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Iconic Side Table Designs That Usher In Contemporary Style

When we think of stylish furnishings and iconic décor items, the thought of a side table is not something that immediately strikes us. While most of our time is spent in choosing the couch, the coffee table and lighting installations in the living room, the side table is, more often than not, an afterthought. Yet, the brilliant side table can complete your interiors without actually taking up too much space. Elegant and timeless, the side table world also has a collection of classics of its own. The trio on display here brings style, sophistication and ergonomics, all wrapped in one exquisite package.

From the chic Eileen Gray side table that has survived well over eight decades of constant change in the world of interior design to the cylinder-shaped curved delights of the Componibili Storage Modules. There is also the indomitable Saarinen Tulip side table that comes from the long line of one-legged delights offered by the brilliant designer. Irrespective of which one you pick, form function and finesse come naturally to these amazing side tables.

Gorgeous modern living room with the stylish side table

by Cheryl Burke Interior Design

Vitra Panton Chair sizzles along with the Saarinen Side Table

by Wentworth

Smart use of the multiple Componibili compartments

by FORMA Design

Chic San Francisco living room with a cozy conversation nook


Arco floor lamp and the Womb chair give the Eileen Gray side table perfect company!

by m.a.p. interiors / Sylvia Beez

Stylish Tulip side table stands out in the dark backdrop

by SPACE Architects + Planners

Eileen Gray side table set next to a stylish floor lamp
Saarinen Side Table is the perfect choice for small living rooms

by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Eileen Gray Side Table

The chic and trendy Eileen Gray side table was actually designed way back in 1927. Looking at its sleek and minimalistic form, it is pretty hard to imagine the long and storied past of this cool side table. While the rocking 60s and swinging 70s might have seen a bit of dip in the popularity of this more contemporary décor piece, modern minimalism has embraced it gleefully. The table exudes a delicate, feminine charm even as its glass surface and exclusive design draw your attention instantly. The clear top and the slender posts fit in perfectly with the modern design philosophy of clean and well defined lines.

Fabulous modern living room showcases the Eileen Gray Side Table

by Eleven Interiors

Sleek side table goes along with pretty much any design theme and style

by Capoferro Design Build Group

Just like most other exquisite side tables, the Eileen Gray side table also doubles up effortlessly as a bedside table. Whether placed in the living room or in the bedroom, it blends in with the existing theme and color scheme without any hassles. The table top can be adjusted to four different heights, while the glint of metallic chrome adds to its brilliant aura. Priced at $550, it is not all too hard to save up for either!

Sleek side table blends in with the Barcelona Bench

by Ken Gutmaker Architectural Photography

Twin Eileen Gray side tables with lovely lamps on top

by Douglas Williams Photography

The side table looks like an ideal fit in contemporary spaces
Eileen Grey side table doubles up as bedside table elegantly

by Susan Kennedy Design

Potted plant on the side table brings in some natural green

by A Good Chick To Know

The classic Eileen Gray Side Table is available at Design Within Reach

by Becky Harris

Transparent top of the side table makes it an unobtrusive addition

by Portal Design

Kartell Componibili Storage Modules

Designed by Anna Castelli Ferrieri in 1969, the Componibili Storage Modules is truly an inimitable member of the side table clan. This storage unit side table is available in both two and three drawer versions. For those who love to stack up more compartments, there is an option of buying the drawers and the tray top separately as well. While stacking up several different cylindrical compartments is fun, sticking to the two or three tiered version is indeed the best option. Each compartment has sliding doors that open up to reveal the storage space inside.

Auto themed kids’ bedroom with Limited Edition Componibili Side Table in Red

by Leslie Goodwin Photography

Two door Kartell Componibili Round Tower in white

by CHROMA design lab + interiors

The Componibili side table can be placed next to pretty much any other major furnishing and it acts as the perfect resourceful accomplice! Its simple design and storage options make it an ideal addition to the homes that are already short on space. The side table is also available in a Limited Edition Red Series and its shiny curves offer lovely visual contrast when set in a home with a muted color scheme.

Smart compartments of the Componibili side table help keep the living room tidy

by Think Contemporary

Stylish nightstand finds a place in every home

by Jessica McClendon

Attic bedroom with Componibili unit as bed side table

by moon design + build

The Componibili side table in the kids’ bedroom helps stash away the mess

by Hide & Sleep Interior Design

Create a lovely little reading and activity nook with the Componibili unit next to plush seating

by Emily McCall

Two tiered Componibili side table in red foes along well with the throw pillows

by Collette Hanlon Home Stagers

Saarinen Tulip Side Table

We have talked about the line of thought that led to Eero Saarinen coming up with the Tulip range of décor. The Tulip dining table, coffee table, chairs and even the charming side table were all conceived to “clear up the slum of legs in the U.S. home”. The Saarinen Side Table is one of those mid-century modern design wonders that seem perfectly comfortable in the modern home. Its form is something most interior design aficionados are all too familiar with. The sleek pedestal and the circular (or even oval) top give your interiors a very distinctive and spacious appeal.

Stunning living room with plush decor

by Thom Filicia

Tulip side table nestled cozily between two womb chairs

by Northbrook Design

Contemporary living room with Saarinen side table in black

by Ian Moore Architects

The Saarinen side table is available in several different styles, finishes and forms. The side table with a black base and Ebonized Walnut Veneer top looks simply stunning when placed in neutral interiors and flanked by a pristine white backdrop. The Saarinen side table fits into the most uncanny corners with ease and requires little leg room, if any!

Modern living room in white and gray
Oval Saarinen side table in the bedroom

by Johnson Berman

Saarinen Side Table snugly fits in the forgotten corner!
Use the Tulip table as a bedside table as well
Twin Barcelona Chairs designed by Mies van de Rohe with Tulip side tables

by Partners 4

The tulip side table is a perfect buffer in a twin chair arrangement!

by Castanes Architects PS

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