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Chic & Sheik: A His and Hers Lifestyle Home

They say the wedding day is a day primarily focused and inspired by the bride. But the moment the groom walks his wife over the threshold, she and he become they.

his and hers lifestyle

Perhaps from even the curbside appeal, faux shutters and patio, all will be a representation of they. But it’s refreshing to see that over the threshold lays a home that unites their style: A collaborative effort that welcomes both tastes. The moment you ordered those monogrammed invitations you had to know that this design inspiration moment was imminent. Living together is now more than two families marrying each other, it’s a marriage of artistic endeavors. Cohesive and creative, here are a few areas of the home where you can surround yourself in a beautifully contradicting atmosphere that portrays personalities, similarities and perhaps not so similarities.

His & Her Office

Snow days are near and for some have already filled the calendar. What better way to stay active and productive than to have a home office?! Why convert both guest rooms into a work zone when a His & Her office could be a fun way to integrate dynamics that are missing from your corporate world? Take a look at these Chic & Sheik models before you shake your head no.

His and Hers office space

by Catalina Estrada

his and hers home office

via Scheer & Company

traditional home office for him and her

by Elizabeth Gordon

his and hers rounded home office

Courtesy of Murphy & Co. Design / Photo by Susan Gilmore

His & Her Bathroom

While this is becoming a standard feature on house hunters’ lists, it is something that’s often a work in progress. Sometimes a bathroom with more square footage is viewed as a space with potential, and so adjustments or improvisations are made.

Keep in mind, as with every His & Her goal in your designing and renovating, take time to sit down with your significant other and plan out what you envision. Think of both practical purposes and how you can establish a seemingly effortless simpatico transition between Chic and Sheik. (Oh who am I kidding! You’re just waiting for me to form a mash-up moniker. So Cheik it is!)

modern his and hers bathroom

by Saint Dizier Design

contemporary his and hers bathroom

by Charles Cunniffe Architects Aspen / Photo by Derek Skalko

Refine rough edges, deepen feminine tones, and just as Cheik emerges from two words, look for unique ways to converge notions. Ask if you want to replicate a Venn diagram concept where ideas overlap, or if you want distinct personal bubbles amidst a neutral background. Not only will these strategies present a stunning look, it will be original. It will be something that you can call your own. Made from your minds and put into motion.

his hers bathroom with traditional design

by Robeson Design / Photos by David Hartig

ultra contemporary bathroom for him and her

by Drury Design

fancy traditional his and hers bathroom

by Walker Homes LTD / Photo by Greg Gropenhof

traditional his and hers bathroom

by Cabinets a& Designs / Photography by Wood-Mode

His & Her Kitchen

He likes to cook she burns water. He only grills she makes salads. They’re both culinary wizards or take out is the only thing that’s in the fridge. Cooking, baking and grilling are three different chapters to the same book; some will excel while others find microwave settings a challenge. From the knife position to counter height and the oven model, all of these components should play to an individual’s strengths so mealtime and hosting can be more efficient and enjoyable. Whatever you do, please always leave room for the dishwasher!

his and hers kitchen island

by valerie pasquiou interiors + design

his and hers breakfast nook

Thank you Anne Manglerud

his and hers kitchen

Electrolux Inspiration

white traditional his and hers kitchen

by Jane Kelly, Designer for Airoom LLC

contemporary his and hers kitchen design

by Kendle Design Collaborative / Winquist Photagraphy

contemporary his and hers kitchen

by mathis-ewing architecture

What does your house say about you? Are you Chic, or are you Sheik?

Momina Khan
From a very early age Momina Khan discovered her passion and talent for rearranging furniture and indulging herself with interior design. Over the years this passion has only intensified as well as her education and calling in creative writing. As a writer Momina finds Decoist a perfect environment to creating art with words on the art of DIY d[...]

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