8 Whimsical Home Furnishings That Will Make You Smile

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Furniture is meant to be functional first and foremost, but who says it can’t be fun too? Just like cheerful paint colors, surrounding yourself with playful furnishings can brighten your day with each glance. From a fanciful fire escape shelf to a cozy bird’s nest lounge, read on for 8 of our favorite pieces to add a touch of whimsy to your home. Storage doesn’t…

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Eco-Friendly Flooring Options for Modern Spaces

Bamboo flooring in a kids' play area

If you caught my recent post on rubber flooring, you know that I’m on the hunt for stylish flooring options. In my home, what started out as carpet has proven to be a haven for pet dander and other allergens. Plus, high-traffic areas of our floor are seeing quite a bit of dirt buildup across the carpet. We have a chance to make a fresh start in…

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Living in NYC: Inspiring Apartments and Homes

Swan chairs coupled with the classic Arco Floor Lamp

Be it style, fashion or interior design, the city of New York has always had an aura of its own. Arguably the most popular among all the major cities on the planet, NYC is the place where millions come to pursue their ‘American dream’. This also means that the city plays host to some of the most sought-after real estate properties on the planet. When…

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Mirthe: Minimal Outdoor Decor With Cheerful Charm!

Recyclable and elegant outdoor chairs for the lovely lounge

Evolution in the design of contemporary outdoor decor has come to a point where many of these amazing creations can easily double as furniture indoors. Sleek, elegant and exclusive, they now exude as much sophistication and panache as any indoor decor series. The latest addition to this lineup is the Mirthe Collection from Tribù, who do seem to be the masters in the art of…

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Contemporary Aspen Condo Gets A Chic Makeover

Grey stain riftsawn oak accent wall in the living room

When we talk about premium winter resorts and ski destinations across the globe, a name that constantly tops the list is Aspen, Colorado. With winter quickly approaching, you can bet your bottom penny that these amazing snow-filled slopes will be filled with visitors from every corner of the planet. Located in the North of Nell Condominiums in Aspen, this condo is mainly used as a…

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Harmonious Manhattan Penthouse Takes Design Cues from a Stradivarius Violin

manhattan penthouse, flatiron penthouse, Stradivarius Violin home, nyc apartments, dream homes, penthouse apartment, rooftop garden, rooftop deck, charles rose architects, joshua bell

How would you interpret a Gibson Stradivarius violin as a home? It may seem like a tall order, but Charles Rose Architects managed to pull it off for the Manhattan home of Grammy-winning violinist and composer Joshua Bell without missing a beat. Converted from the upper floors of an old manufacturing plant, the harmonious two-level penthouse with a soaring glass atrium and oasis-like rooftop terrace…

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Plan A Festive Halloween Dinner

Fall table ideas from Design Love Fest

Halloween is tomorrow! Can you believe it?! Kate here, and this is truly one of my favorite holidays of the year, precisely because it is so low-key. And fun! In fact, this year I’m planning a relaxing Halloween dinner with my hubby, and I’m here to say that even if you’re staying in and handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, you can still make this holiday…

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10 Stunning Renovations That Leave You Spellbound

Spectacular interior of the Selexyz Dominicanen Bookstore

Renovating an old, dreary home into a beautiful, modern residence can be a demanding task at the best of times. In fact, many of us find a small kitchen renovation or a bedroom makeover to be a task too cumbersome to undertake and therefore put if off infinitely! Imagine then the creativity and the diligence it takes to transform old structures that were never intended…

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DIY No-Sew White Sweater Pumpkins

DIY Sweater Pumpkin Idea

You know what I love about pumpkins? A lot, actually! I love their cute little shapes, the stems and how they curl up a bit, and how even after Halloween is over, they can stick around a bit longer as a symbol of the wonderfulness of Fall! We’ve done a Halloween DIY here this season with some metallic drink stir sticks, and we even got…

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Posh Precioustone Collection Brings Majestic Splendor Indoors!

Captivating lighting adds to the appeal of the Precioustone walls

When it comes to turning natural stone into a dazzling work of art, few come close to the panache of Italian firm Antolini. It was only a few weeks ago that the company unveiled their latest innovation by creating a natural stone range for the kitchen and bathroom that fights bacteria and mold! If that had you thinking about giving your home a quick revamp, the exquisite…

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