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30 Cool And Contemporary Boys Bedroom Ideas In Blue

Just like pink is the ‘go-to’ color for girls’ bedroom designs, it is becoming more and more clear with each passing day that blue is the shade for boys. What is fascinating to ponder over is the fact that there was a time at the start of the last century when blue was considered the more feminine color while light pink was supposed to work well for bedrooms of baby boys! Changing times and color trends have seen a shift in the spectrum and ‘cool blue’ is indeed the bold and masculine color of the times.

Exquisite and bold boys’ bedroom in navy blue

by Imagine Living

There are various little ways in which you can bring in the blue theme and with the varying shades of blue offering many alternatives; this is one of the easiest themes to pull off. From the contemporary to the nautical, from cool casual to custom-crafted style, the range of choices is as wide as the sapphire sky! Delve to find some lovely inspirations that will get you started.

Fabulous Boys’ bedrooms in blue and white perfect for a teenage kid
Gorgeous and modern boys bedroom with beautiful blue accents
Navy blue and white make a rich, refined and bold combination for the kids’ room

by Amanda Nisbet

Sleek and ergonomic boys’ bedroom that incorporates several blue hues
Sophisticated and relaxing boys’ bedroom with shades of minimalism
Stunning and stylish teenage boys’ bedroom design idea in blue

by Franco Geraci

Black and white pattern seems to blend with blue seamlessly!
Blue can also double up as a lovely accent color when used sporadically

Stylish, Flexible and Contemporary

One of the biggest advantages of using blue in boys’ bedrooms is the incredible flexibility that it brings to the table. This goes way beyond just the various shades and hues that it comes. The versatility of blue allows you to upgrade the room of your kid as they grow older and since it is relevant across age groups, the changes can be kept to a minimum. With most modern homes opting for sleek and stylish contemporary themes, blue along with white or other neutral shades makes the kids’ bedroom a perfect extension of the remainder of the house.

Add an exclusive shade of blue to give your kids’ room an inimitable look

by M/I Homes

Boys’ bedroom in white, red and blue with bunk beds and lovely lighting

by Heartwood Corp

Having a rigid theme that cannot be easily refurbished and needs a complete overhaul is one of the worst ways to design a kids’ bedroom. With their ever-altering tastes and choices, it is best to use neutral walls with blue accents that are brought in by drapes, cushions, bedding, a lone accent wall and matching décor.

Elegant boys’ bedroom for those who prefer a refined look
Red, white and blue bedroom idea for teen boy

by Palm Beach Tots

Stylish modern boys’ bedroom in blue and grey
Teenage boys’ bedroom with a tinge of blue
White and light blue stripes make a sophisticated and colorful backdrop

Stars, Sports and the Deep Blue Sea!

The most important aspect of a kids’ room is the theme that you choose for it. Blue is a color that works with pretty much any and every theme. In fact, some of the most popular themes of boys’ bedrooms need a fair bit of blue in them to really work. Sports-themed rooms are popular with kids ranging from the age of 5 or 6 to the time they hit their late teens. Even then, they rarely become outdated and need few changes to keep them relevant. Another popular theme in blue is the ‘nautical style’. Navy blue used for this theme is both bold and pleasing at the same time.

Sports-themed kids’ bedroom in blue and orange

by Alan Design Studio

Kids’ room with nautical motif along with stars and stripes thrown in for good measure!

by Gloss NY

Be it the stars in the sky or a patriotic ‘stars and stripes’ look, no other color scheme presents such wide array of choices when it comes to modern boys’ bedroom design ideas. This is possibly the single most important factor in making blue the most sought after shade in this sector of interior design.

Spacious Pirate themed boys’ bedroom in dark navy blue

by Kathryn Long

Embracing the nautical vibe fully with blue and white!
Let your kid fly high with aviation themed bedroom in white and blue
Stars, stripes and a sense of patriotism coupled with pleasing aesthetics
Yankees-inspired boys’ bedroom with loads of blue

by TRG Architects

A Quiet Sense of Confidence

Blue is a color that has always been a symbol of self-assurance and poise. Yet, it seems to combine vivacious appeal with relaxing and soothing calm. A trait that is an absolute must when you are choosing a hue for the bedroom. Blend in blue with shades like brown, red, white or white and the result is both elegant and exquisite. Some shades of blue also gel well with the golden yellow accents and fresh greens. But always remember to take into account the input of your kid as it is ultimately their special abode!

Contemporary teen boys’ bedroom looks both practical and trendy
Green, blue and white boys’ bedroom – A refreshing and rare combination!

by Taylor Lombardo Architects

Nothing can more quickly reveal aspect of personality and character than the choice – or absence – of color. This is precisely why choosing color for your interiors comes ahead of the theme!

Light and dark blue are combined to create two-toned walls which make a lovely backdrop

by Capelo Design

Bunk beds add wooden texture to a room in cool white and bold blue
Couple blue with other vivacious colors set against pristine white canvas
Accent fabrics and wall mural ensure that this bedroom can altered with ease in future
Blue seems like the perfect shade for sports themed bedrooms for kids

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