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Ledge House: Vernacular Design and Mesmerizing Views Meet Modern Aesthetics

A beautiful balance between the old and the new is what one instantly notices at the Ledge House in Cornwall, Connecticut – a modern residence that overlooks the expansive Connecticut valley and beyond. The home sits on a challenging rock ledge and it is the specific nature of the lot that allows those inside to make the most of the spectacular view outside. Desai Chia Architecture replaced the old cabin on the lot with the sleek contemporary residence, while allowing the landscape to shape much of its design. Large glass walls and sliding glass doors connect the new interior with the world outside even as the Shou Sugi Ban siding anchors it and provides a dark silhouette.

Custom design of the Ledge House is inspired by classic barns in the area

Idea behind replacing the old cabin with an entirely new home was to create a much more vibrant and open living space that also cuts back on the carbon footprint. Despite a dark exterior, the interior embraces a lighter and neutral color palette in white and wood. A smart living area leads to the kitchen, dining space and the wonderful balcony next to it – an escape where you can enjoy the many sights and sounds of the valley without ever stepping outside. A kitchen island with fireplace, minimal modern décor in gray and white kitchen cabinets complete this area.

Gorgeous natural landscape around the Ledge House in Cornwall
Mesmerizing valley views from the house steal the show at the Ledge House
Minimal white and wood interior of the house with a modern design
Open and elegant design of the kitchen and dining area with smart design

With a master bedroom on one side and guest bedrooms on the other, this home delineates private and public spaces organically. Relaxing, spa-styled bathrooms and cozy lighting complete this charming house. [Photography: Paul Warchol]

Open plan living area, kitchen and dining space of the modern Ledge House with fabulous views of the outdoors
Contemporary and sleek retreat in Cornwall, Connecticut that is elegant and stylish
Contemporary bathroom of the house with freestanding bathtub and minimal style
Exterior of the house is clad in lovely Shou Sugi Ban siding
Design plan of the Ledge House in Cornwall

Sherry Nothingam

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