New Fall Decor Finds Highlight The Latest Trends

Geo mirrors with gold detailing

Today’s post is dedicated to fall decor. Not pumpkins, leaves and scarecrows–I’m not quite there yet! But nevertheless, the fall collections are in, and I’ve been basking in their offerings of marble, metal and geo forms. Yes, there’s a lot we can learn from new decor finds, such as the latest trends. Now that the newest fall decor is on the shelves, it’s time to…

DIY: Folding Chair Makeover with Chalkboard Bottoms

Folding Chair Makeover

Summertime is the time for parties, get togethers, barbecues and hosting friends, right? Well if you’re anything like me, sometimes you find yourself wishing you had just a couple more chairs, or even a few that can easily fit into your car to take to the park or a picnic. Here’s your answer: folding chairs. And these aren’t your typical folding chairs – they’re super…

Bedroom Design Ideas For A Modern Makeover

Elegant bedroom with trendy modern decor

Ready for a little bedroom design inspiration? Kate here, and I’m in the middle of a bedroom makeover of my own. Today I’m rounding up some of my favorite ideas and showcasing today’s top modern design trends. Below you will find a collection of beautifully curated spaces that reflect the benefits of a balanced interior. And when I say “balanced”, I mean stylish, decadent, uncluttered…

Inspired Manhattan Apartment Showcases Dashing Color And Flair Of Rio!

Stunning rooftop garden of Manhattan Apartment

Brazil is a nation with a very distinct and unique culture, style and aura that is renowned across the globe, and Rio is without a doubt its biggest attraction. Hailing from the city, Cristiane Peixoto, a floral designer, and her husband Marcus Silberman wanted to fill their new $4.5 million apartment in the Upper East Side of Manhattan with the bright and brilliant zest of…

IKEA 2015 Online Catalog: Mostly Computer Generated Beauty!

IKEA 2015 Online Catalog Modern Kitchen

Who among us has not flipped through a new IKEA catalog with plenty of excitement, as we take a look at the new decor wonders that it brings? The Scandinavian giants are renowned across the planet for their affordable and elegant decor that has helped shape many a beautiful home. And as we browse through the IKEA 2015 Online Catalog, our attention is consumed by…

Small Bathroom Design Solutions With Trendy, Smart Sophistication

Small modern bathroom with relaxed ambiance

One of the hardest things to accomplish when it comes to decorating an interior is the smart use of a room with limited space. Decorating a small bathroom becomes even more difficult, as one needs to blend practicality with aesthetics in an almost perfect fashion! With the modern homeowner expecting much more from bathrooms and turning them into relaxing spa-like settings, elegant, space-saving appeal becomes…

DIY: Black and White Geometric Jewelry Trays

Black and white geometric jewelry tray DIY

Have you ever heard the theory that even if you have a bunch of things (like, for example, jewelry), as long as you arrange them into a tray or several trays, they look more organized? I mean, think about it… if you just have a bunch of jewelry laying around, it doesn’t exactly look nice. It just looks like a big mess! Now imagine corralling…

The Quest For Fresh, Clean Towels

Keeping Your Towels Fresh and Clean

It all starts out so refreshingly, doesn’t it?! You buy a stack of brand new towels. They’re fluffy. They’re sparkling clean. In my case, they’re that pure shade of white that makes you believe they will always be the epitome of spa-quality fresh. Then as time goes on, you realize that everything eventually changes. The towels become less comforting and more like something you’d exfoliate…

Branch: Sustainable Contemporary Outdoor Decor Inspired By Nature!

Exquisite sustainable outdoor decor from Tribu

Whenever there is design that is inspired by nature and its many dynamic forms, the results are both captivating and functional. Crafted by Lievore Altherr Molina for Tribù, the beautiful and organic Branch Collection has a casual, yet contemporary vibe that is simply spellbinding. While the design of this elegant and comfy outdoor decor seems relaxed and informal, it still exudes chic sophistication thanks to…

10 Trendy Ways To Transform Your Living Room Corner Space

Sleek contemporary corner fireplace

Decorating a corner space can be a tricky affair and often a task that leaves even the best designers perplexed. It is not so much the fact that the lonely little corner is incredibly difficult to decorate, but the complexity lies in making the right choice in relation to the rest of the room. Decorating a living room corner space is all about figuring out…

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