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50 Minimalist Bedroom Ideas That Blend Aesthetics With Practicality

The lines between contemporary design and minimalism are becoming more and more blurred with each passing day. Many homeowners and designers seem to be so consumed by this popular trend, we are seeing a slew of renovation projects that veer towards the sleek and the understated. Yet minimalism is not just about following that impersonal cookie-cutter blueprint. It is about expressing yourself with less even while placing comfort and common sense at the forefront. And the ideal minimalist-style bedroom is all about getting this fine balancing act right!

Dramatic minimalist bedroom makes a bold visual statement

Having already flipped through some amazing minimal living rooms, it is time to take this less is more approach to your personal sanctuary. And unlike popular perception, minimal bedrooms also give you ample opportunity to express yourself in an unfettered fashion. The visual appeal and the finished product might be different, but never lose sight of the fact that you are still designing a private space that reflects your choices and personality.

by Jeff Green Photography

by Troy Dean Interiors

by Diego Bortolato

by usona

by Hanson General Contracting

Think Beyond the Walls

In the case of the living room, the view outside might not always be an option, and often the focus is firmly kept on the living areas. But when we move on to bedrooms, most homeowners prefer to bring the landscape outside indoors and make it an integral part of their sleeping space. This is easily and undoubtedly the best way to breathe some life into your minimal bedroom and add color to it, without trying too hard. Add to it the fact that glass is such an integral part of modern minimalism, and those sweeping glass doors and walls will contribute to the overall style.

by Jose Garcia Design

by Fulcrum Structural Engineering

Be it a simple view of a park across the street or the breathtaking sight of the ocean and the woods in the distance, do not be afraid to use the scenery that is just outside your window. Some of the most fabulous minimal bedrooms actually have staggering views of the New York City skyline or the dreamy lights of LA sparkling after sunset. While you de-clutter your bedroom, opening it up only further enhances its minimal appeal by creating more visual space.

by Robert Granoff

by David Michael Miller Associates

by Design First Interiors

by Jon Luce Builder

Colored with Subtlety!

The hardest part of designing a minimal bedroom involves staying away from the sterile and creating a warm, inviting space that is both comfy and aesthetically pleasing. Obviously, the line between stunning and sterile varies from person to person. But we firmly believe that it is better to err on the side of coziness than to take things too far with a design that seems impersonal and barren. A dash of color is more than welcome in a minimal bedroom. Do not let all those shiny catalogs and staged homes fool you into believing otherwise. At the end of the day, the room that you fashion needs to serve you on a daily basis, and the idea is not to build a hosting area for a photoshoot!

by Goldfish-Interiors

A potted plant here and a lovely vase of flowers there is the ideal way to induce some color into a minimal bedroom. An accent wall looks apt too. But try and keep the colors simple and understated, and do not go beyond using two colors in the entire room. Black is an evident popular choice, as it complements shades of white in a refined fashion. A touch of orange and a splash of blue also create an interesting contrast when used sparingly. Grey is that one versatile shade that is both neutral and bright, depending on the way it is used.

by Imagine Living

by emily jagoda

by Ian Engberg

by FORMA Design

It Is not all Stone and Glass

Minimalism is indeed the art of being able to live with as little as you can. Discipline is an important element in crafting any room that wishes to adopt this style. It is not about what you can add to the room, but what you can take away from it! Once again, this principle is often incorrectly interpreted by many as a diktat that says you can only use one or two textures in the minimal bedroom. The image of white lacquered surfaces and glossy floors gleefully shining through is the first thing that comes to mind when we think minimal. Yet, a room devoid of textural contrast can quickly become boring.

by Capital Building

by PACS Architecture

by Stanislav Ermolenko

Utilize one or two contrasting elements such as wood and plush textiles to add visual softness to the minimal bedroom. Remember, though, that these diverse textures need to be devoid of any ornate patterns or prints to fit into the minimal theme. Simple stripes and solid shades are the way to go. Exposed brick walls and steel pipes also usher in a subtle rustic or industrial vibe while keeping the broad minimal approach intact.

by John Maniscalco Architecture

by Chris Briffa Architects

by Cornerstone Architects

by A.GRUPPO Architects – San Marcos

It’s Raining White Magic!

Finally, we come to the one defining look that seems to be the most popular when it comes to minimal bedrooms. The classy and luxurious white minimal bedroom is more popular globally than arguably any other bedroom style. Yet, there are plenty of variants to this approach that allow you to give your own bedroom a sense of individuality and elegance. While some designers incorporate a barn door to give their bedroom in white that perfect exclamation point, others use gentle blues and contrasting blacks to get the job done. From tufted headboards to iconic side tables, there are many ways to accentuate the all-white look with subtle accents.

Some of the greatest interior designers will tell you that the essential part of designing a room is the livability factor. While form is important and essential, it is not the only constraint. You must be comfortable walking into your bedroom and it must give you the sense of stepping into a safe, personal refuge. If you have to tweak conventions a bit to get this done, feel free to do so! Make your minimalist bedroom your very own…

by Ian Moore Architects

by Imbue Design

by Fulvio Etna STUDIO

by AR Design Studio

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