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Gold Dust: Modern Interiors With Glittering Golden Shine

Gold is a metal that has captivated our imagination since the earliest time. The Egyptians, the Romans and emperors of the past draped themselves in gold. Treasure hunters and modern economists have followed its every move with bated breath and plenty of bravado! It is a precious metal that has promised unparalleled luxury and led to innumerable wars and conquests. Yet, today we move away from the allure of gold itself and take a look at its presence in interiors design. Gold-leafing, embellishments in its shining hue and golden colors bring in affluence, sophistication and a sense of magic!

Stunning living room in white and gold

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Adding gold to your home does not mean you have to go back to an era long gone by. Traditional and Victorian designs are not the only settings that gleefully welcome this shiny yellow metal. Contemporary interiors with golden accents look both stylish and stunning. From the earthy metallic to the extravagant sparkle, gold is the bold new trend.

Metallic additions add a contrasting texture to a contemporary setting

by usona

Accent pillows in gold coupled with beautiful lighting

by Atmosphere Interior Design

Gorgeous ceiling designed to give you a brilliant gold rush!

by Griffin Enright Architects

Contemporary bedroom in black, white and gold

by Design Find

Coffee table or golden treasure chest?

by Wheeler Kearns Architects

Gold leaf covered light fixture turned into a stunning wall sculpture

by Mikel Irastorza

Stylish living room in white and bold blue with elegant golden accents

by Atmosphere Interior Design

Adding a Sense of Sophistication

Gold is all about affluence. There is pretty much no denying this fact, no matter how you wish to guild it. Oriental design has always placed great importance on inducing interiors with bright golden yellows. Modern research suggests that hints of golden yellow in the bedroom aid in both your love life and a more relaxing nap. While bold yellow can substitute for gold, nothing matches the magnetism of perfectly done gold-leafing. As contemporary homes lean towards more and more neutral interiors that use pristine white and grays, gold has found new found space in interior design.

Modern dining space in white with a gash of golden hue

by Design Line Construction

Lavender coupled with gray and ample gold

The desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race. The essence of interior design has always been about people and their desire to combine luxury with aesthetics. Bring these two things together and gold seems like a natural fit for every home. And most of us would gladly drape our homes in the metal had it been possible!

Simple way in which you can add some gold!

by post Architecture

No shortage of golden surfaces in this dining space!

by Optimise Design

Gold-themed bedroom with sliding glass doors
Ceiling with gold gives the bedroom a more spacious appeal
Bedroom that is all about the lustrous yellow metal

Perfect for Small Spaces

The perception with gold accents and gold-leafing is that it is best suited for palatial homes that can afford the excess. But it is the really compact spaces that benefit from the additions of gold the most. Adding a glossy and polished golden accessory, décor item or even wall trimming, adds a beautiful reflective surface to the room. This not only makes it appear light, fresh and airy, but also automatically creates more visual space. A better choice would be to give your mirror or picture frame a golden glint.

Chandelier brings inviting warmth to the interiors

by Chinc’s Workshop

Glittering gold leaf for the dining room ceiling

by Leslie Hayes Interiors

Small contemporary bedrooms in black, white and gold look simply stunning. The addition of a golden hue can be done using simple throw pillows, accent fabric or lighting fixtures that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. As a color gold does not define the merely room’s features. It accentuates them and breathes life into a possibly dull space.

Metallic hues carry the luster across the room
Photo frames with golden hue bring stylish uniformity

by Paula Grace Designs

Shiny brass pendants for those who prefer gold with an understated touch

by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Stools at the foot of the bed steal the show

by Tiffany Eastman Interiors

Vintage coffee table brings in the golden touch

by MJ Lanphier

Hint of Sparkling Metal

Surrounded by glass, concrete and stone, a hint of bright metal presents a lovely variation in a modern home. Both texturally and visually, gold-leafing makes a big impact even when used in a contained and modest fashion. It creates depth and highlights the special design features and unique additions of the room. A beautiful ceiling with golden shine and a lovely chandelier also help brighten the place by spreading the light more evenly.

Stools in gold lend an oriental charm to the bathroom

by Jamie Herzlinger

Glam table and chest of drawers in golden color

It is absolutely true that gold does not work in every space. More than color, it is about keeping the room clean, uncluttered and well-lit. If you have a home that meets these demands than the subtle and delicate colors of gold can elevate it to a whole new level of luxurious elegance.

Frames in gold bring regal lavishness to the setting
Mirror and photo frames in gold leaf or paint seem to work well even in modern settings

by Munger Interiors

Entryway with subtle hints of gold and a lovely accent chair

by Allan Malouf Studio

Trim detail in gold brings refinement to the space

by Jerry Jacobs Design

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