Renovated House in Treia has All Charm Kept Intact

Italian House Renovation white living room design

Here’s a masterpiece work from Wespi de Meuron Architects — a renovated house located in Treia, Marche, a rarely domesticated village in Italy. Italy is a traditionally rich land, and has given birth to lots of famous architects. Renovation has got multiple implications; natural resource management being the most prominent. In 1995, this building caught fire and was damaged. Since then, it has been under…

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Modern Cool & Fancy Functional: 32 Attic Bedroom Design Ideas

attic bedrooms ideas

Having more space has become a commodity these days hence why finishing an attic is an ideal way to gain space for an extra bedroom. But it’s not so easy — from choosing the solutions to use, to coming up with a design that pleases you. So here are some tips to make the most of your attic and how a bedroom should look up…

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Ame Lot Student Residence in Paris is Ecologically Perfect and Spectacular

Ame Lot Student Residence 5

The Ame Lot Project by Stephane Malka Architecture, near the busy urban streets of Paris has been designed as a modern student residence. The construction is just a remodeling — without changing its original traits — of a pre-existent building. The only things new here are some wooden palettes, which impart a new outlook to this structure. Built on urban space, the Ame Lot is…

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Lookout From the Top: Resorts With Breathtaking and Exotic Views

spectacular resort views

Holidays often involve visits to special places. These nine places are special indeed. Each of these resorts offer not only first-class amenities but also a magnificent view. Whether a traveler’s taste runs to the mountains, islands or something truly exotic like an active volcano, a resort hotel can be found with a view to please. And when you’re an interior design aficionado, it’s a must….

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Modern Marcus Beach House by Robinson Architects in Queensland

Marcus Beach House - glass steel exterior

The Marcus Beach House from the Australian designers Robinson Architects seems to the kind of house that proves just how great you can use glass, steel and wood when decorating your interior. This two storey modern house is located on Sunshine Coast near Queensland, and was meant for a retired couple, but to be honest I could see myself or any other young fellows living…

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Artistic Lighting Shades from “Passion 4 Wood”


With each day passing, wood seems like becoming more popular in buildings and homes. For a fairly long time, wood had been used merely for doors and windows; and later people began using it for floors, too. Now, Belgium-based studio Passion 4 Wood has demonstrated how to incorporate wood with contemporary lighting accessories. The company undertakes all work involving wood in lighting and decorative accessories…

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Four Tips to Decorate Your Kids Rooms (37 Pictures to Inspire)

teenagers rooms design ideas

Need some fresh ideas for decorating your kids bedroom? Here we’ve compiled some ideas to help stimulate your creativity and create a room in which your child will feel right at home. 1. Talk to your child. If you’re stumped on where to begin, and your child is of talking age, ask him what he’d like to see in his room. Whether his ideas are…

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Black & White Contemporary Loft in Stockholm, Sweden

Black & White Contemporary Loft, living area

We seem to have a passion for Swedish apartments and houses as we wrote about plenty of them on Decoist. Today, we’re at it again with a new, rather small, contemporary loft in Post Hall, in central Stockholm. As usual, we’re looking at a black and white interior that makes the 68 sqm area look much larger than it is. And it’s more special, if…

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Contemporary Eko Park Apartment Interior in Warsaw

Designers Pawel Sokol and Hanka Bajer from Exit Interior Design Studio are the ones guilty for the contemporary feel and the stunning simplicity of this gorgeous apartment in central Warsaw, Poland. Located on the first floor, the bright Eko Park 3 apartment seems small at a first glance, but on a closer look it proves quite large and intimate, thanks to its multifunctional furniture and…

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Astarte Suites: Honeymoon Destination in Santorini, Greece

Astarte Suites Santorini exterior pool

We’re just a few months away from summer and I’m pretty sure some of you are seeking places to spend your short vacation this year — in style and pampered in luxury, maybe? If so, the exquisite Santorini Island in Greece, could be the perfect spot. And if you decide to go for this, you may also want to consider the Astarte Suites Hotel. We…

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Jarson Residence Dressed in a Weathered Steel and Cooper Skin

Jarson Residence

Designed for two real estate professionals and their two sons, the Jarson Residence by Will Bruder + Partners rises as a quiet and imposing structure from the desert surrounding it. Overlooking the McDowell Mountains to the north east, this spectacular dream home is dressed in a skin made of weathered steel and cooper pierced by large glazed areas. The cladding fabricates a strong connection to…

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Elegant and Dynamic Atmosphere on Israel’s Mediterranean Coast

Sea Shell Residence interior by Lanciano Design

Indirect lighting and a light but luxurious atmosphere proved to be the perfect choice for the Sea Shell Residence on Israel’s Mediterranean coast. The interiors of this impressive 7,500 square foot contemporary residence were created by Israel-based studio Lanciano Design. Looking at each of the spaces, a common characteristic of the interiors seems to be the elegant, open spaces filled with ambient lights that create a…

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23 Shared Bedroom Styles: From Novel Trends to Fancy Ideas

green shared bedroom ideas styles

Ever wondered how children of today have gone out of touch with other family members? If you go for a survey, you could see that most of them have private bedrooms. There was a time when the whole family shared the same bedroom and the result was very evident in their social life too. Here’s an easy solution to bring back those good old days….

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Steel Steady House II in Holland is Poetry in Steel

Located in a flat landscape near the sea, Steel Steady House II in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands, has crept onto the list of most beautiful buildings in that locality. The house has got its design from renowned architects Archipelontwepers. The Steel Steady House II has got wonderful surroundings, with a vast agricultural field on one side and a rich town on the other. There is a…

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Mop House in Kuwait Looks Marvelous Amidst Spectacular Greenery

The curve seems to have taken its might back again with the Mop House in Al-Nuzha, Kuwait — it appears to be marvelous in the backdrop of spectacular greenery and curved walls, painted in creamy- whitish color.  The brilliant architecture of the Mop House has be commissioned to the creative folks from AGI Architects who came out with this incredible layout, ideally suited for a…

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