Christian Street House: Brick Walls and High Gables for This Modern Home

Open dining space that leades into the landscape outside

On first glance you would be tempted to believe that the lovely Christian Street House in Clayfield, a beautiful suburb of Brisbane, Australia, is a historic home that has been recently renovated. Yet, this exquisite residence was designed by James Russell Architect in 2014, and its engaging brick walls and sweeping high gables aim to bring a touch of vintage charm to what is an…

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Stucco Home Style

Beautiful stucco home with native landscaping

Some of today’s most striking homes feature stucco exteriors, as this beloved finishing plaster creates a smooth, sleek look and can be painted to best suit the feel of the house. Looking for style inspiration for your stucco home? Or perhaps you’re building a new dwelling and you’re searching for ideas. Below you will find 20 gorgeous images that show the wide range and versatility…

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15 Modern Homes With Cantilevered and Overhanging Volumes

Brilliant design of the Narigua House

These 15 modern homes with cantilevered and overhanging volumes each have a unique physicality and definition of form. At times appearing to defy gravity, they have been imagined in a manner that respects the surrounding area and offers a heightened sense of living to their residents. Fly Out House Fly Out House in Toyohashi, Japan, by architect Tatsuyuki Takag, is a cleverly constructed timber-framed home raised on a…

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Decorative Bedroom Hacks for Minimizing Dust

A splash of regal purple for the bedroom!

The more people and pets that spend time in a particular room of your home, the more dust that’s bound to collect there. Dust mainly comes from dead skin, hair, fabric fibers, dirt brought in from other rooms or from outdoors, and the mites that thrive in all sorts of warm, cushy areas. Controlling the amount of dust that collects in the bedroom can be…

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20 Charming Brick Patio Designs

Herringbone patio near an outdoor fireplace

Brick patios add instant charm to outdoor spaces. Whether you use actual bricks or brick pavers, the result is a neat arrangement of pieces to create the perfect setting for lovely evenings in the outdoors with the ground firmly under your feet. Check out the eye-catching ideas below, and visit our post on paver patios for even more design inspiration! Brick Patio Style Brick patios…

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Concrete: The King of the Urban Jungle

Luxurious X House by Cadaval & Solà-Morales

From the mega metropolis to the creeping conurbation, the compact city to the tiptop town, concrete is almost always king of the urban jungle. In constructing roads, buildings, bridges, tunnels – indeed in all manner of structures – concrete is a fundamental foundation, a cornerstone and stalwart. Deciphering Concrete Concrete is a compound. Burnt chalk and clay, baked at a high temperature and then ground, form a powder that becomes cement. Concrete is…

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13 Crazy-Creative DIY Bathroom Vanities

Antique hairpin legs for the creative bathroom vanity with vintage style

Bathroom vanities are so often incredibly boring—vast (or too-tiny) plastic surfaces that are hard to make work with other types of creative decor. But you’re not stuck with what’s available in stores or online for vanities (especially if you are on a budget): DIY vanity projects are not as difficult as they seem. Even if you’re not handy, you can find someone who is—which will still…

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15 Contemporary Roof Designs That Raise the Roof

Large concrete roof of Quinta de Lemos

That roof over your head can offer much more than mere cover or shade. With a myriad of contemporary designs, roofs are organic, sculptural, pitched, flat and curved. They are walkways, viewing platforms, places to relax, to swim and garden. And increasingly, the roof can provide a building’s energy needs. These fifteen contemporary roofs showcase the array of designs utilized by architects in order to raise the…

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8 Space-Saving Vertical Herb Garden Ideas for Small Yards & Balconies

Vertical clay pot garden. DIY by The Horticult / Ryan Benoit Des

Whether you have a house with a tiny backyard or you live in an apartment that has a balcony, figuring out how to go about building an herb garden can be somewhat of a challenge when there’s such limited space to work with. Rather than trying to spread your herbs out in containers or planters across any flat surface in sight, why not get a little…

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Modern Privacy Fence Ideas for Your Outdoor Space

Slatted outdoor privacy fence

If you read our recent post on privacy plants, you know how much we at Decoist value a beautifully designed yard that is well-screened. After all, when you have a bit of privacy in your outdoor space, it truly becomes your own haven. Today we take a look at 15 privacy fence ideas that reflect a range of materials and styles. Yet all of them…

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20 Designs That Are Everyday Super Normal

Isokon Penguin Donkey

Design is ubiquitous, it is global, it is unavoidable. Design is artificial, manufactured, built and crafted, both knowingly and fortuitously. Design influences how we live and the choices that we make. Many of the greatest designs are the everyday “super normal” tools that we find essential in our homes, at work, during play and when we travel. In a book titled Super Normal: Sensations of…

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Here’s How an Old Warehouse Was Turned into a Sparkling Family Home!

Empty warehouse in Australia urned into a lovely family home

The adaptive reuse of old structures is a wonderful way to save on both time and resources while keeping the rich heritage and past of the building alive. This is precisely the approach that Corben Architects took as they revamped an old and abandoned warehouse in Australia into a stylish modern home for a family of five. While much of the external façade of the…

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10 Rooms Featuring Beadboard Paneling

Vibrant patterns in a painted room with beadboard paneling

Beadboard paneling adds instant texture and charm to a room, creating visual interest. While beadboard is often associated with traditional spaces, today’s post features rooms that showcase a range of styles, from cottage and Bohemian to whimsical and modern. Whether you plan on painting beadboard white to offset a rich wall color or combining it with wallpaper for an eye-catching effect, today’s post is filled…

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Bold Design Touches That Create a Moroccan Oasis in Your Own Home

Red and orange Moroccan Room

Just because you don’t have any vacations lined up doesn’t mean you can’t travel to a far away place in your own home. You can turn any room into an exotic sanctuary with just a few carefully curated pieces inspired by foreign lands. Moroccan style is a designer’s favorite because of its saturated colors and distinctive accents, but it may seem intimidating since it can…

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18 Bathrooms for Shabby Chic Design Inspiration

A touch of pink for the bathroom with standalone bathtub

If you’re a fan of soft colors and more of a timeworn look when it comes to interior design, you should definitely consider looking for some shabby chic inspiration the next time you decide to redesign or renovate your bathroom. The bathroom is really one of the most perfect rooms you can choose to work with for this style since you can do all sorts of things with cabinetry, vanities, tubs,…

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