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A Modern Thanksgiving Table Idea

Geo Thanksgiving table

Thanksgiving is around the corner, so today I’m sharing a modern tabletop idea that’s perfect for fall. Incorporating a DIY table runner, copper-toned mums, white pumpkins and geo objects, this Thanksgiving table concept is affordable and easy to create. Read on for details about the palette and the design, as well as the appetizer that really brings this modern geo table to life!…   An…

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Use Your Over-Ripe Apples to Make Fun Fruit-Stamped Decor

Apple Stamping Styled Tablescape for Fall

Apple-picking is one of my favorite fall activities, but sometimes you bring home a bushel of apples and simply can’t eat them fast enough. There are plenty of good tips for turning over-ripe apples into apple butter or apple sauce, but if you’ve got just one stray left over, here’s a fun way to repurpose half of it as a stamp (I recommend chopping up…

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20 Last-Minute Halloween Ideas with Modern Flair

Halloween noir decor from CB2

If you caught our recent post on Unique Halloween Ideas for Design Lovers, you know that we at Decoist are all about creative holiday style! With Halloween quickly approaching, today’s post is dedicated to last-minute ideas that maximize simplicity and style. Highlighting our favorite projects from top design blogs, we hope to inspire you with some beautifully styled photos, easy DIY projects and innovative creativity. Ready…

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8 DIY Projects to Dress Up Your Cork Boards

Cork board cut into a world map

Whether you have a cork board hanging in your home office, your kitchen, your kids’ bedrooms, or anywhere else — it’s pretty obvious that the plain, brown background doesn’t offer much in terms of decorative style. Of course, you’re supposed to cover it up with all sorts of photos, notes, and other interesting things, but that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that it will transform your dull…

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8 Creative DIY Project Ideas for Using Fall Leaves as Seasonal Wall Art

Framed leaves make a statement on a living room wall

Being able to get out to see all the fall colors is a special time of year that never seems to last long enough. You can pick a few leaves off the ground and press them in books to try and preserve them, but what are you supposed to do with them after that? You’ll know the answer to that after you have a look through…

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An Easy DIY Painting with Retro Style

Large plant and geo art on an orange shelf

Looking for an affordable DIY wall art solution? This retro-style painting is perfect for modern spaces that incorporate a bit of the past. Kate here, and this weekend I created the painting above after one of my 1980s prints fell from the wall (the glass of the frame was shattered). The design for the project was inspired by ’70s and ’80s geometric motifs. Read on…

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8 Easy DIY Wood Candle Holders for Some Rustic Warmth This Fall

Birch log candle holder for tealights

Fall is on its way, and sooner than you know it, you’ll all be needing to turn on the heat in your home once again. Given that the colder weather can sometimes make it a little less pleasant to enjoy the outdoors, a great DIY project for you to bring a little of the outdoors back inside is a candle holder made out of logs, sticks, or twigs. It’s…

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How to Make a Cute and Rustic Picture Frame Using Recycled Wine Corks

Cork Pic Frame DIY

At the risk of painting myself as a bit of an alcoholic, I’ve been on a DIY spree lately trying to use up all of the wine corks I’ve amassed over the years. If you enjoyed my cork placecard holders and cork mini planters, check out this new tutorial for a rustic cork-adorned picture frame where you can display your favorite memories. It’s really easy…

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A DIY Cinder Block Succulent Wall with a Twist

Modern concrete block wall

Today I’m sharing my latest DIY project: a cinder block wall that can be used for succulents and any other plants you wish to incorporate! This project is by no means a new concept, but I’ve added a special twist that makes it super easy to assemble! While I didn’t use mortar or any other means of sticking these blocks together (since the wall isn’t…

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Why Renovate When These Easy Home Updates Are Possible?

Painted cabinets from A House in the Hills

If you’re ever moved into a new home and soon wondered how your renovation budget disappeared so quickly, today’s post is for you! In fact, if you’re renting and looking for some quick and easy updates that are anything but permanent, many of the ideas below will help you as well. In fact, you just might end up asking “Why renovate?” Thanks to the creativity…

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How to Make DIY Rope-Wrapped Vases with Nautical Flair

Rope Wrapped Vases DIY Nautical

I recently went hunting for some nautical vases for my upcoming wedding, and found a rope-wrapped design that fit the bill perfectly–that is, until I saw the pricetag. Eager to see if I could replicate the costly containers, I set to work wrapping some recycled food cans with inexpensive jute rope, and the result was everything I wanted for just a fraction of the cost…

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How to Make Adorable and Inexpensive Pig-Shaped Coasters Out of Cork

Pig Shaped Cork Coasters DIY Project

Quirky coasters are a fun way to add some whimsy to your home decor but cute ones tend to average around $15-$30 bucks a pop. Here’s an easy (and we’re talking beginner level) DIY tutorial showing you how to make your own oink-worthy piggy coasters out of cork, an affordable, green and rapidly renewable material. The whole project cost me about $2! And if there’s…

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How to Turn Your Windows into Giant Picture Frames

How to Make a Giant Window Picture Frame

You’ve heard of picture windows, but did you ever think of using your windows as actual picture frames? This unique DIY project adds visual interest to a room, and can also act as a window covering if you’re not in love with your view (like mine, which is of a brick wall). The look is also pretty easy to achieve–read on to see how I…

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DIY: Copper and Blackboard Painted Globe

Top View of the Painted Globe

Some pieces of decor are simply timeless. Globes seem to be making a comeback these days, and when displayed in collections they look pretty great! But what if you happen to have a globe that has seen better days? How do you display it then? Well, that’s nothing a little paint and some markers can’t fix! Dust Off That Old Globe! First, you want to…

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Make This Pretty DIY Party Banner (It’s Much Easier Than It Looks!)

DIY Yellow and Grey Theme Baby Shower Banner

You know you’ve reached a certain age when your weekend plans start to include more bridal and baby showers than nights out at the bar. Thankfully, I relish any excuse to craft, so you won’t hear any complaints from me! If you’re part of a shower planning committee and are looking for the perfect congratulatory banner, follow my DIY tutorial below to make one that…

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