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Switching Off: Bedroom Colors You Should Choose To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

We have always maintained that designing the interiors of a home are as much about functionality as they are about form. Areas of the home like the kitchen and the bedroom are spaces where the need for practicality in design is far more apparent and essential. A latest survey in the UK regarding sleep patterns and bedroom colors has thrown out some interesting facts. The shades and hues you use in your bedroom do seem to affect the quality and duration of your sleep.

Gorgeous bedroom in exquisite aqua blue

The study across 2000 households revealed that blue tops the list of colors that promise a sound and relaxing nap. Next on the list are yellow and green. The surprise though comes in the form of grey and brown being really down on the ‘colors to use’ catalog as they seem to induce feelings of depression and gloom.

Combine green with splashes of other vibrant shades
Deep blue hues offer a bold and trendy look

by Draw The Line Design

Gentle yellow hues blend in the lavishness of gold with softness of cream!

by Masterpiece Design Group

Contemporary bedroom with a floral pattern and green color scheme

by Susan Kennedy Design

Kids’ bedroom is a perfect place to incorporate some playful and vivid orange
Lighter hues of green along with cream create a relaxed setting
Orange and blue accents set against an all-white backdrop

by Diego Alejandro Design

Let The Blues Kick In!

Feeling a tad bit blue might not be all that bad when it comes to spending time in your bedroom. Blue and its many hues are considered the best shade for bedrooms and those using it seem to get quality sleep that lasts the good 8 hours. Blue bedrooms have always been a favorite among interior decorators and when it comes to kids’ bedrooms they are next in line only to pink. White and blue is a stylish combination that also fits in perfectly with a cool contemporary look.

Beautiful bedroom in blue and white
Blue serves well in a lavish and traditional scheme as well

by IBD Studio

Yellow and blue make for a stylish and soothing combination

by Clean Design

There are specialized receptors called ganglion cells in the retina part of our eyes, which are most sensitive to the color blue. These receptors feed information into an area deep in our brain that controls 24 hour rhythms, making a blue a perfect fit for bedrooms that induce sound sleep.

Bringing in blue accents through fabric and decor is easy and elegant
Modern bedroom in dark blue and white
Zebra blue additions add playfulness to the bedroom
White and blue is a popular color scheme for bedrooms
Use blue as an accent color to make your existing neutral interiors more colorful

by Echelon Custom Homes

Sun-Kissed Delights

While blue can work in many different ways and two-toned walls in blue are simply perfect for the bedroom, yellow is a color that you would want to use judiciously. The study conducted by Travelodge though shows that yellow is second only to blue in offering a good night’s sleep. Part of this is due to the cheerful and bright appeal of the color that seems to wash away all the woes of a hard day’s work.

Play with fabric patterns to change the look of your master bedroom effortlessly
Accent walls and furnishings are a cool way to add yellow to a contemporary bedroom
Chic bedroom employs yellow along with plush textures to create Hollywood Regency style

by Tara Seawright

Sun-kissed neutral interiors and bedrooms with color scheme in cool yellow showcase a pleasant and airy appeal. Yellow is a particularly good choice for small and compact bedrooms as it brings in a sense of visual freshness. On the contrary, lavish décor in gold was found to be detrimental to a good sleep.

Softer tones of yellow complement natural textures elegantly

by Hughes Design Associates

Master bedroom employs various hues of yellow with glee
Sun-kissed bedroom with yellow accents that stand out in a neutral backdrop

by Tracy Murdock Allied

Warm and inviting bedroom scheme in yellow

by Schwartz and Architecture

Yellow comes behind only blue when it comes to promoting sound sleep

by Bountiful

Balanced Green Vibes

Green is a hue that is loved pretty much universally and comes next to only blue as one of the favorite colors of leading designers. With green being such an integral part of nature, we tend to feel a lot more comfortable and peaceful in its presence. This is exactly why it figures in the top 3 ‘colors to use’ in the modern bedroom. Lemon green and lighter versions of apple green couple with white and yellow are pretty popular shades. Fresh and vibrant, it is still best to keep the darker versions of green away from the bedroom in an extensive manner.

Sleek and stylish modern bedroom in green
Softer tones and pale green shades are perfect for putting your mind at ease!

by Eminent Interior Design

The freshness of green provides right balance between relaxation and stimulation

by Michael Richman

Green in the form of accents can transform your existing bedroom theme easily

by Jessica Risko Smith Interior Design

Let the green outside blend in with the colors inside!

by Alan Mascord Design Associates

Variety of shades and hues offered by green gives designers great flexibility

by Art&deco

A Steak of Silver

This is a color scheme that definitely surprised a few of us. Bedrooms with silver shades seem to be pretty good for a cool nap as well. The survey says that those who sport bedrooms with silver accents enjoy 7 hours and 33 minutes of sleep on an average. While silver is not a very popular color choice among home owners (especially when compared with the more neutral greys and browns), it might be time revisit that perception.

Affluent bedroom in silver and grey with hints of black and brown

by Domiteaux + Baggett Architects

Perfect way to employ the silver and grey color scheme in a modern bedroom

Silver does fill a room with sense of fascination and energy and those sporting décor in that color seem to also be more motivated to exercise than others. Now, there is a color tip that also might help with weight loss!

Gorgeous and glamorous silver bedroom ideal for the contemporary home
Yellow complements silver beautifully as it adds brightness and vitality

by Decorating Den Interiors

Pale blue and silver make for a soothing color combination

by Darci Goodman Design

Silver brings along with it an obvious aura of opulence

Zest of Orange Freshness

Rounding off our list for today is the vivacious and colorful orange. With décor and furnishings in contemporary style becoming more tuned to this sparkling and novel shade, orange is making its way up the popularity charts at a rapid rate. Orange couple with tinge of yellow and ample white is a style that fits any modern bedroom. Apart from bringing in a casual and sporty vibe, orange also induces pleasant and positive thoughts that are perfect precursors to a lovely night’s sleep.

Dash of green and yellow to go along with all the orange in the bedroom

by London Bay Homes

Orange enriches and enlivens a bedroom in muted shades

by Emily Jagoda

While the study brings out some interesting question regarding grey and brown as bedroom colors, it also confirms that purple is ‘too stimulating’ for tranquil spaces. Red and gold seem to fall in the same class as well. So, next time you think about re-painting your bedroom, think of colors that put your mind at ease – a perfect case of an aspect of interior design that goes well beyond what meets the eye!

Ceiling complements the lovely decor in this brown and orange bedroom

by Chris Pardo Design / Elemental Architecture

Minimalist bedroom in orange with overwhelming wooden textures around
Lighting plays a pivotal role in highlighting a bedroom with orange scheme just right!
White and orange bedroom with bursts of green

by Maryana

Splashes of orange create a casual and contemporary vibe

by Patterson Construction Corporation

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