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Coastal Style Interiors: Ideas That Bring Home The Breezy Beach Life!

Contemporary Coastal is a perennial favorite among designers and home owners. The relaxed and fresh style reminds us of those lazy summer days or that exotic holiday trip when sun, sand and surf were just a stone’s throw away! Bringing the bright, beautiful and energizing aura of life on the beach, coastal style is all about creating a relaxing, airy and cheerful atmosphere indoors. While there are several different versions of the beach-inspired theme, it is best to pick one that serves you well all year round.

Art work above the fireplace accentuates the coastal look

by Corine Maggio Natural Designs

A practical coastal style is not about overloading your home with every little beach related motif that you can get your hands on. The inspirations and coastal themed ideas on display here showcase a beautiful balance between staying true to the style and still embracing sleek contemporary design. Varying between subtle and sublime, the extravagant and the exclusive, here are some amazing interiors that show how to get it done –

Gorgeous living room in blue and white
Modern bedroom with a coastal style borrowed from the Far East!

Photo by Mark Lohman

Subtle shades and the ocean view outside complete the coastal style in this stunning bedroom

by DKOR Interiors

Fabulous use of coral to create a unique coastal look

by Friehauf Architects

Chic Living room has a fresh and airy appeal

by John McDonald

Twisting poster bed adds to the unique style of this cool bedroom

by Bruce Palmer Coastal Design

View outdoors adds to the beach style inside the bedroom

by Mary Prince

Colors Borrowed from Sand, Surf and Shells

The beauty and the enchantment of that living room or bedroom draped in perfect coastal look is the fact that it brings us closer to nature and its soothing abode. The best way to achieve this is by borrowing from the color palette that the beach has to offer. Since, we already have looked at a bunch of lovely nautical themed inspirations; we will stick to the basic ‘beach style’ this time around. An all-white backdrop is the perfect way to get started with the coastal look. While other neutral colors also tend to work, you simply cannot go wrong with white.

Coastal living room with bright pops of orange

by Michael McKinley and Associates

Lovely combination of aqua and white in the living room

by Kate Jackson Design

Beautiful combination of country and coastal styles with chic patterns

by Darci Goodman Design

In case white does not do it for you, use beach-inspired shades like sandy beige, light cream, charcoal, off-whites or a very light yellow that inspires images of a sun-kissed beach at dawn! Refreshing light blues, cool aqua, light teal and turquoise are perfect additions as the accent shades that enliven the space.

Do not employ more than two accent colors and use sober oranges and deep coral shades in case you wish to complement the cool blues with some warm hues.

Orange works brilliantly in a coastal styled room when used in sober fashion

by Rizzoli New York

Perfect color combinations and the aqua blues bring home the beach!

by Workshop/apd

Original oil canvas in coral in the bedroom

by Lori Smyth Design

Contemporary home in Texas with a coastal design theme

by Cornerstone Architects

A white backdrop presents the perfect canvas for the beautiful beach style

by Blackband Design

Think Organic!

Choosing furniture for a coastal styled room can be loads of fun. Décor crafted from natural fibers and organic materials serve you best in accentuating the coastal theme further. Once again, the idea is to create a serene and tranquil setting that is as close to the experience of a beach life as possible. Wickers tools, rattan furniture and beds with a natural oak frame fit perfectly into the scheme of things. In case you want to go a step further, some stylish canvas chairs and a few bamboo blinds are the ideal choice.

Contemporary dining room showcases sublime beachy textures
Shape of the headboard evokes a cool coastal vibe

by Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

Wicker chairs and plush white sectional sofa anchor the coastal look

by Robert Young Architects

While furnishings crafted from natural fibers are great, always anchor them with a plush couch in pristine white. For the bedroom, think about fabric that is clean, crisp and in single neutral tone (preferably white again). Accent pillows with a striped pattern fabric accents with nautical print usher in some color without disturbing the theme itself.

Coastal style brings in a relaxed and serene look

by Rizzoli New York

Relaxing bedroom combines the coastal style with a cottage look


Natural fibers and understated colors are perfect for a coastal theme

by Diane Bergeron

Chaise lounge and the crisp cream shades bring in a beachy appeal

by Robert Young Architects

Woven stools add the coastal vibe in a subtle manner

by Richard Bubnowski Design

Bring in Natural Light

Have you ever had a real dull, gloomy and dark day on the beach? Odds are, if things got stormy with the weather, you got out of there pretty fast. Life on the beach is all about soaking in the sunshine and if you are decorating with a coastal look, the light is the single most important factor. There is no substitute to great natural light in creating interiors that are open and cheerful. The light hues of coastal interiors further amplify light to create a lively setting. Large glass windows and doors are the best way to achieve the right lighting.

Hard to go wrong with white and light blue look in the bedroom
Corals and conch shells are the decorations for a coastal style interior

There are plenty of versions of coast-inspired interiors that range from the Mediterranean to the tropical and from the classic to the nautical. Irrespective of which specific style you pick, the basics of the style tend to remain the same. Make sure you get these correct and the rest will be an absolute breeze!

Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair in the coastal bedroom

by Core Development Group

Usher in the coastal theme with subtle touches of color
You need not always go overboard with the coastal theme

by Barnes Vanze Architects

Add Navy blue if you prefer a look that borrows from a nautical theme
Family room displays a crisp coastal style

by Quatrine Custom Furniture

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