Chalkboard Madness in the Home Organization

bedroom decoration with chalkboard

Inherently we are chaotic, unorganized people that -let’s admit it, have trouble chewing bubble gum and parallel parking simultaneously. (Quick- rub your belly in circles with one hand and pat your head up and down with your other. Case in point.) Despite all the intricacies found within our beloved smartphones and host of other technological gadgets we still have moments of ineptness when it comes…

DIY: Converting Small Spaces into Big Characters

DIY make small spaces look bigger

Claustrophobia is a horrible, debilitating disease based on the fear of being imprisoned within tight inescapable spaces. Dark cramped corners that suffocate you with the irrational thought of no air. This anxiety can happen anytime, anywhere with no real forewarning. One minute you are carefree, the next your elbowroom has vanquished to the masses of people swallowing you like rush hour at grand central station….

How to Use Venetian Plaster

using venetian plaster

Venetian plaster is an art from that dates back to the Italian Renaissance, and somehow still maintains a foothold in contemporary home décor. Its unique texture transforms simple, blank interior walls into replicas of old world charm, adding a touch of class and sophistication to any room in your home.  Although technology has changed the methods of interior design a great deal over the past…

How to Clean Cork Flooring

bedroom cork parquet flooring

In addition to its being incredibly environmentally friendly, beautiful in appearance and a great sound proofing agent, cork flooring has yet another redeeming attribute – it’s also extremely easy to clean. If you’ve recently purchased cork flooring, you might still be a little unsure as to how to clean them properly without causing damage to your investment. By following these steps, you can prolong the…

Reupholstering Your Stool in Under Six Easy Steps

reupholstering stools

We all know at least one person who can do (or claims to have the ability to do) anything they set their mind to. And sometimes it doesn’t even take that much effort for them. They just are intrinsically talented and overqualified for every task, hobby, and job they set out to do. You dread the family visits to their house as you get your…

Capri Tiberio Palace: Enjoy the Mediterranean with Some Old World Charm

Capri Tiberio Palace - Hotel Design - Decoist 1

If you are planning on visiting Capri anytime soon, then the new and revamped Capri Tiberio Palace could very well be the place that could add further charm to your stay on this beautiful Mediterranean island. Redone by designer Giampiero Panepinto, the entire place reminds you of the 50’s and the 60’s with its retro styling, black and white pictures of its glorious past and…

Shades of Green: A Verdant Spring Decorating Palette

decorating with green

Fresh. Natural. Tropical. Elegant. Vivid. These are just a few of the words that describe the color featured in today’s article. To celebrate spring, we bring you a full range of design ideas in shades of green. When you think of green, what hue comes to mind? Lime green? Mint green? Kelly green? As a four-year-old, I was asked by my parents to pick a…

Villa Belvedere: Picture-perfect view of San Francisco

Villa Belvedere - San Francisco

If you wish to own a home in San Francisco not just because you want one, but because you are in love with the city, then few, if any, would ever match the opulence offered by Villa Belvedere. Designed by one of the city’s finest, Sandy Walker, the home offers you an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge and a lovely morning with a…

Create a Cabinet of Curiosities

curiosity cabinet with faux coral.png

Curiosity cabinets celebrate the art of collecting unusual items. With a history stemming from elaborate Renaissance collections that showcased a love of science, curiosity cabinets have regained modern-day popularity, often through clever reinterpretations involving a dose of the unexpected. Rocks, shells, animal bones, antique baubles and architectural smalls are among the many curiosities of today. The good news: When it comes to modern curiosity cabinets,…

Best Paint Colors for Small Spaces

white and taupe brown contemporary bedroom decorating ideas

Whether you live in a multimillion dollar mansion in the country or a teeny tiny studio apartment in the middle of a city, chances are you have at least one small space in your home that is absolutely boggling when it comes to décor. This room might be your guest bathroom, a small foyer, an itty bitty bedroom, an office or simply your entire living…

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