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20 Luxurious Bathrooms with a Scenic View of the Ocean

There is nothing more beautiful and relaxing than waking up to the sound of the distant waves lapping on the shore or getting back home after a long, hard day’s work and enjoying the sight of the sun disappearing into the ocean! These are just a few of the many reasons why beachfront properties have always remained so sought-after, and if you happen to live in a home with a view of the sea / ocean (even if it is a long way away), then you are well and truly among the lucky few!

While the bedroom with an ocean view is a great way to start the day, taking a soothing soak as you enjoy the sight of sand and surf outside is arguably the best way to relax and rejuvenate. This is precisely what we focus on today as we take a look at 20 fabulous and diverse bathrooms with mesmerizing ocean views. This is all about unadulterated indulgence!

An Amazing Array of Styles

The style that most of us turn to almost instantly and instinctively when planning for a home with a view of the ocean is coastal or beach style. Some might go a step further with bolder shades of red and blue and adopt the nautical look. But think beyond these styles if you want give your bathroom with an ocean or sea view a unique and exciting ambiance. Mediterranean style is one such fun, cheerful and exotic alternative, and you can draw inspiration from those idyllic beachside resorts and hotels spread across the pristine Greek islands to fashion your own personal retreat right at home!

Stunning Tuscan style bathroom overlooks the mesmerizing Big Sur coastline [From: Decker Bullock Sotheby’s International Realty]
Industrial style bathroom of LA home with ocean view [Design: Burdge & Associates Architects]
Creative design of contemporary bathroom with tropical flavor [Design: Kurtz Homes Naples]
Brilliant antique stone and marble bathroom showcases modern Mediterranean style [Design: Ancient Surfaces]

Framing the Perfect View

When it comes to a bathroom with an ocean view, style is never a constraint, and you can experiment with everything that ranges from minimal and contemporary to tropical and industrial. But what really sets the mood in these comforting bathrooms is obviously the view on offer and how you integrate it with the overall ambiance of the room. The modern approach often involves floor-to-ceiling glass windows that completely open up the bathroom to the scenery outside. But in the case of the bathroom, many of us prefer a less open and more traditional ‘framing of the view’.

Soaking bathtub and shower shape a fabulous, spa-styled bath [Design: H. Stern Interiors]
Take in the mesmerizing view as you soak in the bathtub [Design: Streamline Design]
Wonderful framing of the distant view turns the minimal bathroom into a relaxing retreat [Design: Leung Architects]

Privacy is definitely an issue here, but also you want to ensure that the ‘ocean view’ is the real star of the show. In addition, the placement of the bathtub in relation to the view is an essential aspect and something you need to consider carefully. At the end of the day, there is little point in having an oceanfront home if you cannot take in the captivating scenery outside while relaxing in the hot tub!

Revamped beach-front home with a bathroom that opens towards the view outside [Design: Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects]
Master bathroom seamlessly connected with the bedroom and the view outside [Design: Mark Dziewulski Architect]
A more traditional approach to framing the view of offer [Design: C.H. Newton Builders]

Soak Your Woes Away!

There is no doubt that the freestanding bathtub is the star of almost every contemporary bathroom, and the diverse range of inexpensive options available today gives a lot more flexibility to bathroom design. Whether you love a soaking tub, a Jacuzzi with world-class features or a simple, vintage bathtub that adds color and character to the space, make sure that the bathtub is placed to give you the best views possible. To make it even more special, you can put it on an elevated deck or platform, giving it that luxury spa vibe.

Dramatic way to showcase the view outside [Design: James Glover Residential & Interior Design]
Unique bathroom design and bathtub make most of the view on offer [Design: baustudio kastl]
Luxurious contemporary bathroom of posh Miami residence with ocean view [Design: Pfuner Design]
Vintage freestanding bathtub next to the window with sea view in a beautiful beach style bathroom [Design: Jill Shevlin Design]
Inspiration for the design of bathroom with ocean view from Six Senses!

Spa-Inspired Neutral Hues

Finally, we have a collection of bathrooms that fit in perfectly with the idea of a stylish, soothing beach retreat – a setting draped in white and light grays, with the view outside adding all the color and excitement. This is definitely for those who want the complete and authentic spa-inspired bathroom that mimics both the comfort and aesthetics of the real deal. Delicate white sheer curtains, glossy contemporary bathtubs in white, plenty of natural light and cleverly placed beach-style accessories seem the norm in these calming spaces crafted to perfection.

Beach style bathroom flows into the private balcony on one side and master bedroom on the other [Design: Spinnaker Development]
Comfy, spa-styled contemporary bathroom in white [Design: 2Design Group]
Sea view bathroom with cool contemporary-tropical style [Design: Lee H. Skolnick Architecture & Design Partnership]
Neutral hues let the view on offer shine through in the master bath [Design: LDa Architecture & Interiors]
Wooden vanity adds warmth and contrast to the lovely contemporary bathroom [Design: John Wheatley UA Creative]

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