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Timeless Sculptural Decor Inspirations By Isamu Noguchi

Isamu Noguchi is not a name that is as popular among the casual decor lovers as some of the others like Eero Saarinen and Geroge Nelson. But the Noguchi Table rings a bell with pretty much everyone. Even those who might not be familiar with the name of this chic and stylish coffee table will instantly recognize this familiar piece of furniture. Designer of arguably the most popular coffee table on the planet today, Isamu Noguchi was a master sculptor who brought flair and flowing form to modern decor.

Contemporary black and white living room with fresh yellow accents

by Atmosphere Interior Design

Noguchi was a Japanese-American sculptor who worked with a variety of different materials and styles to create decor that was truly inimitable. His work extended well beyond furnishings as he produced some amazing landscape designs and critically acclaimed installations like the large sculpture ‘News’ for the Associated Press in the Rockefeller Center.

Ingenious and timeless, here is a look at few of his brilliant light sculptures along with the Cyclone Dining Table and the Noguchi Coffee Table. Enjoy the inspiration…

Exquisite living room with a large grey sectional sofa

by Room & Board

Noguchi floor lamp becomes a part of the art installation
Akari table lamp sits quietly in the backdrop
Beautiful Noguchi floor lamp doubles as a sculptural addition

by Allen Associates

Living room with twin JJ armchairs and the Noguchi table

by Garret Cord Werner

Dining room of a stylish modern loft with the Cyclone Table
Classy living room has an organic vibe about it

by Charlie Simmons

Iconic Noguchi Coffee Table

It is hard to be an interior design aficionado and not notice the Noguchi coffee table. The table has a smart and sleek form and yet seems to add geometric contrast to a room thanks to its curvy look. Two simple and smoothly shaped interlocking pieces of wood form the base of this trendy coffee table that comes with a glass top. Its angular design ensures that it fits in snugly even in the tight corners and works beautifully with sectional sofas as well. Versatility comes naturally to the Noguchi coffee table!

A closer look at the Herman Miller Noguchi Table
Brilliant Noguchi table and Akari light sculpture in the same room
A meeting of mid-century modern decor icons!

by Design Within Reach

You will be surprised to see how well this coffee table works with pretty much any theme you have going around your house. From the modern to the eclectic and from the classic to the minimal, the Noguchi table seems to blend in effortlessly with any design style one can think of. That probably is the single most important reason for its universal popularity.

Combination of the Egg chair and Noguchi table makes for a cozy reading nook!

by Alterstudio

Noguchi table steals the show in this large living room

by Genesis Architecture

Sleek and curvy Noguchi table adds sculptural value to the setting

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Combine the stylish coffee table with a cool sectional sofa
Noguchi tabled paired with the fabulous Nelson pendant lights

by Dijeau Poage Construction

The elegant coffee table works with pretty much any design style

by Synthesis Design

Cyclone Dining and Side Tables

The Cyclone dining and side tables started their journey as rocking stools that were initially created to complement the Bertoia wire chair. But Hans Knoll soon asked Noguchi to use the idea and craft a table with a similar wire base. The Cyclone dining table sports a very interesting design with a base that seems pretty similar to the Tulip design of Saarinen. It features chrome-plated steel wires set into a cast-iron, which sure save up on precious space. An ideal fit for small kitchen and dining areas, the table is available in a white and black laminate finishes.

Cyclone Dining table designed by Isamu Noguchi

by Leicht Küchen AG

Knoll Cyclone Dining Table in a stylish urban loft

by Vastu

Ergonomic dining table also saves up on precious leg space

Despite the widely popular coffee table and oft-imitate lineup of minimal lamps, Noguchi is best remembered as a pioneering sculptor and landscape artist. Yet you can bring home some of his genius with these fabulous furnishings that instantly elevate the appeal of any interior. Adding undeniable elegance and understated charm to any room, Isamu Noguchi’s creations are all about sculptural brilliance!

Transitional living room showcases the Cyclone Side Table

by Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Simplicity of the Noguchi Cyclone Table allows it to be used even in small spaces
Versatile Cyclone Dining Table in an eclectic setting

by BiglarKinyan Design Partnership

Tulip chairs coupled with the Cyclone Table in the dining area

by Sarah Greenman

Cyclone Dining table in a minimalist kitchen

Inimitable Akari Light Sculptures

New York Times famously remarked about home the design and sculptures of Noguchi were all about “bridging East and West” and nothing showcases this better than the Akari Light Sculptures. Inspired by the lanterns made in Gifu, Japan, Noguchi crafted this remarkable lineup of lights using washi paper and bamboo. All the original Akari lamps produced today use the same technique that was employed by Noguchi way back in 1951. The oriental influence on the design of these multifaceted lamps is obvious as each one exudes a minimal and organic look.

Cozy living room design with warm lighting
Gorgeous Noguchi’s Akari series table lamps in the bedroom

by Kristen Rivoli Interior Design

Noguchi BB1-30XN Table Lamp ushers in understated lamp

Coming in various shapes, sizes, styles and hues, there is plenty of choice on offer when it comes to picking an Akari Light. You can choose between the grand ceiling lamps, the beautiful table lamps and the vivacious floor lamps and pick one that fits your own needs the best. Just make sure though that you pick up an original from the Noguchi Museum Shop, as there is no dearth of cheap counterfeits in the market.

Noguchi pendant seems perfectly at home even in a spaceship-styled bedroom
The towering Model UF4-L10 Noguchi lamp in the living room

by Philpotts Interiors

Iconic Noguchi creation along with the Eames Lounger

by Peterssen/Keller Architecture

Giant Akari ceiling light in the dining room
Akari UF1-XN by Noguchi used as bedside lighting
Experiment with the wide range of lights from Isamu Noguchi

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