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25 Dream Kitchens in Wood and White: Refined, Cozy and Functional

If there is one space in our home that demands constant attention, then it is undoubtedly the kitchen. This is not because the kitchen is in need of a constant upgrade, but more because it is the heart and soul of the modern home which is increasingly adapting the open plan living. Each year brings with it a new set of kitchen trends and while some seem far too outlandish and last just a few months, others stay around to transform into features that define an entire era. Much like the bright colors and flowery patterns of 70’s and 80’s, the stoic presence of beige in the 90’s and the overload of gray in 2000’s, the last few years have seen the arrival of white and wood color scheme.

Efficient and space-savvy modern kitchen in white and wood [From: Schappacher White Architecture]

The white and wood kitchen is a showstopper in every sense of the word as it combines two very different elements and finishes to create a soothing and energizing space. White is a color that is the staple hue in modern homes while wood adds warmth and coziness that comes from its natural presence. Both of them combine to bring together worlds that are entirely different and yet the fusion is just tantalizing! Smart, functional and gorgeous, this is a look at the 25 best wood and white kitchens around –

Versatile White and Wood

Having already shared with you the best white and wood dining rooms and bedrooms, it is already clear that this is a color scheme that adapts to a variety of styles with ease. From Scandinavian and contemporary styles with an innate sense of minimalism to farmhouse and Mediterranean styles that demand more from the woodsy part of the palette; you can find a white and wood kitchen in pretty much every possible style. Some might veer more towards white than wood while others could overload on the latter. Even with the use of white, industrial and traditional kitchens can utilize whitewashed brick walls and subway tiles while more sophisticated contemporary kitchens can be clad in surfaces like Corian.

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White and wood cabinets along with island perfectly fit into the midcentury style of the kitchen [From: Shields Residential]
Using the wood and white palette in the small kitchen
Bar stools add more woodsy charm to this spacious kitchen [From: Prime Renovations]
Beautiful and modern kitchen in an open plan living that embraces the wood and white look
Let the countertops bring wooden element to the kitchen in white [From: Oakley Home Builders]
Natural wooden countertops with live-edge for the white kitchen
Scandinavian style kitchen in white and wood
Smart and functional modern kitchen in wood and white with open shelving
Trendy wood and white kitchen idea with a bit of fall magic!

Utilizing Floor and Ceiling

We always tend to rue the fact that both the ceiling and the floor are constantly underutilized from an aesthetic standpoint in our homes. But with the white and wood kitchen, this need not be the case at all. Wooden ceiling beams with aging, textured beauty instantly highlight the kitchen ceiling and add an entirely new dimension to the space. Matching wooden floors and kitchen cabinets make the setting even more special. Instead of the plain white kitchen roof, a more woodsy option this winter can revamp your kitchen while making it more snug scenery.

Distressed wooden beams add even more character to the kitchen [From: Entreprise Matt Jackson]
Even the ceiling adds to the wood and white look of this kitchen with a hint of dark goodness!
Exquisite and spacious kitchen in white and wood [From: Twist Tours Photography]
Farmhouse style kitchen in white with gorgeous wooden ceiling beams [From: Kitchen & Bath Gallery]
Gorgeous use of wooden accent wall in the white kitchen
Let the floor bring a bit of woodsy warmth to the all-white kitchen
Wooden kitchen island coutertop for the kitchen in white
Dining table next to it brings the woodsy element to this polished corner kitchen in white

Pastels, Pinch of Color and More

White and wood kitchen does not necessarily mean you have to keep out even the tiniest bit of color that falls outside this color scheme. In fact, a bright piece of wall art in the kitchen full of vibrant colors is just what you need here as it enlivens the entire space while accentuating the beauty of the color palette itself. It creates a simple and smart focal point that can be switched out with ease. Pastel colors that blend in with white and even a dash of black for the kitchen window frames gives each kitchen an identity of its own.

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Light pastel blue becomes one with white in this kitchen [From: Cynthia Hayes Interior Design]
Modern industrial kitchen in white, wood and a dash of gentle pastel green [From: QuarterLab Design Build]
Tiny kitchen in wood and white for the ultra-small apartment
White and wood beach style kitchen with blue wall art in the corner [From: Breathe Design Studio]
Wood and white kitchen with a bit of gray as well!
A bit of gray goes along beautifully with the white and wood in the kitchen
Kitchen island in reclaimed wood makes a big visual impact in the white kitchen

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