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22 Guest Bedrooms with Captivating Twin Bed Designs

Thinking about redecorating your guest bedroom? If you’re looking to replace the bed, you might want to consider going for two twin beds as opposed to the typical double or queen-sized bed — especially if you have the room for it! Think about it. A pair of twin beds is more convenient for guests who aren’t couples, and the symmetry you can create will give your guests double the design envy! Check out these 22 beautiful guest bedrooms that will make your guests feel right at home.

Exquisite Beds

There’s no reason why you can’t splurge on some stunning beds, even if they’re not queen or king-sized. These four-post beds with intricate wood carvings featured on My Design Chic and HGTV are elegant and eye-catching.

Elegant four post twin beds with a touch of gold
Stunning four post twin beds with beautiful carvings
Four post twin beds with elegant bedding and wallpaper

Bright Pops of Color

Are you afraid that your guest bedroom with twin beds might look a little young? There are ways around it — and you can still have fun with color! Check out this sunny yellow room with white bedding from Carla Aston, or go for blue with black bedding, like this second example from HGTV.

Two twin beds pushed together in yellow room
Twin beds positioned up against two different walls

Go bright green with a couple of matching accent pieces, or bright pink while keeping the bedding simple!

Green guest room with matching accent pillows for twin beds
French cane beds against a boldly painted wall

Coastal Serenity

Using twin beds in a guest bedroom is perfect for the cottage or beach house. And what better way to make it look great than by going along with the beach theme? This room from Decorative Bedroom keeps it fresh and white with some bursts of yellow.

Very white guest room with bright yellow twin bed pillows

Depending on how small or oddly shaped the room is, you may find that positioning twin beds side by side just doesn’t work. Here’s a room from Brit.co that solves that problem, and gains extra storage from it too!

Two twin beds along one wall with extra storage

For a coastal beach theme, you can really have fun with the decor. Go all out with sea-inspired wall art, pieces of coral, and shades of blue and other soft/neutral colors. Pottery Barn even has these lovely sheets to go along with your beach look.

Tufted upholstered head boards on two twin beds
White coastal themed guest room with twin beds

House of Turquoise shows you how to create more of a tropical look, while Casa Tres Chic takes a different route with a more masculine, nautical design.

Bright and beach-themed twin beds in a guest room
Nautical themed guest room with twin beds

A Bit of Country Living

Twin beds also look quaint and comfy when you go along with a country theme. Check out these great headboards from Favorite Paint Colors. Charming and rustic!

Country guest room with rustic wood head boards on twin beds

You can also have some real fun with the bedding. BHG shows a couple of twin beds with cute designs on the sheets, plus trees and owls on the decorative pillows.

Beautiful country living guest room with twin beds

Or why not keep it simple in the country? These two beds feature crips white bedding from Crate & Barrel, with a bright green wall behind them.

Bright green guest room featuring Brighton white bedding from Crate&Barrel

To bring a touch of elegance into your country guest bedroom, check out the use of these Legacy Home Hampton bed linens, available from Horchow.

Two twin beds featuring Legacy Home Hampton bed linens

Embracing Bold Patterns

There are so many possibilities for working with patterns and textures in a guest bedroom, and you can get double the impact with two twin beds. Have a look at this fascinating red and gray room from Amy Vermillion, along with another second example from Number Four Eleven that features gold patterned curtains and matching decorative pillows.

Creative use of pattern in guest room with twin beds
Twin beds in small guest room with matching curtains and pillows

Wall Art That Makes a Statement

Two twin beds placed up against a wall can serve as an inspirational canvas for hanging wall art. This room featured on Sabbe Spot shows you don’t have to keep it symmetrical when it comes to hanging lots of different pieces!

Twin beds with a trunk between them and gorgeous wall art

Here’s a different example from Cote De Texas, which places a mirror above a rustic dresser in between the two beds, with a pyramid-like shape of wall art hung above each.

Twin beds with rustic dresser between them

Of course, mirrors can sometimes be better used than framed pieces of artwork. Check out these small but elegant round mirrors hung above each bed from Zsa Zsa Bellagio. And that chandelier really is a beauty too!

Clean and elegant twin beds paired with chandelier and mirrors

Elise Moreau

I write for decoist.

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