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Saarinen Tulip Table: A Design Classic Perfect For Contemporary Interiors!

The image of Tulip tables and chairs is probably one of the most recognizable in the world of interior design. Designed in 1956, the perfectly capture the revolution that Knoll and Saarinen brought together in the décor world. For Saarinen, fluid design and flowing curves followed basic ergonomics. His design philosophy behind the Tulip lineup was simple, clear and well founded. To “clear up the slum of legs in the U.S. home” is what he set out to do. And this is one of the major reasons why the gorgeous Tulip Table still is both relevant and sought-after.

Tulip table in a sleek and contemporary setting

by Sabal Homes

The Saarinen Tulip Dining Table is a natural in modern settings. Its beautiful form brings together both elegance and convenience, as it fits into even the tiniest of nooks effortlessly. So, space-age is the design of the table, that the Tulip table along with the Tulip chairs became a mainstay on the Star Trek Series on television! Stylish, understated and timeless, is seems like a natural in every home it adorns.

A setting that is all about tulips!

by Amy Lau Design

Complete dining set – Tulip chairs along with the table!
Cool kitchen that is all about stylish decor!

by Webber + Studio, Architects

Herman Miller Eames chair along with the Eero Saarinen classic

by Interior Marketing Group

FL/Y pendant and colorful seating surround the Tulip table

by LDa Architecture & Interiors

Modern dining space with a refined look

by Eleven Interiors

Enjoy the view outside over a lovely breakfast

by Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen

Tulip Table’s design allows you to use the available space to hilt

by Archisesto

Blending In With Every Style

It is ironic that Saarinen did not find as much critical acclaim for his designs in his time, as he does today. Like in the case of any creative genius, his work was way ahead of his times. One of the main criticisms of Saarinen’s designs during the 50s was that they had no distinct identifiable style. Yet, that is the very feature of the Tulip table that has made it such a cherished possession even five decades down the line! The Tulip dining table simply blends in with any style that you wish to weave around it.

Neutral interiors embrace the Tulip table gleefully

by Sage Builders

Bright orange pendant adds color to the setting

by Paul Rice Architecture

Colorful chairs combined with white marble top Tulip Table

by Feldman Architecture

Add sleek and minimalist chairs and you instantly have a modern dining set. Combine it with more eclectic elements and you create a wonderful focal point in a vivid room. Set it in a Scandinavian-styled home and it seems like an absolute natural in there. It is this ease and innate adaptability that has made seen the Tulip line of design win over several generations of design aficionados.

Moooi Random Light above the Tulip table

by Texas Construction Company

Saarinen Executive chair along with the Tulip Dining Table

by Ana Donohue Interiors

Simple and savvy dining space in New York Apartment

by Studio ST Architects

Stylish pendant lighting for the Tulip Table

by oomph design

The classic Tulip Dining Table Set with red accents

by Hammer Architects

Vintage Italian dining chairs combined with Saarinen Tulip Table

by a+b kasha designs

Form Firmly Follows Function

One of the greatest minds in human history, Leonardo Da Vinci professed, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” That is the probably the best way to describe the Saarinen designs. Much like the iconic and comfy Womb Chair, the Tulip table is all about keeping things uncomplicated and easy on the eyes. The tables pedestal exudes balance, poise and grace. By eliminating the need for the conventional four-legged design, the table clears up plenty of leg room. This also helps give a small space an airy and open appeal. The oval versions of the classic Tulip table further add a unique geometric variation to the otherwise monotonous and sterile world of simple straight lines.

Design a lovely dining booth in your own home using the Tulip Table

by Risinger Homes

Create a breakfast nook pretty much anywhere with the Tulip Table
Apple green brings in some natural freshness

by David Churchill

Currently produced by Knoll, the Tulip table with marble countertop is a furnishing that is well worth saving up for. While other décor giants have tried to capture the spirit of the Tulip table with sterile imitations, there is nothing quite like the real thing. Adding one to your home barely requires any substantial square footage. The result though is an instant enlivening of the home thanks to an enduring masterpiece.

Dining area accentuated using a colorful rug

by Elemental Design

Touch of Scandinavian charm surrounds the Tulip Table

by Dufner Heighes

Vitra New Panton chairs in white provide the Tulip table some company

by Toc Toc Toc… Entrez!

Open dining area with a wonderful view

by Laidlaw Schultz Architects

Saarinen Tulip Dining Table fits in pretty much anywhere!

by TAS Construction

Iconic Togo Sofa and the Tulip Table come together!

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