DIY Heart String Art That’s Not Cheesy!

Heart art on bedside table

Hey lovelies! Before we get started, I realized the pun in the title of this post, and I need to tell you it was not intentional, but now that I see it, I love it. Did you catch it? Heart string art? Heartstring? As in the heartstrings you can tug on? Pretty good, right? Love for Minimalism! So Valentine’s Day is coming, and if I’m…

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Polished Passion: 19 Dashing Bedrooms in Red and Gray!

Fashionable footstools bring the cowhide trend to the bedroom [Design: In House Interior Design]

Is your gorgeous bedroom in gray starting to feel a touch too boring and bland with a change in the weather outside? While gray has been a ‘hip’ neutral that has ruled interiors for the past couple of years, a bedroom clad completely in gray can seem both sterile and a bit too dull. With experts suggesting the use of bright colors for a balanced…

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Classy Modern Villa Brings Breezy Palm Springs Style to Italian Countryside

Expansive deck and pool area of the lovely contemporary Italian home

One look at the gorgeous L. A. Modern, and you would totally believe that it is nestled in a hip neighborhood in sunny California or beautiful Florida. This contemporary residence located in Lodi, Italy was designed by Carlo Donati Studio to mimic the cheerful and laid-back style of a villa in Palm Springs, even while blending in beautifully with the scenic backdrop. Spread across 500…

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Trendy Storage Units Bring Chic Adaptability to the Modern Bedroom

Cool circular nightstand in blue adds playful elegance to the room

Are you struggling to achieve that ideal balance between aesthetics and functionality in your bedroom? Maybe it’s the lack of space that is impeding your quest for the perfect bedroom? Offering a smart solution that exquisitely brings together both form and ergonomics, the latest lineup of bedroom storage units from Jesse just might solve all your decorating conundrums! These smart units can be configured to suit…

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The Artful Woodpile: 30 Fabulous Firewood Storage Ideas!

Stack those logs inside the firebox in warmer months

Winter is that time of the year when we automatically tend to gravitate towards the warmth of the fireplace. It becomes the natural focal point of the setting and part of some cherished memories spread across the Holiday Season and beyond. Contemporary fireplaces come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. And unless you are using one of those ultra-modern gas-fueled designs, you will…

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Refurbished Spanish Home Focuses on Unabated Views and Energy Efficiency

Overhang gives the outdoor spaces ample shade from the midday sun

If there is one thing that winter reminds us of each year, it is the value of a home with proper insulation. Nestled in a lovely little neighborhood of Madrid, Spain, La Moraleja is a private residence that was originally built in 1984. The owners of the home wanted a quick renovation that not only altered the existing floor plan and ambiance of the house,…

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Scenic Landscape and Natural Materials Shape Elegant Italian Residence

Wooden facade of the lovely Italian home

Vahrn is a quiet little place located in the province of South Tyrol, Italy. Surrounded by a beautiful natural landscape, this picturesque Italian countryside setting seems like the perfect spot for a gorgeous modern home that combines the contemporary with the classic. Doing precisely this is the latest private residence designed by Norbert Dalsass that brings together a variety of natural materials while creating a…

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20 Exquisite Bathrooms That Unleash the Beauty of Black

Shower tiles bring cool textural contrast to the gorgeous bathroom

If you are a touch hesitant about picking black as the dominant color for the bathroom, you are definitely not alone. The idea of black being used as the hue that defines and sets the tone for bathroom ambiance is contrary to the popular image of clean, white spa-style bathrooms that grace catalog and magazine covers across the globe. In a way, we have been…

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Still Life Inspiration for Interior Design

Photos by Charlie Schuck

We at Decoist are big fans of the still life photography revival! Not only has it breathed new life into the realm of product photography, it can teach all of us a thing or two about styling our own homes with personality. Today we’re spotlighting the work of distinct design forces–one individual and two design studios–all of which have embraced still life styling in unique ways….

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Minimalist Aesthetics Define Resort-Style Private Perth Residence

Exclusive City Beach Residence in Perth, Australia

Taking the classic colors of the coastal style and revamping them to suit a minimal, urban setting, City Beach is a private residence in Perth, Australia that will forever alter the way you view a beach house! This exquisite contemporary home designed by Cambuild & Banham Architects takes advantage of its unique topography and coastal views while ushering in an ambiance that is inspired by…

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DIY: How to Make Your Own Mason Jar Wine Glasses

How to Make Wine Glasses with Mason Jars

Where I live in Brooklyn, New York, it’s pretty common to find yourself drinking and eating out of all kinds of mason jar-based receptacles on any given night. My favorite one of all is the mason jar goblet (also known as the “redneck wine glass”), but after searching online and finding them being sold for upwards of $10 each, I decided to try my hand…

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10 Eclectic Home Office Ideas in Cheerful Blue

Cozy home office with bold use of colors and vintage pieces

Eclectic style is one of the most personal, creative and fun ways to decorate your home. Yet it is also arguably the hardest style to pull off at the best of times. The misconception with most homeowners is that if you throw in a blend of mismatched decor and a bright color or two, you will ultimately end up with an eclectic space. This could…

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Spacious Shipping Container Home Exudes Stylish Sustainability

Exquisite contemporary kitchen of the sustainable container hom

We at Decoist do spend most of our time trying to unearth amazing homes and design inspirations from all across the planet and bring them to our readers. And the rest of the time is spent ogling additional beautiful homes! But we also absolutely love eco-friendly structures and sustainable design that take us towards a better tomorrow. Crafted from eight large shipping containers, Casa Incubo…

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The Foodie Kitchen: Decor for Cooking Enthusiasts!

Clean-lined foodie kitchen

Ready to refresh your kitchen decor? Kate here, and the new year has me thinking about how I can infuse my interior with the things I love most. This winter, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed preparing delicious meals and snacks in the kitchen. Perhaps it’s because the warmth of the oven takes the chill out of the air. And when you’re stuck at home during icy weather,…

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Sleek Melbourne Home Captivates with a Creative Contemporary Façade

Smart reading nook connected visually with the backyard

Building an unabashedly contemporary home in a neighborhood filled with classic Edwardian homes can be a challenging task indeed. But the creative folks from b. e. architecture took up this challenge and delivered a stunning private residence that combines sleek minimalism with a restrained color palette and textural contrast. The exterior of Cassell Street House in Melbourne uses natural and aged materials that include travertine blocks…

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