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Nautical Decor Ideas: From Ship Wheels To Starfish!

The cool nautical style is one of the most popular themes currently adored. The joy of choosing the theme lies in its inherent simplicity and an ability to adapt to pretty much any setting. While some people the subtle nautical tones combined with a sleek contemporary look, others opt for a more classical version of theme. Another advantage with the nautical styles is in the colors that it employs. Navy blue, red and white is an incredibly popular color combination across the design spectrum. It is only natural that they look stunning when carefully splashed around your interior.

Ship wheel above the fireplace becomes an instant focal point

Yet, it takes a lot more than stripes and shades to create the perfect nautical vibe. Accessories and décor play a pivotal role in anchoring and accentuating the theme. We already browsed through some stunning sailboat and surfboard décor inspirations earlier, that had us floored. Now it is the time to turn our attention towards ship wheels, maps, mirrors, ropes and a whole lot more.

Branched coral placed on a mirror looks stunning!

by Darci Goodman Design

Custom compass rug design adds nautical touches in an exclusive fashion

by Anthony Baratta

Giant starfish steals the show in this modern coastal kitchen

by Town & Country Kitchen and Bath

Roman blinds in white with blue trim make fora refreshing visual

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Throw pillows with anchor motif are an easy way to add bold nautical touches

by Design Results

Using rope to add the breezy coastal vibe

by Kate Jackson Design

Framed seahorse print accentuates the nautical theme with elegance

by amanda nisbet

Cool tropical freshness added to the nautical theme

by Hussein Rady Design

Decorative fish and mounted oars combine with the navy blues beautifully

by Marcelo Brito & Pedro Potaris

Steer in the Nautical with Ship Wheels

Ship wheels have always been an essential part of the nautical theme. Most modern homes bring in the ship wheel with throw pillows and accent fabrics that bring in the motif. But there is nothing quite like the real deal! Consider yourself lucky if you actually have a vintage ship’s wheel to decorate your home with. Even otherwise, those crafted for decorative purposes look equally compelling. Just place one neatly above the fireplace and you will immediately notice the kind of visual impact it has. Make sure though that you keep the space around it clean, uncluttered and airy.

Twin ship wheels add symmetry and balance to the living room

by Becky Harris

Striped pattern and a throw pillow with ship wheel motif usher in the maritime vibe

by RGN Construction

Stylish boys’ nursery with nautical theme

by Jennifer Reynolds Interior

While using ship wheels, you do not want to go overboard by cramping in too much next to them. This also falls perfectly in line with the modern minimalistic approach. Set them against a lovely white wall to create an instant focal point in the living room or the bedroom. If you do not fancy a ship wheel, then a lifesaver is an equally easy and geometrically contrasting wall mount.

Buoys make simple and stylish nautical decor

by Tara Bussema

Eclectic living room with exposed brick wall and a large ship wheel!

by Landing Design & Development

The ship wheel decorative works with other design styles as well

by Christian Rice Architects

Captain’s chairs and the ship wheel are a natural combination!

by Thorson Restoration & Construction

Want a ride aboard the USS Bella?

by Bella Home Builders Inc

Tiny decorative ship wheel on the wall combines well with the minimalistic nautical look

by Random House

Maps, Mirrors and More!

There are plenty of little things you can do to add the nautical theme in a subtle fashion without going overboard. A fusion between the relaxed coastal style and the nautical looks works brilliantly with a few starfish added to the setting. Mirrors also present another interesting opportunity to add that little bit extra. Lovely rounded mirrors with marine-styled framing are hard to miss. They are not all that expensive compared to the normal mirrors that you might add otherwise. But make sure you do not overwhelm a single room with too many elements.

Boys’ bedroom with twin beds and a nautical theme

by Michelle Hinckley

You could look into these mirrors hoping to see waves on the other side!

by Bonin Architects & Associates

Rope, mirrors and oars – All play a pivotal role in bringing the nautical appeal

by William T Baker

Large map murals and wallpapers are great for kids’ bedrooms that sport a nautical look. Of course, there is the added benefit of them learning a bit of geography thanks to the giant maps. Framed nautical maps look far more classy and refined and are appropriate for adult bedrooms and the living room. A hint of rope next to the stairs and a wall-mounted oar seem apt for those willing to go with rustic cottage-styled theme.

Add the right colors along with the map murals and wallpaper to attain the nautical look

by Gloss NY

Great way to use the rope along with pristine white curtains

by Joel Snayd

Smartly placed mirror completes this boys’ bedroom with twin sailboat beds


Maps have always been an integral part of the nautical theme

by Melanie Morris Design

Colorful boys’ bedroom uses with ship wheel on the headboard of the bed!

by Trade Mart Interiors

Conch shells and starfish add a subtle nautical touch to this living room

by Liz Williams Interiors

Balance of Colors for Contemporary Style

It goes unsaid that it is the color scheme of the room that first defines its nautical flavor rather than the décor alone. There is no point putting up a ship wheel or a sailboat when you do not have the right color scheme. Blue and white are not the only choices on offer and one can mix various hues and shades to alter the look of the room. Most nautical accessories simply highlight the theme and rarely are the sole reason for it. Ensure that these small elements are placed neatly to create a fresh, light and modern nautical vibe.

Casual nautical look combined with a fresh Mediterranean style!

by Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Wall decor create a sophisticated beachy atmosphere indoors

by b+g design

Neatly mounted oars on the wall make a colorful addition to the room

by Weber Design Group

Nautical theme is a perennial favorite and seems to never go out of style. With designers and home owners improvising to add their own subtle little variations, it is not hard to find inspiring ideas that fit your own home best. Whether it is that old fishing float or a carefully crafted ship wheel replica, nautical décor brings along with it freshness, joy and the indomitable spirit of the sea!

Vintage life saver and a fishing float hang do the trick here

by Landing Design & Development

Modern living room showcases a breezy coastal style

by Corine Maggio Natural Designs

Lifesaver brings in the nautical theme with simplicity

by gogo gulgun selcuk

Hard to miss the theme and style in this fun kids’ bedroom

by Halo Home Staging and Design

Beautiful wooden canoe finds an interesting spot in the bedroom

by Patrick Sutton Associates

Ship wheels are easy to incorporate in pretty much any setting

by Peggy Berk – Area Aesthetics Interior Design

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