8 Design Tips for Standing Desks That Are Versatile Enough for Sitting Too!

Wrap-around standing desk with bar stools

There’s been a lot of talk about how bad sitting for long periods of time is for your health, with study after study to prove it. If you have a home office, now couldn’t be more of a perfect time to shift your desk to a design that allows you to have the option to stand up and sit down. That doesn’t necessarily mean you…

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Make This Pretty DIY Party Banner (It’s Much Easier Than It Looks!)

DIY Yellow and Grey Theme Baby Shower Banner

You know you’ve reached a certain age when your weekend plans start to include more bridal and baby showers than nights out at the bar. Thankfully, I relish any excuse to craft, so you won’t hear any complaints from me! If you’re part of a shower planning committee and are looking for the perfect congratulatory banner, follow my DIY tutorial below to make one that…

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Create an Outdoor Living Area with a Gazebo

Charming metal gazebo in a cliffside setting

A gazebo is much more than a place to take shelter and enjoy the view. It has the power to be an outdoor living area, as well as a sculptural statement for the yard. Today we celebrate gazebo style with a roundup of spectacular garden structures that just might inspire your next outdoor project. Enjoy! Traditional Gazebos We begin with traditional gazebos that are charming…

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15 Summer Clearance Sale Items You Won’t Want to Miss

Yellow jute rug from West Elm

Everyone loves a good summer sale, but this year the clearance prices are nothing short of amazing! That’s why we couldn’t let summer clearance season come and go without pointing our readers in the direction of bargain deals featuring some of today’s top trends. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or stocking up on gifts for others (it’s not too early to stockpile Christmas gifts, right?),…

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8 Double-Duty Dorm Room Essentials to Kick Off the School Year in Style

Summer may still be in full swing, but it won’t be long before temps begin to cool and college kids head back to university. If you’ll be shopping for your dorm room soon, we’ve got a few suggestions for pieces that will work twice as hard for you while taking up the same amount of space. Read on for our favorite 2-in-1, space-saving dormitory essentials…

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16 Beachy Surfboard Decorating Ideas

den surfboard stood up 9

Who said surfboards are only for extreme water sport enthusiasts? If you ask me, they look the most stunning when incorporated into a home’s decor, regardless of whether that home is situated on the coast or not. In fact, you don’t even need to have an overly beachy or nautical theme going on in any room to make it work either. You can get surfboards in…

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Dorm Room Ideas for Design Lovers

Dreamy bedding from Urban Outfitters

No matter what you think about back-to-school season, most would agree that the design is always amazing! That’s because interior designers, product designers and retail brands are a little more adventurous as they try and appeal to college students, a young and trendy demographic. The result: some truly interesting and fun pieces that can be enjoyed by people of all ages! Whether you’re planning your dorm…

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Easy Canopy Ideas to Add More Shade to Your Yard

Pool deck with umbrella planter

During those scorching hot summer days, it can be quite a challenge to keep cool outside before deciding it’s time to head back indoors where it’s air conditioned. Your yard might be equipped with a patio set, a pool, or a beautiful garden, but with little shade during the hottest days, staying out there for a long period of time can certainly get pretty uncomfortable. Large trees, gazebos, and decks…

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Get Your Family to Put Down Their Phones During Dinner with These DIY Pocket Placemats

DIY Pocket Placemat with City View

Several months ago, I received a set of darling Anthropologie dish cloths as a gift that were so lovely I couldn’t bear to actually wipe my hands on them. So they ended up sitting in a cabinet. Then, last week, IKEA provided me with the perfect solution to turn the too-pretty towels into placemats that will get a lot more visibility. The inspiration came in…

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Fast-Growing Shade Trees That Make a Statement

Weeping willow over an outdoor dining area

When your yard needs shade and there’s little time to waste, the search is on for tree options that will lessen the sun’s effect on your outdoor space! Today’s post is dedicated to fast-growing shade trees, and the featured selections below aren’t just filler trees. On the contrary, they each make a big impact in their own way! Read on for details and plenty of…

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