver’s Travels have come alive! These enormous additions promise to add individuality and whimsical charm to your reading nook, living room, or even the dining room with effortless ease.

An engaging and vibrant way to use white in the living room

by DKOR Interiors – Interior Designers Miami

Giant bedside floor lamps that come with a convenient glass shelf

by Carolina V. Gentry / Pulp Design Studios

Eclectic and bright dining room with oversized floor lamps with yellow lampshades

by StyleHaus Interiors

Modern dining space with an oversized floor lamp in white

by Marie Burgos Design / Photography by Francis Augustine

Tripod floor lmap from DWR in the corner

by Rikki Snyder

A Giant on the Table!

The idea of a gorgeous table lamp on the nightstand right next to the bed is a thing of the past! Swapping shock value and innovation for symmetry and a traditional approach, modern homeowners are really starting to explore the many modern forms into which bedside lighting has evolved. While some are going down the route of bedside pendants and sconces, others are taking the less-trodden path of giant table lamps. Much like in the case of conventional, normal-sized table lamps, even the super-sized versions look balanced and sophisticated when used in pairs.

Bronze plated oversized table lamp for the modern bedroom

by We Got Lites

Fabulous living and dining room with pops of pink

by Cindy b decor

Giant table lamps incorporate some Spanish architectural flair to the room

by Bliss Design

But massive table lamps are not just relegated to the bedrooms. They steal the show even in living rooms, entryways and dining rooms by creating distinct focal points. One of the great perks of using table lamps is the ease with which you can move them from one room to another. While giant pendants and floor lamps are less versatile in this regard, floor lamps can be shifted with changing seasons to refresh and reinvent the interior without much effort.

Tropical style patio with an oversized table lamp

by GM Construction

Oversized glass table lamps at the entryway

Hint of brass adds to the charm of the living room

Black table lampshade stands out in the bedroom

by Jill Sorensen

Vintage Murano lamp is both classy and dramatic

by Kenneth Brown Design

Make a Visual Statement

Make no mistake about it; oversized lighting fixtures are all about aesthetics! As with the principle of proportionality in design, these huge lamps also do not conform to the idea of bringing together form and function. And in what might be a surprising twist of events, these lighting fixtures make a bigger visual impact in small rooms, while large and airy spaces tend to water down their look. So, even if you are blessed with a home that has a lavish amount of space, we suggest incorporating one of these big boys into the small study or home office to ensure that heads turn and eyeballs pop!

Exquisite bedroom with beautiful pops of color

by Pal + Smith

An overwhelming lighting fixture that defines the aura of the room

Contemporary family room in black and white

by Paul Anater

Living room with an oversized floor lamp and sliding glass doors

In the breezy and open home above, the oversized floor lamp might not see all that amazing when you actually view it from within the room. Even though it stands head and shoulders above the rest, it still seems understated and elegant.

Oversized floor lamps add to the overall appeal of the house

by Canyon Construction

But step outside and view it from a distance and you will notice the appeal of oversized fixtures. The floor lamp is arguably the most striking feature now!

Exceptional living room with an eclectic mix of vibrant styles

by Interieurs by Francine Gardner

Dark floor lamp makes a bold statement when placed in a white contemporary living room

by Supon Phornirunlit / Naked Decor

Stylish living room with a hint of Hollywood glam!

by John Kraemer & Sons

Even though the trend of oversized floor and table lamps is new, they are available in a variety of styles that range from the Mid-Century modern and the Victorian to the contemporary and the rustic. So, are you ready to host one of these enlightened giants?

Sherry Nothingam
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