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Steam Showers For Some Home Spa-Like Luxury!

Why take the long trip to a busy spa on a weekend when you can bring the spa home? Modern interiors are all about customized features and cool additions that add comfort and class to your lifestyle. A spa-like bathroom at home is the perfect way to bring the opulence home, and incorporating a steam shower is the perfect start. Contemporary steam showers have come a long way in the last few decades, and the modern models bring a multitude of options that can be controlled with the simple touch of a button.

Invite home the opulence of a luxurious spa with steam showers

by Candice Olson

A steam shower is probably the perfect way to relax, replenish and rejuvenate after a really long and hard day’s work. Here are a few fabulous inspirations that will beckon you to bring home the magical healing properties of steam! It’s a temptation that is hard to resist…

Colorful koi mosaic floor and the candles create a truly stunning steam shower

by Gaskin Designs

Dark walls give the steam shower clad in Calcutta Gold tiles more visual impact

by Michael Abrams Limited

Enjoy your favorite show while the steam eases your woes away!

by Garfield Tile Outlet

Glass steam shower enclosures work well even in small space

by SPACE Architects + Planners

Custom steam shower idea with a sitting bench
Master bathroom with a spacious steam shower area

by Carriage House Design

Soothing color palette perfect for a home spa

by Sun West Custom Homes

Smart Use of Space

Luxurious steam showers, saunas and home Jacuzzis are not just for bathrooms that have plenty of space on offer. Even the moderately small ones can incorporate the steam shower with ease. One of the easiest ways to add a steam shower to the small bathroom is by utilizing that forgotten corner space. Just create an elegant enclosure in the corner using glass doors for the steam shower and make use of the remainder of space by incorporating a lovely bathtub and a floating vanity with sink.

An ottoman adds more luxury and comfort to your bathroom with steam shower

by Paxton Lockwood

Traditional master bath with a steam shower

by In Detail Interiors

Glass steam shower enclosures bring a unique textural element to the contemporary bathroom. The transparent nature of glass also gives the compact bathroom an open and airy appeal. Combine this with a simple shower bench and you have a minimal design that blends form and function in an effortless manner.

Floor tiles clearly steal the show here!

by Laura U

Stacked stone steam shower looks classy and elegant

by Dallas Renovation Group

Corner steam showers save up on space

by Charco Design & Build

Add a transom window to let out the excess steam whenever needed

by Kingston Design Remodeling

Use the corner space in the bathroom to add a relaxing steam shower

by Buckner Construction

The Compact Cabin Look!

Designing and constructing a steam shower is one task in the house that is best left to the experts. If sitting through endless choices that involve tiles, steam generators and design styles is not your cup of tea, it is best to buy a steam shower cabin that does away with all the hassles. Many of these pre-fabricated units come with an array of luxurious options and are easy to install. Cleaning and maintaining these showers is also far easier, and for the busy urbanite who has little time to spare, these enclosures are the ideal option.

Ravishing red steam shower cabin brings the interior alive!
Keeping it simple and minimal

Steam showers are quickly gaining popularity not just because of the cool additional features they bring home, but also because of the ease of installation. While traditional steam shower rooms need to be built from scratch, these contemporary cabins ensure that your latest bathroom renovation is quick, easy and exquisite.

Two person Ariel steam shower

Steam shower enclosures are available in various shapes, sizes and styles and bring along with them some amazing features. For instance, the Ariel DZ972F8 Platinum Steam Shower showcased above delivers body massage jets, acupuncture massage and a dual rainfall ceiling along with a spa-styled aromatherapy. And going by the collection of amazing steam shower cabins at Westside Wholesale, that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Contemporary steam bath in a minimal setting

by PlumbersCrib

Compact steam shower design idea

by USI Design & Remodeling

Soothing Style and Relaxed Ambiance

While modern steam showers are pretty easy to handle, adding a steam shower to your existing bathroom takes a bit of planning and care. One of the first elements to explore is the use of tiles in your shower space. Since hot steam is far more invasive than water, make sure the tiling that you have in your bathroom is right. Apart from the tiles, also pay attention to what lies behind those walls. The best steam showers need top-notch insulation and waterproofing. Better insulation not only helps in warming up the shower space quickly, it also helps reduce those soaring energy bills.

Rustic wooden bench inside the steam shower stands out in the modern bathroom

by Thea home

Cozy seating inside the steam shower!

by Lori Dennis

Home gym is another place where the steam bath comes in handy!

by Hamilton-Gray Design

Using small tiles is another design tip that will help in making your steam shower far more efficient. Smaller tiles exert less pressure on joints, and this makes them an ideal choice in a shower where heat and moisture cause constant expansion and contraction of tiles. Couple this with an appropriate steam generator, lighting and ventilation, and you have the perfect steam shower for your dream bathroom!

Steam showers go beyond the mere obvious advantages like relaxing those stiff muscles after a long day. They also offer plenty of health benefits that range from better blood circulation in the body to increased metabolism and weight loss. So, why not treat yourself to a replenishing soak right at home?

Modern steam bath installation in a Victorian style bathroom

by Siemasko + Verbridge

Steam shower enclosure seems like a room within a room

by Garret Cord Werner

Gorgeous bathroom with an all-white look

by M.S. Architecture

Stylish custom steam shower in the bathroom

by Centennial Renovation Studio

Make sure you get the right tiles for your steam shower

by The Sky is the Limit Design

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