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Eye-Catching Vase Arrangements That Tickle Your Fancy

Your room is missing something and you’re trying to figure out what. You’re thinking cute new accessories, furniture or a new coat of paint to chase the monotony out of your home. What if I tell you that you can turn it from boring to fabulous in a very short time and without breaking the bank? It’s true, but you should start considering vase arrangements.

fancy vase arrangements
Vase arrangement with flowers “drowned” in water

A cool vase arrangement thrown on the floor in a visible place or as a centerpiece on your living room table will do miracles; it’s visible every time you enter and because of its fancy style it will add life and fill the whole room with energy.

When I’m talking about vase arrangements I’m not only talking about beautiful flowers in a vase. I’m also talking about pebbles or colorful stones, fruits, candles and what not. Or even mini gardens in a bowl. Basically anything that creates contrasts with the existing design or adds to the theme, is welcome.

These being said, here is our collection of stunning vase arrangements that are meant to inspire and fickle your creativity.

branches in vases
Tree branches in transparent floor vases
black floor vases
Black floor vases that add contrast to the room
beautiful vase arrangement
Cool looking purple flowers in small vases
candles in small vases
Fancy small vases with lit candles
candles in vases
Elegant white candles in vases
colorful vases that look like bottles
Bottle-like vases that are colorful
candle and sand vase arrangement
Candles and sand go hand in hand in this beautiful vase arrangement
floor vase arrangement
Fancy living room with a flower arrangement that gets the eye
flower vase arrangement
Very beautiful flower arrangement in a bowl
flower vase centerpiece
Rich vase arrangement with beautiful flowers
fruits in the vase
Fruits in a vase and a green natural ball on top
rustic table with vase arrangements
Eye candy: table vase arrangement with small tree branches
sunflower vase arrangement
Beautiful sunflower vase arrangement
tall black vase for a modern design
Tall black vase in a modern living room
Wall vase arrangements with flowers
Wall vase arrangements with flowers
white vase centerpiece
White modern living room with a white centerpiece face
white vase with flowers
Cool white vase with flowers and fancy dry branches
young tree branches in a vase
Kitchen island with blossomed branches in a vase
zen pebbles vase decor
Zen: pebbles in vases arrangements
Alex Ion
Alex started Decoist in early 2009, as a passion. With time, things have changed and Alex became more and more obsessed with fancy interiors and contemporary designs. Hence why all his attention today goes to running the magazine -- deciding what gets published, ensuring that our fans on Fa[...]

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