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Retro Kitchens That Spice Up Your Home

The popular sentiment in both the fashion and the interior design world is that hot trends and chic patterns ted to repeat themselves in a cyclic fashion. What might seem outdated today could well be popular 20 years down the line once again. While a natural ebb and flow in styles often dictates what is popular, nostalgia also a plays a pivotal role in dictating the direction of what is ‘in’ and hot! Retro is making big splash in recent times as designers are quickly turning towards decor and prints of the past to add color to contemporary spaces.

Retro Designs – Step back in time with panache!

by Country Club Homes

The kitchen is obviously the most popular choice to imbibe a hint of retro charm without disturbing the larger theme of the house. A retro kitchen with a matching dining nook also evokes memories of your favorite diner where you spent endless hours as teen! Cool, fashionable and vivacious, 2014 is the time to get aboard the retro kitchen bandwagon…

The Vintage and the Retro

One of the big questions that often rakes up a heated discussion among both the casual reader and the avid decor aficionado is surrounding what constitutes vintage and what fall under retro. For starters it is important to understand that the line is often blurred and different design experts have varying opinion on the matter. But the general consensus is that any furniture piece that is more than 20 to 30 years old can be considered vintage. On the other hand retro appliances are modern recreations of these past pieces.

Classy kitchen features cool vintage Wedgewood stove from the 50’s and shaker cabinets
Pendant lights add to the theme with lovely pops of orange

by Meredith Ericksen

Stylish retro kitchen uses clean lines with easily interchangeable pops of color

Yet, do not worry too much about strict guidelines when designing a retro kitchen. You can borrow from various elements that fall in different eras ranging from the early 20s to the late 80s. If you are lucky enough to actually find a vintage gas stove or some cool vintage shelves, then you can incorporate them into your retro kitchen with ease. Highlight these special pieces and let them stand out from the crowd using a special color scheme.

Smart use of tile and exposed pipes to create the retro glamor
Elegant cabinets reflect a 1930s bungalow style

by Brunelleschi Construction

Gorgeous Retro kitchen takes you back to simpler times!

by Rick O’Donnell Architect

Vertical lines give the space a sophisticated look

by John Malick & Associates

Lovely use of red, white and pale yellow

by Hammer & Hand

Retro flooring design with unique motif

by Crogan Inlay Floors

A Dash of Bold Color

Think of retro kitchens and inevitably the mind tends to picture those colorful diners from the 60s and the 70s. The distinct style of these two eras is making a bold comeback with both home owners and designers opting to add a few vivid pieces to enliven modern residences that are largely draped in neutral tones. With grey being the hot new neutral color in 2014, tangy splashes of orange and cheerful reds are welcome change from the monotony.

Orange and white is a popular color scheme for retro designs

by Big Chill

Funky bar stools and playful colors add to the cool retro theme

by Knight Architects

A closer look at the vivacious kitchen

If you are not happy with just a touch of color here and there, then a retro design also allows you to go for an over the top look in an extravagant fashion. Throw in few bar stools with Coco-Cola motif, a jukebox from the 70s (even if it is not really working) and even a flickering neon sign to pay fitting homage to your favorite hangout from the past!

Add a bit of red to your kitchen in the New Year

by the ottoman empire

Kitchen of 1930s family home with a splash of color

by Louise de Miranda

Delve into some nostalgic memories with retro designs and vintage decor

by A. Dodson’s

50s Retro Freezer is quickly becoming a popular addition even in modern kitchens
Beautiful blue and turquoise are perfect choices for a retro kitchen with modern overtones

by Jeff Jones Snap It Photography

Classic Designs with a Modern Twist

If you are not comfortable with a dedicated retro theme but fancy adding one or two special pieces like a ravishing retro-styled Smeg refrigerator, then opt for a modern kitchen with a matching color scheme. There are many design experts who believe that the modern art-deco style is also inherently vintage, as the post-depression 1930s saw the advent of glossy surfaces and delightful curves. You can add a touch of retro to those streamlined kitchens to fashion a remarkably tasteful, yet playful kitchen.

70s inspired kitchen in attractive apple green

by Applegate Tran Interiors

Vintage design meets cottage-chic style

by Sarah Phipps Design

Retro colors and design combined with modern ergonomics

by Wren Living

Retro kitchens often mean different things to different people. For those who saw the 50s, a cottage-chic kitchen with shaker cabinets and cozy colors might be the perfect choice. For others, a modern kitchen with glossy surfaces and retro elements that pay tribute to the 70s and 80s is the way to go. Even for the younger lot, a retro kitchen might seem like the perfect way to bring back Kelso and Jackie from the “That ’70s Show”! Are you ready to go retro?

A splash of Mid-Century Modern charm
Kitchen cart becomes an instant and convenient focal point
Streamline and polished art deco designs were popular even in the 30s

by Mal Corboy Design and Cabinets

Diner style kitchen with trendy breakfast nook

by Mercury Mosaics and Tile

Usher in a modern retro style with chinaware additions

by Bradshaw Designs

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