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70 Bachelor Pad Living Room Ideas

Beautifully decorated bachelor pads often tend to evoke images of slick leather surfaces, stylish gadgets, automated systems and an iPad or two casually lying around. But there are styles beyond the contemporary and the minimal that look equally stunning when done right.

The perception that single guys need not bother with interior design and can continue to live in their untidy floor-stained havens is thankfully outdated! The modern bachelor pad is all about immaculate flair, even as it embraces different themes and hues.

The living room is where it all starts, and in case of most single guys, a couch, a giant TV and a hot pizza delivered to their doorstep is all they need to survive an entire lifetime! Considering the amount of time spent in the living room, it pays to put some effort into decorating it in a smart and aesthetically pleasing fashion.

And here are 70 bachelor pad living room ideas that beautifully blend form and function. While you may choose not to replicate the extravagance or the grandeur of some of these spaces, they sure will inspire you to revamp your own cozy crib.

Floating shelves add an airy appeal to the living room

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

LC4 Chaise Lounge is a wonderful seating option for the bachelor pad

by The Sky is the Limit Design

Leather chairs are a perfect addition to the man cave
Let the living room double up as your entertainment hub
Low coffee tables are a trendy addition to the bachelor pad

by John Maniscalco Architecture

Modern minimalist bachelor pad in dark hues
Open plan living space idea for a bachelor pad

By Elftug

Sleek and minimal bachelor pad in San Francisco

by Nicole Hollis

Living room with a dark and sober look

by Nick Onken

Bachelor pad living room decorating idea
Gorgeous living room in purple and white
Stylish wall art decorating idea for bachelor pad living room

by Robert Granoff

Stunning bachelor pad living room with lovely drapes

by Chipper Hatter Architectural Photographer

Comfort is the Key

Don’t get carried away by all the glossy inspiration you see ever so often while flipping through bachelor pad ideas. While aesthetics are important, try and amalgamate them with ergonomics in a balanced manner. To put it in simpler terms, comfort comes ahead of style! A bachelor pad is primarily your personal refuge where you rest, recuperate and relax after a hard day at work. Never let go of the cozy, snug appeal simply to bring in some eye candy. But comfort does not mean a poorly kept, shabbily decorated living room. Pick out a quality couch to kick start the makeover of your own bachelor pad.

A lovely compromise between a coffee table and a ottoman!
An orb fireplace and bean bag recliner chairs seem like an ideal fit for the bachelor pad

by Ambient Lounge Designer Bean Bags

Do not be afraid to add some plush rugs to the room

by PURE Design

Showcase those zombie posters while you are single and free!

by Suzie Parkinson SÜZA DESIGN

Simple and uncomplicated design idea for a bachelor pad

by Dana Gordon + Roy Gordon Architecture Studio

Large sectional sofas are a great idea for the bachelor pad living room. With friends flocking to the apartment each weekend and sometimes crashing for the night, the sectional also doubles as a plush makeshift bed. If your couch can transform into a bed with ease, even better! Add a stylish coffee table to complete the core of your living room. Since most of us grab a bite in front of the TV, the coffee table is an absolute must indeed.

A plush sofa is an absolute must for a great bachelor pad

by Kerrie L. Kelly

Bachelor pad living room seating arrangement idea

by d2 interieurs

Organic modern bachelor pad in warm hues

by Caitlin & Caitlin Design

Patterned rug and a stone fireplace give this bachelor pad a cozy and classic vibe
Grey and red bachelor pad living room

by Z Gallerie

Add a few bold colors to brighten the room

by Wolf & Wing Interior Design

Pick decor that reflects quality and elegance

by SoCal Contractor

Sectional sofas work well in space-conscious rooms as well

by JD Design

The Eames Lounger is arguably the most frequently used chair in modern bachelor pads!

by Drew Kelly Photography

Light Up Your World!

If you have a room with a view to showcase, turn that view into the focal point of the bachelor pad. Most modern homes are quickly shifting toward designs that bring the outdoors in. Why not adopt a similar style and let the view become the room’s biggest asset? The bachelor pads showcased here present views that vary from the iconic New York City skyline to the distant waves of a vibrant Miami Beach. Even if the view outside your large glass window is simply a quiet little street, let it become a part of your living room.

Keep the decor stylish and plush
Large sectional sofas are perfect for those who have plenty of guests over
Make the couch the focal point of your bachelor pad living space

by Dick Clark + Associates

Masculine living room design for a stylish bachelor pad

by Jarosz Architect

New York bachelor pad offers a wonderful view of the city skyline

by Scheer & Company

Adding a view to the room goes way beyond merely inviting the outdoor sights and sounds indoors. Glass windows usher in plenty of natural light and breathe life into the setting. Combine this natural light with a blend of recessed lighting and some trendy floor lamps, and you have a refreshing and uplifting interior. Lighting is the most essential aspect of decorating any interior. Get it right and half the job is done!

Small bachelor pad decorating idea

by A Good Chick To Know

Utilize the narrow and small room in a smart fashion

by i3 design group

Expansive Miami bachelor pad with amazing ocean views
Fabulous living room with an amazing city skyline view
Arco floor lamp is another trendy addition to the contemporary bachelor pad

by MN Design by Mauricio Nava

Minimalist bachelor pad with unabated ocean views

by Gerstner

Finding a spot to park those wheels!

by Keystone Interiors

Manhattan bachelor pad makes maximum use of available space

by Frances Bailey

Change the accent pillows to alter the color scheme with ease

by FORMA Design

Colors, Accents and Textures

Another misconception is that bachelor pads can only employ certain neutral shades and muted tones to create a slick, masculine look. Most often, it’s either that sparse, sleek vibe or an untidy dorm room-like space, which is perceived as a certificate of authenticity regarding the inhabitant’s single status! The fact remains that neither approach is all that appealing, and if you meet your match at some point and your single life comes to an end, it just might be time to shape up.

While brown, grey, black and white do look great, add some accent colors to enliven the room. If you are not a fan of turquoise or fuchsia, then simple bright reds and smart blues will do just fine.

Loft-like bachelor pad with a vibrant mix of plush textures

by Ted Maines Interiors

Entertainment unit is the heart of every bachelor pad living room

by Neslihan Pekcan/Pebbledesign

White coupled with turquoise gives the bachelor pad a coastal look

by Simply Stunning Spaces by Darcy K.

Bachelor pad living room of a motorcycle enthusiast

by Jason Ball Interiors

Trendy bachelor pad at the Ritz-Carlton Residences in Atlanta

by Robert Brown Interior Design

A plush rug here and a cube ottoman with a chic print there can soften an overtly masculine approach and give the bachelor pad a warmer, more inviting appeal. Exposed brick walls and steel pipes allow you to bring home a distinct industrial look, which is an ideal fit for bachelor pads. Classic furnishings and Mid-Century modern icons like the Eames Lounger add panache and flair while keeping the manly vibe intact.

Cube ottomans help add extra seating space when needed

by Becky Harris

Exposed steel pipes and brick walls usher in the industrial style

by Laura U

Hip bachelor pad with accents of yellow and blue
Sophisticated bachelor pad with pops of bright orange and blue

by Morgan Howarth Photography

Add inimitable personality to the bachelor pad with unique antique pieces

by Benjamin Cottrell

Bachelor pads need not be clad only in neutral hues!

by Allison Jaffe Interior Design

Bachelor pad loft with a very masculine color scheme and furnishings

by Antique Market

Pops of color soften the look of this stylish bachelor pad

by Shirley Meisels

A Room that Reflects YOU!

Want to enjoy a round of pool or poker along with your buddies over the weekend? Why not create a little nook and add some game tables to your living room? That’s one of the charms of the single life, and if you want to invite some friends over for a fun night, a small home bar and a dart board might be the way to go. Expand the horizons of your living room and make it an inviting, engaging space. Any home, bachelor pad or not, should reflect the styles of the people living in it. Don’t become consumed with creating a picture-perfect look.

Add some gaming fun to the living room

by Carol Leães

Bring a hint of playfulness to the living room

by Tracy Murdock Allied

Display your love for cars with unabashed pomp

by HER Designs

Fancy a game of chess?

by Marco Dellatorre

Black drum pendants and wall art add personality to the bachelor pad

by See Construction

Add some unique wall art, a beautiful framed poster of your favorite flick, or decor that reflects your passion for sports or cars. But moderation is the most essential aspect of it all. Single guys sometimes tend to go overboard with their living rooms one way or another. Keep things balanced and eliminate anything unnecessary.

Contemporary grey shades combine effortlessly with rustic decor

by Beyond Beige Interior Design

Fireplace coupled with the entertainment unit

by Jennifer Baines Interiors

Living room with accent wall and matching throw pillows

by inspiration COLOR

Stylish pendant lights add class to the bachelor home

by Elizabeth Reich

Eclectic bachelor pad with cool pops of color

by Holly Marder

If you see a bachelor pad idea you like, but it’s beyond what you think is practical, try to spot the decorating patterns that could work in your own little retreat and use them to your advantage. Join in the design-filled fun, and if you looking for inspiration beyond the living room, head over and check out our 60 Bachelor Pad Bedroom Ideas…

Barcelona Chairs bring style to the cozy bachelor pad


Extend your living space beyond the obvious
Yellow accents coupled with some eclectic wall art

by Susan Corry Design

Industrial chic style bachelor pad

by Mesh Architectures

Beautifully-lit bachelor pad living space

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