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5 Awesome Kitchen Styles With Modern Flair

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Picking the right style for the kitchen can be a challenging task even for the best of design experts at times. Designing a perfect kitchen is all about bringing together form and function in an effortless and almost organic manner. This is obviously easier said than done!

That’s precisely why we have decided to help you out by taking a closer look at five popular and trendy kitchen styles that seem like perennial favorites among both homeowners and designers alike. Since most modern homes seem to be adopting an open floor plan, a kitchen style that goes hand-in-hand with the remainder of the house is often a must.

Transitional kitchen that looks simply stunning with clear pendant lights that make a statement

by Urrutia Design

While there are other cool kitchen styles, we have limited ourselves today to those that fit in with the design scheme of most contemporary homes. So, if you are upset about the omission of the likes of rustic and cottage kitchen styles, then do not fret too much. That is fabulous collection reserved for another day down the line!

For now, flip through these amazing and inspirational kitchens that range from the contemporary to the eclectic before deciding on the style that is most appealing to you.

The kitchen is indeed the heart and soul of your house; a driving force and a gathering spot that brings the family together. And it may be time to rethink the style and theme that you have adopted for your own kitchen. Check out the five trendiest kitchen styles of the year before making that all-important decision.

The Crisp Contemporary Look

The discussion about style is often a controversial and touchy subject even among the best interior designers on the planet. While some are obvious and distinct, others have blurred boundaries and a multitude of individual elements borrowed from other styles. At times, we tend to recognize style by the visual in front of us rather than sticking strictly to the conventional definitions. Contemporary kitchens seem to be similar in nature. They are epitomized by the use of high-end appliances and a design that seems both assertive and ahead of its time.

Grey in the kitchen is one of the hottest color trends of the year

by Jules Art of Living

Marble on the kitchen island can change the look of the entire room. If you’re on a tighter budget, a marbelizing spray from Krylon can give you the effect on your plain counters.

by Marvin Jensen

Sophisticated kitchen with warm lighting and round, modern stools

by Mal Corboy Design and Cabinets

Contemporary kitchens can borrow individual elements from eclectic, modern and even retro kitchens. Yet, it is the distinct urbane vibe of the space that truly makes it contemporary. Expansive backdrops, intricate ceilings, the best bar and counter stools and brilliant lighting combine to give the kitchen a beautiful contemporary vibe.

Sizzling contemporary kitchen with a sleek design

by Tutto Interiors

Waterfall caesarstone countertop complements the wooden flooring perfectly

by Fiorella Design

Tiny kitchen idea for an urbane micro-apartment

by Allen+Killcoyne Architects

One of the important features of these kitchens is the style of the cabinets used. The cabinet doors are sleek, often sport a layer of shiny lacquered finish and tend to feature handles that disappear into the doors with ease. There is no ornate framing or presence of raised-panels and mixed door style that is seen in other kitchens.

Elegant kitchen in grey and white

by Positive Space Staging and Design

Contemporary kitchens can also assume a colorful look

by Susan Overton

Beautiful Sebastian Bar stools at the kitchen island
Open plan contemporary kitchen looks stunning

by Impala Kitchens and Bathrooms

Audacious contemporary kitchen in white and blue

by Jeri Koegel Photography

A Pinch of Traditional Charm

There is still plenty of room for the traditional kitchen in the modern home. In fact, most designers say that it is the most preferred look in homes across the US. The traditional kitchen comes with plenty of perks and wide variety of options that allows you to individualize the space with ease. Apart from the wide array of colors and finishes, it is the cabinetry and the intricate architectural elements that really steal the show here. Lovely arches, beautiful windows, expansive inlays and ornate lighting are an integral part of the traditional kitchen.

A shelf in the kitchen island for your cookbooks

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

An all-white traditional kitchen with subtle hints of grey

by Pickell Architecture

There is also a plenty of choice when it comes to the counter-top material. You can pick from Calacatta and Statuary marble, various wood finishes and even quartz depending on the usage of the kitchen station and the island. Traditional kitchens are all about attention to detail; from the cabinets and the sink to the dining stools and the windows!

Lovely arch and beautiful windows define this classic kitchen

by Witt Construction

Make the windows an integral part of the traditional kitchen design
Picture-perfect traditional kitchen with a tiled backsplash

by Anna Braund

The banquette plays into the charm of the timeless, dreamy white kitchen

by Harry Braswell

Lighting plays a major role in giving the traditional kitchen its final shape. While proper lighting is key in pretty much every room of the house, traditional kitchens look especially dull and jaded with poor lighting and dark corners. When you have carved patterns, elaborate features, sweeping arches and subtle, yet complex layers, then why not show them off in a grand style? Combine several layers of lighting to get this done in a tasteful manner.

Design of the kitchen cabinets plays an important role in bringing the traditional theme

by Great Spaces!

Classy use of colors borrows from an English Cottage style
Black cabinets look impressive in a traditional setup

by Maxine Schnitzer Photography

High ceiling gives the kitchen an airy appeal

Transitional: Best of Both Worlds!

Think of transitional design as an ideal compromise between the traditional and the contemporary. This unique style is a pleasing blend of both aesthetics and functionality as it draws from the clean and well defined look of contemporary design and the inviting warmth of traditional materials. Most transitional kitchens use soothing neutral shades and organic textures, making them a soothing and tranquil hub. The cabinetry is kept simple, stylish and is often modern its design. If you are a fan of sustainable living and green design, then transitional is a perfect choice for you.

Gorgeous LEM Piston Stools in white at the kitchen island

by Susan Glick Interiors

Add some geometric contrast to the kitchen with X-shaped motif!

by Cornerstone Architects

Keeping things simple and elegant

by CliqStudios Cabinets

When it comes to accessories, transitional kitchen is all about adopting a minimal approach. The one word that defines this entire style perfectly is ‘restrained’. Hold back on splurging too much color and decorate with only things that you absolutely love. While there is plenty of room in this style for introduction of various fuzzy textures, keep the intricate patterns to a bare minimum.

Beautiful transitional kitchen with a hint of semi-minimalism

by peter gill

Light and airy kitchen with an organic vibe

by Camelot Homes

Love the hints of gentle blue in the kitchen

by Cheryl Scrymgeour Designs

Remember though that the thing that separate transitional from contemporary is its cozy and relaxed ambiance. Smart recessed lighting coupled with elegant pendant lights above the kitchen island can get this done with ease. You can tone down the sleek, polished surfaces to move towards a more classic appeal or go in the opposite direction for a semi-minimal vibe.

Metal pendant lights above the kitchen counter stand out thanks to the neutral backdrop

by Studio 212 Interiors

Ergonomic kitchen island design helps in tucking away the bar stools

by TrueLeaf Kitchens

Notice the contrast between the workstation and the kitchen island

by Studio Swann – Custom Kitchens & Baths

White is a popular color choice for the kitchen shelves

by RN Interior Design

Lovely chandeliers light up this Transitional kitchen in Houston

by Parker House

Shiny Industrial Approach

Modern industrial style has seen a revival of sorts in the last few years. With many young homeowners opting to turn their space-conscious lofts into cool bachelor pads, the trendy industrial-styled kitchen is here to stay. There are obviously are plenty of advantages of going in for this daring look. For starters, you will have no trouble in clearly defining what constitutes an industrial kitchen. Exposed brick walls, metallic beams and tubes and wooden surfaces can be effortlessly integrated into this look.

Exquisite kitchen with custom stainless cabinetry

by Emerick Architects

Give your kitchen a truly industrial look

Large metallic pendant lights, giant wooden tables and open cabinets that showcase the glassware are all an integral part of this style. Obviously some of the more brilliant designers have successfully managed to create a fusion between the industrial and the minimal or even the Scandinavian themes! But if you are just getting started, then it is best to stick to the simple basics.

Refreshing green wall used as a room divider

by Egue y seta

Exposed brick wall and steel surfaces usher in the industrial appeal
Innovative kitchen design that brings together the industrial and the Scandinavian styles

by Croma Design

Industrial inspired kitchen with a recycled timber island!

by Capital Building

If you are trying to bring home the industrial kitchen, then think about picking up shiny new stainless steel cabinets that are ideal for this theme. The form of your own apartment or residence is an important part of the industrial style. If you do not live in such a setting, then try not to force this style on as it looks ungainly in a polished, urban environment. Since metal is a natural part of the kitchen, an industrial style is easy to execute and hard to go wrong with.

Fascinating blend of wood, steel and brick!

by Jane Kim Design

Compact kitchen idea for a small apartment

by Martin Hulala

Ochre Arctic Pear Chandelier steals the show here!

by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Sleek kitchen with lovely views outside

by J.A.S. Design-Build

Modern kitchen showcases its industrial roots
Shiny stainless steel cabinets blend in with the industrial theme

by Bennett Frank McCarthy Architects

Inventive Eclectic Brilliance!

So what exactly is eclectic style? There is a popular misconception going around that just lazily throwing random things and colors around constitutes an eclectic look. The truth could not be more far off. Eclectic style is all about expressing yourself without being bound by any existing style. Yes, it involves carefully collecting the most meaningful items in your own life and then bringing them together to make the perfect visual sense. But that is not the same as random and meaningless design. With that in mind, craft your eclectic kitchen by visualizing the end result well ahead.

Bold and appealing use of color
Give your eclectic kitchen a colorful makeover

by Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Create an exceptional and dynamic backdrop for the kitchen!

by Daleet Spector Design

A splash of purple in the kitchen

by Jeff King & Company

You could bring together an array of beautiful colors, lovely textures, brilliant wallpaper patterns and intricate ornaments to fashion and eclectic look of your choice. The theme that you choose can vary from the vintage to specific subjects like your favorite music band or sports memorabilia. Be it a blend of the rustic and the French country or the modern and the oriental, eclectic kitchens tell the world who you truly are!

Decorating idea for a small and narrow kitchen


Make complete use of the vertical space on offer
A hint of retro for your beautiful kitchen

by The Cross Design

Refreshing splurge of yellow brightens the space
Sparkling ceiling makes all the difference here!

by Mina Brinkey

Decorate the kitchen with a few personal touches

Are you ready to give your kitchen a definitive style? Which of these kitchen styles would you adopt in your own home? Let us know your favorite…

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