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Oversized Pendants: Shining A Spotlight On The Hot Design Trend

Design trends often change as rapidly as their counterparts in the world of fashion. Yet once in a while we stumble upon popular style statements that quickly become all the rage across the globe. Freestanding tubs in the bath are one such defining design element of 2014 that we’ve already pondered. Now it is time to welcome home the latest craze in the world of lighting – Oversized Pendants. If you have stumbled upon several additions in recent months, it is no coincidence at all. These oversized domes and drums are making quite a wave, as both homeowners and designers are happy to use them in creating an over-the-top style statement.

Black domes are pretty popular in contemporary homes

by YLAB Arquitectos

There are plenty of reasons for the increased popularity of these behemoths. While we often place emphasis on picking decor that is proportional to the size of the room and the surrounding furnishings, that rule is quickly receding into darkness thanks to these dazzling giants. And the best part is that they seem to blend in with any style or design theme that you have going. So, delve in as we shed some light on the world of oversized pendants –

Deep dome shaped design of the Nur HAL Suspension lights

by Drew Hadley Photographs

Add striking curves to the square room filled with straight lines

by DrewettWorks

Lone black fixture balances out all the white in the room!

PS Maskros Pendant Lamp brings chic appeal to the dining room

by Restyled Home

Sparkling pendant chandelier in nickel

by Chango & Co

Industrial lighting for an eclectic kitchen

Ultra modern dining room with oversized light fixture

by Peter A. Sellar

Sparkling pendants for the rustic home

Transitional dining room with lovley lighting

An Instant Focal Point

Defining an individual space in an open-plan layout can be both challenging and fun. Demarcating spaces without walls requires the use of various other elements such as smart shelves, dropped ceilings, area rugs and visually appealing pendant lights. With a spurt in the use of open floor plans with high ceilings, the oversized pendant has become a whimsical yet captivating element that delineates spaces and gives them an appeal of their own. They are great additions that turn your favorite coffee table, dining space or even the kitchen island into the focal point of the airy living area.

Beautiful bedroom for those who love minimalism

A hint of Moroccan peeks through in this living room

by Andra Birkerts Design

Perfect pendant for the rustic living room

by SB Architects

While they are often relegated to dining rooms and kitchens, large pendants actually make a greater impact in the living room and the bedrooms. Adding a sense of excitement and a twist of unexpected color, they can instantly alter the atmosphere of the room. They can also be used to anchor a contemporary interior that is filled with a light color palette. From enlivening the staircase to giving your bathroom that spa-like ambiance, oversized pendants are for those who dare to move away from convention.

Amazing oversized lighting fixtures with a Japanese paper lantern form

Looks like Full Moon has just found its way indoors!

Oversized clock along with giant pendants in the home office

Large pendant light for the striking bedroom

Kids' bedroom in white with a giant pendant light

by de-spec

You can use one of these giant pendants in the bathroom as well

by Lori Gentile Interior Design

Cigar Bubble Pendants overwhelm even a spacious interior

by Turnquist Design

Creative Kitchen Lighting

Getting kitchen lighting right is always a tricky endeavor. The idea of combining several layers of recessed and focused lighting is always easier said than done. Think of the supersized pendant as an aesthetic addition that enhances the focused illumination of your kitchen. A dome pendant with an opaque surface is the best when it comes to bringing ample task lighting to the kitchen. Giant drum pendants are better at offering greater ambient light options, depending on the shade that you use. While black is a popular pendant shade option, white also can make an equally bold statement when placed in a more colorful kitchen filled with darker hues.

DIY pendant light idea for the industrial kitchen


Giant Non Random Lights in the Modern Kitchen

Large accent pendant lighting for modern kitchen

There are plenty of oversized pendant light options for those looking to bring home iconic pieces that will stand the test of time. Both the large Random and Non Random Lights from Moooi usher in the grandeur of a massive pendant while remaining visually light thanks to their intricately woven design. The Nelson pendant lights are also classics that never seem to go out of style. These famous Mid-Century modern pieces look like giant Japanese paper lanterns floating precariously from ceiling. And speaking of Japanese lighting, there is the choice of opting for the sculptural Isamu Noguchi creations, which are equally spellbinding!

Large cube pendants are a rarity when compared to the globes and drums

by Fouzia

Fabulous kitchen of Woodside Mediterranean Country Home

Contemporary kitchen with expoosed brick wall

by The Last Inch

Tropical kitchen with a cool blue backsplash

Notice how the large pendant light is the one that draws your attention instantly

by John Maniscalco Architecture

Oversized pendants for thebeach style  kitchen

by ZeroEnergy Design

Sleek fireplace in the kitchen

Dining with a Difference!

Finally, we arrive at the most popular places for the installation of the supersized lighting fixtures: the dining room. Pendants obviously are an integral part of the dining room setup, and adding a giant one is the ideal way to set the room apart from the other area in the open floor plan. In fact, the smaller the size of your dining table, the greater the majesty of the overtly-large pendant. We find plenty of inspiration here that combines the dome and the drum pendant with the Saarinen tulip table. The curvy design of one obviously complements the other, but you can introduce these rounded wonders even in rooms filled with clean, straight lines to bring some much needed contrast.

Create an instant focal point with the oversized light fixture


Custom lighting fixture for the contemporary dining room

by Laura Abrams Design

Industrial dining room with the Nelson pendant lamp

The oversized pendant looks great in rooms with a high ceiling

Whether you chose a rustic theme or an urbane minimal look, the right oversized pendant can put the perfect exclamation point on your style. These pendants look particularly brilliant in industrial spaces with high ceilings and plenty of exposed metal surfaces. So, as you prepare for spring cleaning this year, maybe it is time to finally give your home that giant standout makeover!

Black pendant makes a bold visual statement

by Ed Kopel Archtects

Black drum pendants bring grandeur to the dining room


Color palette that is elegant and organic

by Notre Maison Design Group

Colorful suspension lamp above the Tulip dining table

by Design Platform

Gorgeous pendant complements the Saarinen Dining Table beautifully

by D&D Interiors / Mikhail Dantes

Eclectic dining space for the compact home

Moooi Random Light holds its own in any room

by Texas Construction Company

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