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25 Glass Shower Doors for a Truly Modern Bath

Designing a home can be a difficult task in itself, not just for those who are not trained specifically for the job, but also for architects and designers themselves and it is often the abundance of choices that leaves us confused and at times overwhelmed.

While we pay plenty of attention to the design of both the living room and the bedrooms, bathrooms are quickly becoming as important as any other feature of the home thanks to the amazing variations we get to see. Both creative thinking and technological feasibility have successfully brought the dream bathrooms into our own home.

Cherry wood vanity and large glass shower enclosure with a classic touch

Glass shower doors are fast turning out to be very popular choice when it comes to designing a smart, sleek and functional contemporary bathroom that fits in seamlessly with the modern theme of the rest of the home. Here are 25 bathroom design inspirations that incorporate this ‘glassy and classy’ feature ergonomically and bring about a new sense of apparent beauty to the refreshing shower each day-

Sparkling shower with glass door steals the show in this brilliant bath

by Whitten Architects

Beautiful modern bath that combines shower and the bathtub behind glass doors

by Globus Builder

Bed and Bath combination employs a glass filled bath space to allow ample ventilation

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Brilliant glass shower door gives this bath an airy feel despite small space on offer

by Designs Northwest Architects

Clean and well defined lines along with custom design grace this striking bathroom with glass shower

Transparently Brilliant

Compact bathroom with elegant shower space encased in glass

by Claudia Leccacorvi

The biggest advantage or appeal of the glass shower doors and glass shower cubicles is obviously the form factor that they bring to the table. The addition of sleek and stylish glass doors brings in a sense of modern minimalism to every bathroom and with the right use of both wood stone in the remainder of the design; one can also create the perfect balance of textures as well.

This subtle sense of contemporary design seems to be only possible with the smart use of glass and the shower doors give one the ideal opportunity to do so.

Contemporary bath with glass shower doors and warm hues

by Mark Brand Architecture

Dramatic bathroom with beautiful backlit rainforest-like acrylic panel and glass doors
Frameless Shower looks transparently stunning with a glassy look

by Divine Kitchens LLC

Sliding shower door system saves up on the space with sleek form
Frosted glass shower panel and doors give this bathroom a tranquil atmosphere

by Patrick J. Baglino

Flowing Space without Visual Boundaries

Glass shower area creates a spa-like relaxing environment with its cool design

by Amoroso Design

With most modern apartment spaces and houses being hard-pressed for space, it makes sense to ensure that one uses the available room to the hilt. Apart from simply maximizing on the existing room, glass shower doors bring in visual connectivity with the rest of the bathroom. This is a beautiful and daft way of creating an impression of larger space than what actually exists, since the use of glass makes sure there are far fewer opaque surfaces.

The result is a fluid and chic bathroom with plenty of elegance.

Imaginative translucent glass enclosure creates a vibrant look in cool blue for the kids’ bathroom
Lovely modern bathroom uses natural tones and glass shower space to create a refreshing feel

by Streamline Design Ltd

Master bathroom with glass doors offers visual connectivity with the bedroom

by Michael Abrams Limited

Mid-century modern master bathroom with understated class
Modern bathroom in yellow and gray with spacious glass shower area

by Sullivan Design Studio

Illuminated to Perfection

Pristine white bath with gorgeous framed glass shower door

by Tobi Fairley Interior Design

Unlike in the case of shower curtains, the transparent nature of the glass doors means that there is always unhindered ventilation and flow of light from an external source.

This could be both natural sunlight during the day and warm and gorgeous lamps installed in the remainder of the bathroom at nights. Apart from simply giving a more evenly illuminated and appealing bathroom, this also adds to the making of a light and airy atmosphere inside.

Vivid and vivacious bath uses red tiles and glass shower doors to create an Asian styled bath

by Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Glass shower doors truly bring a modern twist to any bathroom and if you are planning on a renovation soon, then give them a serious thought as they will add both unhindered charm and captivating brilliance to your home.

Smart modern bath with frameless glass shower door

by Knight Construction Design

Spacious modern bathroom with frameless shower enclosure in glass

by Avalon Interiors

Traditional bath with lovely translucent glass shower door

by Rachel Mast Design

Sleek modern bathroom ideal for the contemporary apartment space
Stylish glass shower enclosure that saves up on space in a smart fashion

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