Spanish Renovation Combines Classic Exterior With Contemporary Interior

Exterior of the renovated building  remains largely untouched

The renovation of a structure is a task that demands plenty of care. This is all the more true in the case of homes and buildings which are located in historically significant neighborhoods. This often means that the exterior of the house must remain unaltered while the interior needs to be revamped drastically. This particular building in Aviles, Spain needed to be converted into a…

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15 Inspiring Bookcases with Glass Doors for Your Home

X motif custom designed glass doors give these bookcases an inimitable look

A contemporary home is much more than the mere essentials such as the kitchen, dining space and the living room. While these are the things that occupy our mind to a large extent while planning for a new home, there are plenty of add-ons that you can opt for as well. Each us has our own eccentricity and while some build elaborate gaming rooms to…

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9 Efficient and Stylish Lamps for Your Work Space

office light ideas

Office equipment usually has to be efficient and practical above everything else. The requirements for office lamps are excellent lighting, a healthy light spectrum and flexibility in use. The lamps destined for the office need to be powerful and have a full light spectrum, which is why halogen, with its 100 per cent rendering of daylight constitutes the best solution for the health of our…

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Metallic Decor That Adds Subtle Sparkle to Your Interior

Metallic finds from Dwell Studio

Ready for a little shine? We’re not going to lie–the metallic finds in today’s post won’t knock you over with their sparkle. In fact, we love them precisely because of their subtlety. Many of this year’s most interesting metallic pieces combine looks that are both shimmering and earthy. The result: a new, modern take on silver and gold. Need a few more reasons to love…

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Simple Toy Storage Ideas for Easy Organization

Monogramed canvas storage bins in bookcase

With their enthusiasm and imaginative ways, children bring joy to our lives and make us smile. But they can also cause a little chaos in our homes- especially when it comes to toys. As much as we love our little ones, we don’t necessarily like the clutter of toys competing with our beautifully designed living spaces. What’s the solution to this problem? Combine necessity with…

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Gorgeous Long Island Home Renovated With Style And Sustainability

A view from the top level

The Orient House IV was christened as the second most energy-efficient structure on Long island and that speaks volumes about the eco-consciousness of this renovated 1970’s home. The classic home was renovated by Ryall Porter Sheridan Architects who not only instilled a sense of modern style and aesthetics but also added plenty of ‘cool’ features to turn the home into an eco-friendly hub. Yet, its…

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34 Modern Fireplace Designs With Glass For The Contemporary Home

Gorgeous fireplace in a glass enclosure

The definition of a ‘dream home’ varies from person to person. While some like a traditional and luxurious house that is warm and inviting, others love a modern sleek and smart setting that tends to gravitate towards minimalism. Yet, there are a few basic design elements that most of us agree on. A gorgeous and glowing fireplace is definitely one of those popular features that…

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Dog and Cat Houses: Pet Friendly Solutions for Your Furry Friends

pet friendly houses

I say dog, you say cat. From there the arguments, reasoning and disrespect escalates until we wonder how we could be friends. It becomes a competition with more aggression than a courtside event. We begin to analyze the psychological aspects that play a role into how a seemingly normal sane individual could choose the pet outside of our preference. Every horrific story, or folklore regarding…

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Schwarzes Gold Lamp: Ingo Schuppler Blends Ergonomics And Eco-Friendly Design

Schwarzes Gold Lamp by Ingo Schuppler 1

The world of fashion and design move forward at a rapid pace and that inherently means that what is considered ‘in’ today can fade out pretty quickly. That is precisely why incorporating a ‘timeless’ décor of furniture items into your home’s design is such an essential part of ‘going green’. With eco-consciousness on the rise in both consumers and designers, products like the Schwarzes Gold…

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DIY Chandelier Inspiration for Every Style

Repurposed mason jar chandeliers

Design is a balancing act- with the right mix of basics and finishing touches, you’ll end up with a perfect, show-stopping space. But what about the element you may never consider- chandeliers? Often taken for granted, the lighting in your life could potentially use an update from a little DIY love and inspiration. Check out these ideas for DIY chandelier projects you can start today….

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