12 Easy Ways to Add a Touch of Gold to Your Decor

Brass pendant lamps

It seems like everywhere I look, I see flashes of gold. No, I don’t need to make an appointment with an optometrist. What I’m seeing is a glimpse of one of today’s biggest interior design trends, not to mention the hottest color option for the new iPhone 5S! And why shouldn’t it be? For years, materials such as brass were cast aside and labeled as…

Sustainable And Affordable Prefab WeeHouse Delivers Big time!

WeeHouse by  Alchemy Architects

Modern housing is quickly moving away from the sterile and the monotonous to the innovative and the sustainable. Living in a big city is no longer the only option and many home owners are creating their own personal and green havens away from all the rush. The emphasis placed currently on integrated lovely ocean views and refreshing canopy views with the interior tells it all….

50 Coolest DIY Pendant Lights

diy pendant lights projects

Looking to add a bit of brightness and a hint of glam to your home? Nothing gets this done better than pendant lights. Of course, there are a multitude of designs and styles out there in the market that promise to get the job done. But how is that any fun? It is time to bring out all of your craftsmanship as we showcase the…

Renovated Mexican Residence With A Home Office And A Garden Jacuzzi

Lavish outdoor patio of Modern Mexico City Residence

Renovations often generate interesting conundrums with some of the requiring imaginative and original solutions. The Virreyes by Kababie Arquitectos in Mexico City is one of those projects that required both meticulous planning and precise execution. Located on an angled lot the house demanded a very special design that delivered a modern and fresh interior. Home owners also wanted clearly demarcated separate areas with each having…

Elegant Edwardian Home In Melbourne Gets A Fresh Modern Makeover

Elm & Willow House in Melbourne

Most contemporary renovation and restoration projects are aimed at working with the existing structure as much as possible while giving it a new lease of life. Most often the site conditions and its topography shape the silhouette of any new additions and the Elm & Willow House in Canterbury, Melbourne is no different. In fact, it is one of those brilliant designs that plays off…

Winter Decor Preview: Sparkling Finds for the Upcoming Season

Snowy wallpaper mural

We at Decoist believe in living in the moment, enjoying each season for what it is, and waiting until after Halloween to start talking about Christmas… Which is why today’s post stops short of heading into holiday decor territory! But we can’t ignore the winter decor that’s taking over our favorite retailers. We’re a design blog after all, and we’ve got to tell it like…

33 Laundry Room Shelving And Storage Ideas

Beautiful laundry room with ample storage and shelving room

When planning for a new home or thinking about renovating the existing one, the idea of a laundry room is not something that comes to our mind instantly. In fact, for most of us it is an afterthought that rarely materializes into reality. But having a dedicated laundry space has plenty of advantages and you will soon realize that it makes your life a lot…

Lush Canopy And An Open Interior Shape The Palm Beach House

Palm Beach House in Auckland, New Zealand

We stumble across so many modern homes and villas every day that it sometimes is refreshing to get away from it all and take refuge in nature. The relaxed and soothing atmosphere of the Palm Beach House in New Zealand presents one such great getaway. Designed by Vaughn McQuarrie and located it is hidden away in a secluded little valley nook near the coast of…

Get This Look: The Secrets of Eclectic Interior Design

Blue upholstered sofa

You know the excitement you feel when you come across a beautifully designed room that inspires you? I experienced that exact feeling this week when I encountered the photo below, featuring an eclectic Denver loft designed by Vintage Renewal. A certain magic seems to fill this interior with such confidence that it’s palpable! An earthy striped rug, a tufted couch, a modern art piece and floral…

Lavish Beverly Hills Residence Brings Home The Holiday Retreat Style!

Laurel Way Residence in Beverl Hills California

Laurel Way Residence in Beverly Hills, California is all about bringing together unconventional design and exotic opulence together. One look at this exquisite home and you might well believe that you have landed suddenly in one of those stunning Bali Resorts that promise a spectacular tropical getaway. Designed by Whipple Russell Architects in a distinct holiday resort style, the entire residence is draped in three…

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