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Outdoor Cinematic Experience at its Luxurious Best: Stay Entertained at Home

The world has changed dramatically in the last few months and 2020 has completely changed direction of the way we work, relax and even celebrate holidays! Everything seems to be confined and stepping beyond the borders of our homes is a challenge in itself. Yet, this is also a great time to finally rediscover the simpler joys of life and to find that lost connection with both nature and people around us. If you are blessed enough to have a beautiful backyard or a large deck and pool area, then this is indeed the perfect place to escape it all – away from work, daily chores and all the noise of the world around you. And a home cinema in the garden takes this experience to a whole new level.

Outdoor lights, lanterns and greenery add to the ambiance of the garden cinema

AL fresco cinema or outdoor home theaters are a great way to bring everyone in the family together and you can host events beyond just movie nights as well. Those big game nights also become much more special with an outdoor theater experience and your holiday celebrations will feel that much more energetic. Technology has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for those who want a bigger, more captivating visual experience under the star-studded sky. Here is a look at a few of the most stunning outdoor home theaters we have seen this year –

Magical Escape in the Garden

There are a lot of home theater and cinema ideas that you will find next to the pool or on the deck. But few take the experience into the garden and achieve a setting that is as brilliant, magical and just spell-binding like this garden cinema by Thankfifi. With a fire pit, comfortable seating, a top-notch projector and a lovely screen, the small area in the garden was transformed into a wonderful al fresco home theater that transports you into a totally different world!

Outdoor cinema idea in the garden at its cozy best
Small firepit turns the outdoor theater into a cozier hangout
Vintage screen and projector shape this fab outdoor cinema
Budget, dreamy outdoor cinema crafted in a limited space
Finding the right decor and lights for the outdoor cinema

Courtyard Movie Night

The outdoor movie night experience is different for different people. For those who want to bring it to their rear yard or small courtyard need to first find just the right amount of space. Use the walls of your home as a place for the screen with the projector on the opposite side. Make sure there is enough room for friends and family (whenever you choose to invite them over) and fill up the space with a variety of seats – from floor cushions to bean bags and chairs. Lighting is a key aspect here and you should make sure that there is no glare that disturbs your viewing even as a hint of ambient lighting illuminates the pathways.

Right decor and lighting transform the deck into a wonderful hangout [From: Shapiro Didway]
Tropical style patio with a home theater that provides the perfect escape
A screen and projector is all you need o get started with the garden cinema

Relax Next to the Pool

It is hard to imagine a more relaxing and enjoyable experience than to relax on the pool deck with a drink in your hand and the lovely breeze at dusk cooling you down. What does take this experience to a whole new level is the presence of an outdoor home theater that ups the ‘entertainment quotient’ of it all! There are many brilliant screens and displays that become a part of the poolscape only when needed and disappear when not in us. Combine these new-age delights with the right sound system, gorgeous lighting and you are good to go!

The drop-down screen just disappears when it is not in use
Turn the pool deck into a captivating and relaxing home theater when needed
Drop-down screen and surround sound turn the pool deck into an outdoor home theatre [From: Your Tech of Naples]
Finding a space for your home theater on the pool deck [From: Aqua-Link Pools and Spas]

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