Soft Big Basket by Ola Gillgren With Every Part Visible


What is there not to love about baskets? Available in different shapes and sizes, colors and displaying beautiful patterns, they hold our precious possessions or help things be carried around. Why not enjoy the feeling the inside of a basket give you? Big Basket by Ola Gillgren gives you the chance to feel cozy and nurtured while sitting in a basket-resembling chair. Made out of…

IXOS House is Mesmerizing and Proclaims the Larger than Life Theme

Located in Spain in the heart of a pine forest, this white building offers celestial views that are certain to make you drool. Created by AABE and dubbed the IXOS House, the theme of the house is to prove that large is better — obviously considering that the designer thinks that proportions, these day, come as key in the modern design of the house. Everything…

Moscow Contemporary Apartment Sports Elegance

Modern Apartment in Moscow white living room

Want to feast your eyes on yet another fabulous contemporary house? Now, this one that we are talking about is located in Moscow and designed by Alexey Nikolashin. Sporting all features that will surely catch your attention, the house dons a perfect lighting system, color palette, simple and elegant interior designing and perfect storage area. The front room includes the living, dining and kitchen area….

Tips to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

space saving small living room tips tricks

Are you living in a small apartment? Things are cramped and you’d love to have more space? Then you need to expand your room size or at least make it look larger. You just found the right place to do that, as we, on Decoist, have quite a few tricks that will help out. Using multi-functional or removable furniture is a great way to streamline…

LEGO Architecture Replicates Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House LEGO 1

This is, in fact, interesting to the core. LEGO Architecture is all set to replicate the world famous Opera House, the iconic building in Sydney. As you already know, this magnificent construction is often considered the Eighth Wonder of the world.  Sydney Opera House serves as an international cultural icon, and represents the whole country before the world. It was originally designed by a Danish…

Garage Gets an Aesthetic Make Over; Turns Awesome Studio

office make over 2

Okay, let’s narrate the tale of yet another garage make over here. This one deals with the imaginative efforts that have gone into modernizing a garage to make it look like a studio. An old garage has been turned into a modern private art studio by photographer Natalie Wright, who thought of doing the undoable. She, in fact, wanted to renovate her old garage into…

Award Winning Small House in London With a Dark Brick Exterior

Small House in London 1

You have been reading a lot about large buildings and expensive interiors here. Come, lets take a walk to this small house in the middle of a city where you can enjoy all the benefits of a stylish home. The Shadow House is a newly-built private house on 38 sq m piece of land in London. Architects from Liddicoat and Goldhill created this Victorian house…

Minimalist Singapore House Redefines Open Spaces Concept

Minimalist Singapore House 1

Are you someone who likes to live simple? Then you need to take a look at this small little house in Singapore. With minimum and simple space, the interiors of this house will surely catch your attraction. In the city state of Singapore almost everyone lives in apartments built and allotted by the government. This little place we are talking about here is the result…

Casa Villa del Rey is Like a Work of Fiction

Casa Villa del Rey 1

Ever wondered what a writer’s house would look like? Enticing as a work of fiction, right? Indeed it is. This amazing house located in Nova Lima, Brazil, encompasses all that is imaginative and stands supreme across a 270 square meter area. The Casa de la villa del Rey has been designed by architect and designer Carlos Teixeira — a well known writer and critic —…

Horizontal Shower Reveals New Dimension; But Who Needs It?

horizontal shower 1

It seems to be love at first sight. Oh! We are talking about the new horizontal shower that has just been launched in “the land of Chocolates”, Switzerland. Before going in to details, just think a while about the need of such an invention. Do we really need a horizontal shower? As all inventions without a purpose go down to a state of oblivion, this…

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