Reclaimed Tree Trunk Tables For The Eco-Friendly Home

Carved tree trunk table for the rustic living room

Bringing wood accents into a room is a perfect way to add warmth and comfort to the space. Using tree trunks as furniture has become increasingly popular and for good reason – they are versatile pieces that can be cut in different ways and used as tables or as seating. The fact that you can also bring in nature without the use of plants is…

Interior Design Trend: A Celebration Of Materials And Simple Forms

Chunks series candleholder by Andreas Engesvik

Today we shine the spotlight on a modern interior design trend that showcases the beauty of natural materials and geometry. Rather than reveling in ornate design, this style is all about celebrating simple surfaces, from the pure grain of wood to the veining of marble. Let’s not forget the shine of metallics! Also of note are the simple forms that truly let the materials take…

Apothecary Jars And Cabinets: A Design Prescription For Vintage Style!

Apothecary Chest adds color to the room

King Lear, in Shakespeare’s famous play says “Give me an ounce of civet, good apothecary, to sweeten my imagination.” Yet the word ‘apothecary’ means much more than a mere medical practitioner in the times gone by. The apothecary style and culture, along with its unique decor came from the many merchants of spices, wine and herbs in medieval Europe and in the Far East. The…

Amazing Contemporary Dining Tables Steal The Show With A Sculptural Base

Infinity Dining Table with Ingenious Base

With warm summer days not too far away, now is probably the best time to think about planning for those fun evenings and wonderful dinner parties involving friends and family. The changing season might very well tempt you to give your interior an overhaul and bring home some trendy new decor additions. Why not consider a brand new dining table that will be at the…

Smart Renovation Turns Old Jewelry Store Into A Small Modern Apartment

Small Tel Aviv Apartment Renovation

It is one thing to turn an old and forgotten home into a posh, new residence and an entirely different prospect when one needs to transform a used commercial place into a lovely, modern home. This gorgeous apartment located on the busy Yehuda Halevi Street in Tel Aviv was built way back in 1939 and has been used as a studio and jewelry store for…

20 New Spring And Summer Decor Finds

Modern orange stacking chairs

Spring is here, and summer is on the way! Kate here, and one of my favorite ways to celebrate new seasons is to revel in the slew of new decor offerings that inevitably surface just in time for the change in weather. Plus, a new season is a great opportunity for a decor refresher. If you’re in the market for a fresh purchase or two,…

Furniture Makeovers with Contact Paper

Gorgeous coffee table with marble contact paper

Do you remember that sticky paper your mom (or grandma) used to put on the insides of drawers, or sometimes to cover up some not-so-nice shelving in a pantry or basement storage? I can tell you this: every shelf in my home was covered in contact paper when we moved in, and I was not happy about it! Then something magical happened. I went on…

Black And White Kitchens: A Timeless Trend That Serves Every Style!

Black and white kitchen Ideas

It is amazing how the use of two simple and basic colors can instantly create interiors that are both dramatic and exquisite. Black and white are two such colors that make a bold visual statement and do so in any design style of your choice. The black and white kitchen is a classic that is never ‘out of style’, making it a perfect choice for…

Exquisite 80s Home In Israel Gets A Grand, Modern Makeover!

Smart lighting for the backyard

Smart renovations not only maximize resources and cash, they often result in some amazing homes that seem to showcase a style of their own. This fabulous house in the Gush Dan region of Israel was originally built in the ’80s. When its latest owners bought the house, the initial idea was to build an entirely new residence in its place. But they were so mesmerized…

Sophisticated Modern Modular Kitchen With A Dash Of Vintage Charm!

Trendy Social Kitchen from Diesel wih Scavolini

The modern kitchen is much more than just a place to prepare meals. It is the heart and soul of the house and often a perfect gathering spot where the family meets at the end of each day to spend some wonderful moments together. Epitomizing this spirit with its lovely aesthetics, functionality and a relaxed, informal appeal, the Social Kitchen was conjured up and brought…

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