10 Modern Planters That Welcome The Spring In Style

Marble planter pots

I must have a pretty bad case of spring fever! Why else would I have spent last weekend painting geometric pots and planting succulents?! The weather has been beautiful for days, but tomorrow it’s back to 40-degree temperatures, clouds and rain. That hasn’t stopped me from rounding up a collection of modern planters to usher in the upcoming season. Now is the time to start…

3 Urban Lofts With Unforgettable Style

Cozy loft bedroom with modern style

One of my all-time favorite design books is The International Book of Lofts, written in 1986 and packed with amazing photos showcasing the latest in urban design from the ’80s. The book was given to my husband and me when we moved to our new place, and I’ve returned to it time and time again when brainstorming design ideas for our home. Even though the…

Create Your Own Two-Tone Painted Pots With This Easy DIY Project

DIY painted geometric pots

Looking for an easy DIY project you can complete in an afternoon? This past weekend I created two geometric painted pots. This simple project has a big payoff, so I thought I’d share it with you today. A little secret: while this DIY project can easily be completed in less than a day, I took my time with it over the weekend. On Friday afternoon, I headed…

Paper Lanterns For Not-So-Oriental Homes


Originally, I wanted to center today’s post around simple lantern ideas for homes in urban settings, but I found that so many of these designs involve children’s bedrooms and nurseries, an idea immediately planted itself in my mind — DIY projects for spring time. Not to diverge too far away from the main idea, which is paper lanterns for attractive homes, I’m going to highlight…

10 Bedroom Chandeliers That Set The Mood

Brass bedroom chandelier

Have you ever walked into a bedroom, and beautiful as it might be, it both looked and felt like it was missing something? I know I have… I used to sleep in one of those bedrooms until someone suggested a chandelier. “In my bedroom?” I thought, “That seems weird, but I’ll give it a try.” Guess what happened? The look and feel of my room…

15 Modern Sofas To Help You Redecorate

Unique curved sofa

It’s a new year, and many of us are starting to incorporate new items into our homes. Perhaps it’s an updated centerpiece for the dining room table. Or a new piece of wall art for the bedroom. One possible change for your living room: the addition of a new sofa! In that spirit, today we present 15 modern sofas for 2014. Sleek Modern Sofas They’re…

Scarf Storage Solutions For An Organized Closet

Sliding scarf hanger

I have a confession to make: my closet doesn’t have a scarf storage solution (gasp)! In fact, the few scarves I own are suspended from hangers, mixed in with the clothes in my closet, and all but forgotten. Which is why I researched today’s post with extra enthusiasm! I need a scarf storage solution of my own. I actually thought several possible options would involve…

Beautiful Mosaic Walls Featuring Bits And Pieces Of Glass


Not many homes are adorned with a mosaic wall, but for the small handful that are, the design has lent itself quite nicely to the decor. Often times mosaic walls are featured in a single color, but there are some that still demonstrate the design’s traditional beauty, which involves well thought-out pictures and geometric shapes. Mosaic walls are like the big kids on the block,…

A Grand Entrance Makeover: Entryway Decor Ideas For Your Home

Organized modern entryway

The entryway of your home is the first area seen by your guests. It welcomes them to your dwelling, and it welcomes you each time you walk through the front door. Does your entryway have a “style”? Is it modern? Traditional? Rustic? Eclectic? When it comes to selecting entryway decor, there are many possibilities for this inviting space. Today we explore a range of ideas that will…

10 IKEA Bedrooms You’d Actually Want To Sleep In


Have you ever said the word “IKEA” only to have it met with a face of disgust/horror/disdain from someone? I know I have, but that doesn’t change my love for their furniture, because boy oh boy, when it’s carefully selected, there’s a lot of good there! The bedroom is one of those places you want to feel most at peace in, and it’s also nice…

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