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Bedside Lighting Ideas: Pendant Lights And Sconces In The Bedroom

Beautiful pendant lights and lovely sconces are not just relegated to the modern kitchen and living spaces. Traditionally, bedroom lighting has always been a combination of attractive table lamps and smart recessed lighting. An odd chandelier or two further adds to the beauty of the bedroom. But the sleek contemporary style in modern homes has redefined this classic approach to bedroom lighting. Pendant lights and smart sconces can give your bedroom a unique look of its own.

Stunning contemporary bedroom with a perfectly-lit textured wall

by Chris Jovanelly Interior Design

Along with adding an aesthetic value, bedside pendants and sconces double up as a smart, space-saving solution as well. While pendants are far more popular and offer greater variety, the latter bring comfort and flexibility that is truly special. Blending form and function with dazzling charm, here are some trendy modern bedroom inspirations that will get you started on exceptional bedside lighting solutions!

Creative hanging lights in an opulent modern bedroom with a Spanish flavor

by Lori Dennis

Dazzling wall light fixtures steal the show
Eclectic bedroom with a hint of Hollywood Regency

by Elizabeth Gordon

Sconce lights combine beautifully with the recessed lighting in the bedroom

by Stotler Design Group

Sleek pendants fit in with the contemporary theme of the bedroom

by Michael Richman

Turn your bedside table into a lovely display thanks to pendant lights and sconces

by Susan Corry Design

Simple sconces make reading in the bed a comfortable delight

by Axis Mundi

Black drum pendants create a clear visual focal point in the bedroom

by Lizette Marie Interior Design

Stylish contemporary bedroom in white with sleek sconce lights

by Mark English Architects

Save Up On Precious Space

This is probably how the thought of using sconces and pendants as bedside lighting solutions started. With modern urban homes and studio apartments being short of space, it makes sense to utilize the vertical room that is on offer. Many of us might also want to create a simple and smart guest room or additional bedroom without all the frills of an elaborate side table and a pair of exquisite table lamps. This is where the sconces and pendant lights swing in as a glittering hope to those looking for equally stylish alternatives.

Apartment bedroom with space-saving solutions

by Mikel Irastorza

Bright yellow pendants add a hint of color to the bedroom

by Christopher Lee & Company Fine Homes

Wall sconces are an adjustable and a convenient option for those who read in bed

by emily jagoda

Apart from freeing up precious space, they can also allow you to use your bedside table in more ways than one. With the table lamp gone, you can decorate the table with vase arrangements, a collection of framed photographs or even use that space to stack up your favorite titles that carry to bed each night. For the workaholics among us, it leaves some space for the laptop or even the smartphone along with the latest iPad!

Beautiful chandelier gives the bedroom a natural look

by Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

Bernie Turbo Series Wall Sconces save up space in the small bedroom

by Platemark Design

Contemporary bedroom with bold bedside lighting idea

by Ownby Design

Purple headboard and brilliant chandeliers shape an opulent bedroom

by Peg Berens Interior Design

Combine a multitude of lighting installations to eliminate any dark corners

by Che Bella Interiors

Warm and cozy bedroom with hanging lights instead of bedside lamps

by W Design Interiors

Minimalist bedroom in black and white accentuated by Serge Mouille Rotating Sconces

by Ian Moore Architects

Paint a Brilliant Visual with Pendants

Pendant lights come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. When it comes to picking a pendant light, the options are almost endless. This is probably why they can be the most exciting and invigorating addition to your trendy bedroom. Whether you are opting for classic chandelier look, or going for a metallic minimalistic vibe, pendant lights cover the entire spectrum with ease. They also are great additions as accent installations that bring in bright pops of color in a bedroom with cool, muted tones. Adding textural, geometric and even visual contrast, pendants make perfect bedside lights.

Cool bedroom in gray and white

by Capital Building

Drum pendants add drama to the modern bedroom

by GDC Construction

Soothing shades in the bedroom create a relaxed setting

by Jarlath Mellett

Any room, whatever its size, looks better with many little pools of light rather than a general glare. I like intimate low light just where and when you need it. In case of a bedroom, this becomes all the more important as it is a place for relaxation and contemplation. Using a combination of lighting solutions helps usher in these little pools of light.

George Nelson pendant lights in a serene bedroom inspired by Oriental design

by Marie Burgos Design

Kids’ bedroom with refreshing yellow pendant lights

by Clean Design

Unassuming bedroom with bedside pendant lights

by Angela Dechard Design

Pops of orange always create a vibrant bedroom

by Design Vidal

Fabulous antique pendant lights create a brilliant contemporary vibe!

by Lori Gentile Interior Design

Gorgeous bedroom in chic blue and white


Flexible Comfort of Sconces

Most hotel rooms and luxury retreats employ wonderful bedside sconce lighting to usher in a luxurious vibe. These brilliant lights instantly make a room more special and visually grand. While the classic-styled sconces might not easily fit in with the modern bedroom designs (unless you have a cool beach theme or a cottage vibe going on), sleek and slender modern designs fit in seamlessly. Not only are these sconces chic and fashionable, but also are ultra-flexible and can swing around when needed. They are also far less understated in appearance than most pendant light designs and are more suited for those who prefer a hint of minimalism.

Classic design of the wall sconces brings a traditional cottage look

by Kate Jackson Design

Efficient lighting and smart use of space in the small bedroom

by Sullivan Building & Design Group

Low-mounted sconces free up space for wall art

by Vanni Archive/Architectural Photography

Sconces as bedside lighting also can double up as perfect spotlights for reading in the bed. Some can be placed just above the headboard and can be swung away when you do not really need them! Picking between pendants and sconces is a matter of personal needs, choice and a style that fits your bedroom best. Irrespective of what you choose, always remember that bedside lighting is not relegated to table and floor lamps alone.

Relaxed bedroom ambiance in white and cream

by Kingsley Belcher Knauss

Wall lighting fixtures free up the space on your bedside table

by Bosworth Hoedemaker

Comfortable reading nook in the bedroom
Hanging lights are particularly useful in small bedroom designs

by Feldman Architecture

Long cylindrical lantern styled pendant lights next to the bed

by Studio William Hefner

Interesting pendants from Tucker Robbins add geometric contrast to the bedroom

by Philpotts Interiors

Pendant lights in the bedroom save up on precious leg room

by Zack de Vito Architecture + Construction

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