45 Small Bedroom Ideas: Inspiration For the Modern Home

small bedrooms

Designing a small bedroom is not just about creating interiors that save up on space. It needs to be a combination of style and space consciousness that exudes balance and panache. This requires both proper planning and a touch of ingenuity. Lack of space in the bedroom does not mean you have to give up on either comfort or elegance. Compact bedrooms can appear as…

Bedrooms / July 25, 2013

Scandinavian Styled Interiors Brighten An Elegant London Home

scandinavian interiors for a british brick house

The Highgate Residence in North London has many surprises in store for you. On the outside, the façade of the home looks like an old English house that has been left untouched for the last few decades. Yet, step inside and you will be astonished by the brilliant contrast. Flowing contemporary interiors that exude a distinct Scandinavian style welcome you with glee. Revamped by Thomas…

Design Ideas / July 25, 2013

Southlands Residence In Vancouver Offers Interiors United with Nature

private lake villa

The growing trend in modern design and architecture is to create homes that are one with their surroundings. Draped in a hood of green that offers plenty of seclusion, the Southlands Residence in Vancouver is all about the perfect synergy between interiors and the exterior. Smartly placed concrete walls, wooden partitions and sliding glass doors combine privacy with unabated views of the many sights and…

Dream Houses / July 25, 2013

High Tech Kitchen Gadgets to Drool Over

tablet in the kitchen

Technology has invaded the kitchen. Lots of gadgets employ the latest cutting edge technology to make our kitchen time more enjoyable and timely with just a touch of geekness. OK, maybe a little heavy on the geek part, but it blends so well into the modern kitchen. Here is just a sampling of high tech kitchen gadgets we found. There are hundreds of additional gadgets…

Kitchens / July 24, 2013

19 Modern Spaces Featuring Glass Block

Exterior glass blocks on a contemporary home

Glass block, oh how we love thee! Wavy glass has never been more in style, but did you know that glass block (also known as glass brick) has been around since the early 1900s? In fact, it was particularly popular during the Art Deco era, and while it never went out of style, it made a big comeback in the 1980s along with the Art…

Design Ideas / July 24, 2013

DIY Jewelry Organizers

Ceramic ring dish with initial

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend- but why limit your options? Pearls, gems and beads should all be in a woman’s arsenal of fantastic accessories. With so many pieces to keep track of, a brilliantly designed jewelry organizer is the perfect way to store them in style. Looking for ways to organize your own accessories? Here are some DIYs that will get you…

DIY Projects / July 23, 2013

Unique Kitchen Gadgets Save Time, Look Great


If you love kitchen gadgets as we do at Decoist, you will be sure to like this selection of unique kitchen gadgets. Additionally, if it makes my life in the kitchen easier, I just have to have it. Sit back and enjoy! Food Preparation When it comes to strawberries, a sharp knife and a keen, calibrated eye is all it takes for uniform slices to adorn…

Kitchens / July 23, 2013

Bathroom Decorating Tips for a Clean Look

bathroom decorating tips

I have a little something to admit… I went for a clean, crisp look in the bathrooms of my new home, and it still seems a bit stark in these spaces. Sure, we still need shower curtains and mirrors, but that’s not it. Something’s just missing. This got me thinking about modern design and the power of minimalism. But there’s a balance, and knowing how…

Bathrooms / July 23, 2013

Celebrate 44th Anniversary Of Moon Landing With Interiors Inspired By The Cosmos!

An astronaut on the closet door of the bedroom - A fitting tribute!

July 20, 1969 was a historic day not just for one nation or one man, but for entire mankind. It was the day Neil Armstrong and fellow astronaut Buzz Aldrin set foot on the surface of the moon. Apollo 11 carried with it the hopes and prayers of a nation. But it also took with it dreams and desires of an entire race that one…

Design Ideas / July 19, 2013

Stylish Stacked House Sports Creative And Flowing Interiors

Glass courtyard in the backdrop

When it comes to utilizing the available space to the hilt, few seem as accomplished as the Japanese. Conceptualized and brought to life by Tetsuo Kondo Architects, this innovative home is located in Chayagaska. The idea was to basically create a spacious home that is at its core, still a one-room space. Designed to meet the needs of a small family with a couple of…

Design Ideas / July 19, 2013

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