Floating Shelves for Every Room

modern living room floating shelves

Shelving is one of those things we absolutely must have in our homes, though when you live in a small space like I do, it’s nice for it to be a little less obvious and a lot more attractive – but that’s the case for just about everything! Floating shelves can be a great way to get that needed storage, or even create spaces without needing…

Amazing Outdoor Beds Help Fashion The Ultimate Backyard Lounge!

Outdoor Bed Ideas and Inspirations

Summer is all about enjoying the warm outdoors, putting your feet up and getting some much deserved rest. With summer just a couple of weeks away, it is time to start planning how you are going to spend those long summer evenings and pleasant nights under the star-studded sky. An outdoor bed is the perfect way to bring the charm of the summer vacation home…

Imposing Private Residence In Mexico Makes Creative Use Of The Landscape

Private courtyard of the luxurious Mexican home

Long gone are the days when buildings were just large square boxes and cubes that lacked both imagination and a sense of inimitable style. Modern architecture has produced several homes in the recent past that have adapted to the specific needs of the landscape and its unique contours. Located in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, this lavish private residence is no different as it stretches across three…

Cozy Cabin Retreat Combines Warmth Of Wood With A Bright, Open Interior

Lakeside cabin retreat

The hustle and bustle of modern urban lifestyle can be taxing and getting away from the rush is what we often do to rest, rejuvenate and find that smile which might have taken a backseat due to the daily rigors. While some might love to spend a weekend alone at the spa to rediscover themselves, others prefer a quiet trip along with the family to…

Finding The Right Color Scheme For Your Outdoor Space

Gray house with orange trim

When it comes to your outdoor space, how much color is too much? The answer: there are no hard and fast rules. Kate here, and if you read my posts from time to time, you likely know about my recent obsession with outdoor DIY projects. I’ve been especially interested in pots and planters this season, from the painted to the suspended. A LOT of color…

How About Putting The TV Above The Fireplace?

TV above the Fireplace Ideas

Going through the hundreds and thousands of interior design inspirations each month, we have observed that the trend of placing the flat screen television above the fireplace is catching on like wildfire indeed! Pretty much every homeowner now wants their brand new LED placed ever so beautifully above the dreamy, modern fireplace. So, why is this design trend gaining popularity at such a rapid rate?…

Ingenious Tree Trunk Decor Brings Home A Hint Of Sleek Rustic Charm!

Tree Trunk Decor from Momenti

Exuding a sense of raw, natural passion and plenty of style, the fabulous Mountain Collection is all about celebrating the wild outdoors. Designed with contemporary panache despite using rustic elements, this amazing series of furnishings is a must have for any nature lover. Conjured up and created by Alexander and Matteo Bagnai for Momenti, each of the pieces in the Mountain edition draws your attention…

Sizzling String And IC Lights To Make Their Grand US Debut In New York

Latest Lights Launched By FLOS USA

Lighting is not just about illumination and functionality. With modern lights, aesthetics are as essential as the overall ambiance that the lights create. When it comes to Michael Anastassiades, lighting seems to be all about order, discipline and geometric brilliance. That is precisely what we get from the intriguing and inimitable String and IC Lights, crafted with precision and sophistication. Having used them at his home,…

The Interior Design Of Rafael de Cárdenas

London apartment designed by Rafael de Cardenas

When you experience the work of interior designer Rafael de Cárdenas, it’s hard not to notice the unexpected touches that permeate each and every space he creates. Perhaps it’s an unforgettable lighting statement or a piece of custom-built geometric furniture. In fact, you can’t take in this designer’s spaces without studying them, because the visually interesting details are so abundant. Yet rather than being overbearing,…

How To Transform Your Basement Into A Chic And Functional Home Office

Modern Home office in the Basement

If you have ever spent some time working at home, then you know that it is a harder proposition than most people assume it to be. For starters, the distractions can often be endless, and unless you’re a really focused individual, you will end up taking far too many breaks! Then there is the issue of family members, television and even a temptation to catch…

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