Dramatic Austrian Resort Astonishes With Opulence Draped In Alpine Magic!

Aqua Dome Thermal Resort in Austria

Transporting you into a world of luxury, stunning natural beauty and tranquility, the impressive Aqua Dome Thermal Resort in Austria is all about reconnecting with nature in imitable style. Apart from the expansive hotel that houses over 200 rooms and the relaxing spa facility, this fabulous alpine resort wins you over with its unique architecture that brings together the old and the new. Towering conical…

Tips On Creating A Happy Modern Nursery


I’ll admit I do not have any children, but I am always thrilled to design nurseries for expecting friends. It is the one place where you can be as creative as you want. Polka-dots belong on the walls, there is never too much chalkboard paint, and animals, well, they can go anywhere! The modernist era just embodies a feeling of happiness. These designs are whimsical…

Metallic Structure Homes With Stunning Design & Function

Exposed metal beams in the rear of the building

When it comes to the housing sector, the trend is to think beyond the mundane and the usual. The last few years have seen a distinct shift from the expansive and the opulent to the minimal and the understated. Homeowners are now happy to move away from lavish residences in urban centers to more modest homes in semi-urban locations. Stylish, sleek, lightweight and adaptable metallic…

Growing Up With The Kids In Style: Bunk Beds for Him and Her

Modern bunk bed idea for kids' room

There is something about bunk beds that makes children go crazy! Some say it is because of children’s innate energetic characteristics, but others say it’s because bunk beds are more than just a sleeping station, they are vessels of imaginative creativity and adventure. Either way, this not-so-boring addition to your kid’s room is bound to put a smile on his or her face. by Manakato …

15 Hanging And Freestanding Fireplaces To Keep You Warm This Winter


It is this time of year that I begin longing for a fireplace to keep me warm on cold and snowy nights. There’s something romantic about being snowed in with a good book, a glass of wine, a loved one, and a roaring fire. Not to mention, a gorgeous fireplace is just the focal point that every room needs. These sculptural pieces of iconic design…

The Best Bathroom Plants For Your Interior

Overflowing bathroom plants

This winter, I’ve noticed just how stark my powder room appears to be, especially since the countertops are white and the fixtures are clean-lined and modern. I love the sleek look, but every time I try and add a bright dose of color to the bathroom, somehow it looks…out of place. The answer: going natural with a heavy dose of greenery! But will plants work…

Exquisite Modern Bathroom Brings Home Sophisticated Minimalism

Contemporary Minimalist Bathroom Aquo

A change in bathroom designs and decor is one of the big talking points as we step into the New Year. Freestanding bathtubs are already making quite a splash, thanks to the sculptural aesthetics they offer. Current trends point toward sleeker, more stylish and more elegant designs that bring along with them a sense of refinement and opulence. Designed with impeccable flair and crisp minimalism,…

Stylish Sydney House Gets A Sustainable And Energy-Efficient Extension

Energy-Efficient Modern House in Sydney

Home renovations and extensions are inherently more eco-friendly and economically viable than building an entire new structure by demolishing the old house. But this beautiful home in Mosman, Sydney takes the sustainability quotient to an entirely different level by ensuring that its latest extension is as eco-friendly as possible. Instead of opting for costly, high-end gadgets to give the home a green makeover, Anderson Architecture…

Ceiling Options That Are Eco-Friendly in Design


In this new era where sustainable efforts and eco-designs are the center of appeal, houses that embody the essence of nature are becoming far more desirable. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing a home that takes on the beauty of its surroundings. Envisioning a world where nature is restored to its former glory, green designers and artists are enthusiastically incorporating glimpses of mother earth…

Luxurious Villa In Thailand Blends Serene Elegance With Stunning Sea Views

The View in Phuket, Thailand

Southeast Asia boasts some of the most exotic and exclusive luxury resorts on the planet. Thailand is obviously at the heart of this thriving tourist hub that overwhelms you with its warm tropical waters, unending stretch of white sandy beaches, and a nightlife that matches the likes of Ibiza and Monte Carlo! Offering a secluded sanctuary that allows you to relax and rejuvenate after an…

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