Sweeping Views Of Sydney And Lovely Earth Tones Shape The Bellevue Hill House

Bellevue Hill  Apartment by Rolf Ockert Design

With modern lives getting both hectic and tedious, most homeowners are opting for apartments and villas that help them escape the constant rush. Why limit that relaxing and calming experience to the weekend getaway when you can enjoy it pretty much every single day by bringing home that serene and calming ambiance? That is precisely what the folk at Rolf Ockert Designhad in mind when…

Stylish Contemporary Residence Exudes Sleek Elegance And Inviting Warmth

Stylish contemporary living room idea

Most modern homes are all about clean and well-defined straight lines coupled with cool neutral shades. While this approach looks absolutely brilliant when done right, too much of it can quickly lead to blandness that stems from an impersonal approach to design. This fabulous home in Cuajimalpa Morelos, Mexico City ensures that any such hint of mundane repetition is done away with, as it employs…

Small Apartment In Tel Aviv Gets A Trendy Modern Makeover

Small apartment in Tel AViv

Designing and decorating small spaces can often be a hassle that demands plenty of care and attention. But with a hint of innovation and smart, space-conscious solutions you can transform even the tiniest of apartments into a luxurious little hub. Located in Nachmani Street, Tel Aviv, this elegant little apartment occupies a space of just 50 square meters. Revamped to suit the busy, urban life…

Beautiful Table Linens For Spring Entertaining

Colorful raffia placemats

Is it starting to warm up where you live? Every time I think I’ve covered my plants for the last time this winter, another round of freezing weather comes in! But that hasn’t stopped me from noticing the fresh spring palettes that are appearing in the new collections of my favorite retailers. I’m dreaming of dinners on the patio, brunches at a colorful table, and…

A DIY Laundry Room Makeover

Function meets style in this laundry room makeover

I’m excited to be sharing my laundry room makeover with you today on Decoist! Kate here, and it’s no secret that this room update has been in the works for awhile. Not too long ago, I shared some helpful tips for painting cabinets – a post inspired by my own painting endeavors in this very laundry room. And I’m not ashamed to admit that my recent posts…

Stunning Wyoming Butte Compound Features Contemporary Design And Panoramic Views

winter house

With a striking silhouette that emulates the western landscape, Butte Compound showcases contemporary design against the backdrop of the Teton Mountain Range and National Parks. Designed by Carney Logan Burke Architects and completed in 2012, this Jackson, Wyoming home and artist’s studio overlooks the junction of the Snake and Gros Ventre Rivers, creating a breathtaking setting that is both inspiring and rejuvenating. In fact, the compound’s…

The Modern Lighting Of Onefortythree

Lighting and furniture from Onefortythree

If you regularly read design blogs like Decoist, you’ve likely come across the modern lighting of Onefortythree. It’s industrial, chic, contemporary and geometric–all at the same time. And with materials such as wood, brass and powder-coated metal involved, the design is right on trend, while managing to be completely unique. Did we mention that this lighting is affordable, especially given the detailed craftsmanship involved?! Onefortythree…

Make A Creative Statement With A New Throw Pillow

Geometric pillows from ferm LIVING

Just as a new piece of art makes a creative statement on your wall, a new throw pillow makes a creative statement on your sofa, chair or bed. Have you noticed the amazing selection of artistic throw pillows this season?! There have been so many unique colors and patterns, it’s hard not to get excited about the design possibilities. We at Decoist want to share…

Boutique Beauty at the Red Sea: Orchid Reef Hotel, Eilat

Orchid Reef Hotel - interior design

On the southernmost tip of Israel in the Gulf of Aqaba lies Eilat, a popular resort city and a bustling port where the sea and the desert are nothing short of magical. Eilat has great beaches and warm weather all year round, but our focus today is on the city’s amazing hotels; like the Orchid Reef Hotel by Israeli interior designer Daniel Hasson. The Orchid Reef is a boutique…

10 Modern Planters That Welcome The Spring In Style

Marble planter pots

I must have a pretty bad case of spring fever! Why else would I have spent last weekend painting geometric pots and planting succulents?! The weather has been beautiful for days, but tomorrow it’s back to 40-degree temperatures, clouds and rain. That hasn’t stopped me from rounding up a collection of modern planters to usher in the upcoming season. Now is the time to start…

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