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Cool Boys Room Paint Ideas For Colorful And Brilliant Interiors

Designing a boy’s room is not a task for the faint of heart! It takes plenty of haggling, some smart compromises and a few creative ideas to reach a compromise that is agreeable to both the adults and the kids. Yet there are a few simple ways in which you can design and decorate a boy’s bedroom without going overboard on the budget. Paint not only enables you to alter the look of a room almost instantly, it does so in a cost-effective manner. As the popular adage goes, when in doubt, simply paint it!

Star wars-themed boy’s bedroom with hand-painted murals

But a beautiful color palette is not just about designing on a budget. It brings a child’s room to life while giving you the flexibility to change between styles and color schemes without too much hassle. While the theme of a boy’s room obviously determines the paint choices you make, you can always add an element of surprise with a splash of an exotic shade. These boy’s room paint ideas show you how to get the job done with flair…

Hint of creativity and plenty of paint transform this small kids’ bedroom

by JAC Interiors

Chalkboard paint used to add a stylish black accent wall to the teen bedroom

by INVIEW Interior Design

Red accent wall makes an interesting addition to this kids’ bedroom
Refined teen bedroom with a splash of orange

by McCroskey Interiors

White slat board used around the room complements the classy walls perfectly

by Benning Design Associates

Cool contemporary boy’s bedroom in grey and white
Splatter painted ceiling in three different colors enlivens this boy’s bedroom

by Laura U

Trendy teen room with uber-cool dark walls

by Sally Wheat Interiors

Stripes of Sophistication

Using paint to decorate the kids’ room has plenty of advantages that go beyond the obvious. While the fabulous array of colors and the many hues help in creating a lovely, vibrant setting, the true charm of paint is showcased when you create a change in color scheme. While keeping the walls white and adding colorful decor is attractive, it will not be too long before your kids grow out of the current color phase! Instead, use paint to usher in the color of the season, and you can switch over to a different shade at any time in the future with little fuss.

Blue, brown, gray-green and tan stripes sure look amazing

by Jute Interior Design

Horizontal stripes help create a more cozy setting

by turnstyle / giggle-room

Red and white stripes on the wall usher in a playful vibe

‘Stripes’ is the hottest paint trend of the season for boys’ bedrooms. A simple accent wall in a striped pattern adds refined elegance and trendy sophistication to the room. Most of these striped patterns work well for kids across various age groups and look ultra-cool even in hip teen rooms.

Use unique paint combinations to create a distinct room

by i3 design group

Walls that showcase a love for stars and stripes!
Colors that bring in the clean coastal look

by The Shabby Nest

Sitting area in the boys’ bedroom stands out thanks to the red and white stripes

by Heartwood Corp

Stem green by Benjamin Moore combined with blue and white stripes

by Mary Prince

A simple orange stripe makes a world of difference!

The Classic Blue and White

Blue is a color that you simply cannot go wrong with when it comes to painting a boy’s bedroom. The various shades of blue fit in well with themes that range from the classic nautical style to the patriotic stars and stripes. You can use gentler hues of blue along with white to create a breezy coastal interior. Add a few corals and maybe a surfboard or two and you are all set with a boy’s bedroom that has a distinct look.

Blue and white is a popular color combination for the boys’ bedroom
Bold blue on the walls gives the room a cozy ambiance
Paint allows you to transform your kids’ bedroom into a stylish room for the teen

by Sarah Barnard Design

The many shades of blue give you great flexibility while choosing the paint shade, and you can even use it to create a classy teen bedroom that can easily double as an adult retreat. Blue is often combined with white and red, but it also goes well with other bright shades like orange and yellow. While blue boys’ bedrooms are pretty popular, think out of the box and improvise with accessories to design a truly unique space that reflects your child’s personality.

Keeping the color scheme simple and elegant
Pirate-themed bedroom with a fabulous painted ceiling

by Trade Mart Interiors

Boy’s bedroom with smart peacock blue accent wall

by Imagine Living

Accent wall adds color to the teen bedroom without visually fragmenting the space

by Increation

A relaxed and stylish teen bedroom
Painted ceiling accentuates the red, white and blue color scheme of the room

by William T Baker

Give Wings to your Kids’ Dreams!

Use paint to add those intricate extra touches to the boys’ bedroom–it’s details like these that make a room special and ‘one of a kind’. Creative wall painting and ingenious wall murals are a great way to usher in a theme and accentuate it with style and finesse. Paint those cabinets green and add a giant scoreboard mural on the wall to bring in a baseball theme. You can even use the colors of your child’s favorite football or basketball team to create an inspirational space that he will instantly fall in love with. It is all about being resourceful and imaginative!

Bright paint need not be relegated to the walls!

by Guided Home Design

Custom hand-painted mural turns this bedroom into a fun space

by Sue Firestone

Fabulous boy’s bedroom is all about the brilliant paint job!

by TRG Architects

Orange and blue bedroom for the sports fanatic!
Striped blue and white walls brings sophistication to the room
Contemporary boys’ bedroom features an elegant color scheme
Tennis ball green combined with chocolate makes a dashing color palette

by Diva Interior Concepts

Maximizing the Small Bedroom

While painting a room is indeed mostly about aesthetics, there are many functional advantages as well. A clever paint job in a small bedroom can make it seem visually a lot larger than it really is. With most urban homes featuring compact rooms, it is a good idea to paint a child’s bedroom in a color scheme that reduces visual fragmentation of the space. In small boys’ rooms, it is best to not use more than three colors. If you are painting a teen bedroom that is tiny, then opt for cool, neutral tones like grey and combine them with deftly placed accent colors.

Andy Warhol-style painting for the kids’ room

by Perceptions Interiors by J. Allen

Drapery and bedding fabric add to the elegant color scheme of a boy’s bedroom
Small child’s bedroom painted in lime green

The color scheme that you select for a boy’s bedroom must be a combination of form and function. Get the kids involved in the process of picking the shades that will surround them in their personal haven. You will often be surprised with the amazing input that they bring to the table! The best way forward is to keep things simple, uncluttered and uncomplicated.

Modern teenage boy’s room in trendy muted grey

by Cathy Morehead

Black and red teen bedroom with an industrial edgy style!

by Cynthia Prizant – Prizant Design

Grey is currently one of the hottest colors of interior design
Chalkboard wall is a fun addition to a child’s bedroom

by Cary Bernstein Architect

Stylish teenage boy’s bedroom clad in brown and cream

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