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Sculptural Illumination: Inspiring Interiors Sporting The Iconic Arco Floor Lamp

Designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1962, the Arco floor lamp is a modern décor icon that has stood the test of time. Pendant lights and chandeliers often come with some innate amount of inflexibility after their installation. But floor lamps offer greater variance and can be moved around when redecorating with far less effort. Add to it the multitude of areas in which the floor lamp can be used and they surely present an attractive proposition.

Arco is a floor lamp that combinesfunctional advantages with a flowing artistic design that steals the show!

Arco floor lamp- Staying relevant for over five decades!

Exceptional and exquisite, the Arco floor lamp has been used by several generations of designers to draw inspiration. But incorporating the Arco into your interiors can be a tricky affair if you aren’t careful. Here are some amazing inspirations that will help you get past this beautiful conundrum –

Elegant way to use the Arco in a compact room with high ceiling

by kimberly peck architect

Exquisite living room in white and grey with the Arco floor lamp
Gorgeous interiors in blue and white with the Arco floor lamp

by Ziger/Snead Architects

Lovely eclectic living room in earthen tones with the Arco

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Rail lighting combined with the Arco floor lamp effortlessly
Strong marble base of the Arco seems like a perfect fit for the pristine white interiors

by Joie Wilson

Contemporary and Timeless

If you are buying an Arco lamp, you can rest assured that you have done well to earn it. But the real challenge lies in placing it right. Though the fascinating floor lamp works with almost any theme and color backdrop that you have going, it is important to not overwhelm the surroundings with way too much. Arco can be used as a bedside lamp, a desk lamp, overhead light for your coffee table and as focused light for your reading nook.

Beautiful Arco offers illumination without being visually obstructive

by Studio William Hefner

Eclectic dining room employs refreshing shades along with the Arco

by Ana Donohue Interiors

The arched design of the Arco allows it to multi-task with ease and reach effortlessly places where other floor lamps can simply not dream of going. This unobtrusive nature of Arco combined with its modern appeal is what made the lamp so popular and sought-after.

Hollywood Regency inspired interiors with plush decor
Living space with high ceilings employs the Arco to shed some light on the sectional sofa

by tuthill architecture

Modern interiors combine the Arco with Noguchi table!

by m.a.p. interiors inc

Perfect way to use the Arco in a compact space

by Vanessa De Vargas

Stylish and contemporary living room with multiple light sources woven in elegantly

An artistic masterpiece

Arco looks equally appealing whether it is placed in the middle of the room hovering above your couch or if it is placed in the corner next to the bed. Its presence is simply unmistakable. With contemporary homes sporting clean and well defined lines, its elliptic arch presents a lovely geometric variation. Unlike the bland floor lamps that seem to vanish into the backdrop, Arco stands tall (quite literally too!) and yet never seems to block your view.

Uber modern family home with the Arco above the sectional couch
Inimitable design of the Arco floor lamp offers ample flexibility

It is the balance between the various elements of the Arco that makes it so special. The sleek and long arcing neck of the lamp gets a perfect and stable support in the concrete marble block at its base – A blend of the sublime and the strong!

Unlike other floor lamps, Arco is perfect for lighting up your dining space

by Imagine Living

The metallic tinges of the Arco lamp ensure it fits in well with a neutral backdrop

by David Howell Design

Multiple floor and table lamps combined with the Arco to offer the ideal lighting

by Marcel Page Photography

Light up the reading nook in the corner with the Arco

by Eminent Interior Design

High ceiling residences provide the perfect space to set the Arco

by John Senhauser Architects

Perfect for every setting

From making itself comfortable in a compact pre-fab home to stealing the spotlight in a large and spacious villa with high ceilings, the Arco is an ideal fit for pretty much every setting. While it lends both elegance and ergonomics, it is paramount that the lamp be placed in an uncluttered space. The curved demeanor, the large ‘arc’ and exclusive design demand interiors that are clad smartly and in a neat fashion. This automatically makes the Arco a wonderful and seamlessly fit with the modern minimalist trend.

Family room in light blue with Arco floor lamp set in a corner

by Laura Bohn Design Associates

Eames lounge chair and ottoman gives the Arco company in this modern living room

by Webber + Studio, Architects

The Arco floor lamp has survived over 5 decades of evolving design and interior décor trends. It is a tribute to the innovative foresight of Castiglioni brothers that it has cemented its place as a modern décor icon. Well, ahead of its time when it first arrived on the scene, it is a perfect fit for every modern home. While placing it perfectly takes a bit of care and planning, get it right and you will add a distinct style statement to your home. A lighting installation that goes way beyond the bare minimum!

Marble base of the Arco is neatly tucked behind the sofa

by Rachel Reider Interiors

Noguchi table in the contemporary living space illuminated using the dexterous Arco!

by Tate Studio Architects

Wassily leather chair combined with the Arco floor lamp – Meeting of the decor icons!

by A Good Chick To Know

Bright metallic curves of the Arco provide the perfect contrast to the dark backdrop

by Ugljesa Kekovic

Contemporary dining room with Arco in the corner

by 2id- Miami Interior Design

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