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Space-Savvy Organization: Small Men’s Closets to Make Your Mornings Easier!

Shifting through the wardrobe each morning to pick out what you are going to wear for the day is not as enjoyable an experience for some as it is for others. Of course, in a world hit by a crippling global pandemic, it is a ritual many of us are only getting back to now! But what can make the task much easier is an organized and efficient closet – one that perfectly stores and showcases your current wardrobe. Even though the common perception is that it is women who benefit most from a smart closet, the same is the case for men. And you can even get these benefits from a small closet that saves space.

Sliding frosted glass doors used for the small men’s closet in the contemporary bedroom [From: Closet Factory]

The small men’s closet is all about getting the basics right. You need to combine smart design with a de-cluttered approach to ensure that you can fit everything into this tiny area. Sure, what a closet needs to hold is different for different folk. But the basics of it all remain the same and the best small men’s closets are both functional and pleasing on the eye. From the modern to the traditional, this is a look at some of the best ideas and what we can learn from them –

To Serve Your Personal Style

No matter what your personal style is, one of the first things you need to do is to ensure that you get rid of all the clutter and the pieces that you do not intend to use from your wardrobe. This clutter-free approach is the first step to ensuring that the small closet is enough to serve your needs. Move away the clothes, hats and accessories that you feel are not ‘season appropriate’. Stick to what you plan to use in the next couple of months let other wardrobe items be stored away neatly elsewhere. If you need more space for shirts than trousers or want to dedicate a couple of shelves for footwear, then plan for them before you settle on a design.

Boxes, shelves and hangers combined to create an extensive men’s wardrobe [From: Tailored Living]
Polished contemporary small men’s closet design with wooden shelves and ample storage space [From: Singer Kitchens]
Tiny and open men’s closet design in wood is neatly tucked into the space next to the bed
Boxes, shelves and hangers combined to create an extensive men’s wardrobe

Lighting and Organization

We really cannot overstate how important lighting is when it comes to planning and decorating small spaces. This is no different in case of the small closet with lighting making it much easier to pick from your wardrobe each morning. Since we are talking about small, organized closets, you will not need to many lights in there. Also, make sure that you do not resort to randomly ‘stuffing’ your clothes and accessories just a week or two after organizing and take a more organized approach to tucking away your clothes after laundry.

Even the tiny loft bedroom has space for an organized and efficient little closet with the right planning
Everything from shelves and rods to boxes and crates is used to shape this small men’s closet
Turning the traditional closet into a modern storage masterpiece with bespoke wooden unit [From: Rylex Custom Cabinetry and Closets]
Design a closet that meets your specific wardrobe needs

A Bit of Everything in There!

There are plenty of ways in which you can organize the small wardrobe and using different solutions for offers you’re a way in which you can utilize small spaces with ease. From portable racks, wall hooks and simple rods that can be used to hang coats, shirts and more to baskets and shelves that carefully hide everything else, a clever mix of different options helps you in getting exactly the closet you need. Make sure you have some space for all your accessories in there – socks, belts and a whole lot more.

Turn that little niche in the hallway into a fabulous and functional closet
Innovative small closet with metallic bar hanging from the ceiling serves well for those with a minimal wardrobe [From: Katleen Roggeman]
Modern, open closet design with floating wooden shelves for the men’s bedroom
Not everyone needs a full-fledged closet with shelves and baskets!

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